TPCi Announces Sweepstakes To Win Every “Sword & Shield” Booster Box!

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To celebrate the end of the Sword & Shield era, TPCi has officially announced a sweepstakes to win one booster box from every Sword & Shield set — 12 boxes from Sword & Shield to Silver Tempest! There will be three winners.
There will also be 50 runner-up winners who will each win one random Sword & Shield series Elite Trainer Box.
You may enter the contest only if you’re at least 13 years old and live in the United States, Canada (excluding Quebec), the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Peru, Argentina, and Mexico.
You can enter from now until July 10th. You only need to provide your region, e-mail address, and birthday.
The contest was officially announced through the Pokemon TCG’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts.
This is the first time TPCi has held such a...

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It's literally free stuff, why are you complaining?
Not only is it odd to hate on free cards, but could literally make free money with this? Obviously if you won and sold the boxes, sure, but even if you didn't wanna sell them you'd still definitely get tons of free ultra rares, and most likely tons of character rares. I seriously think we should just ridicule anyone who takes issue with this lmao
Since TPCi is not responsible for the retailing of Pokémon cards in Brazil, instead Copag is, it makes sense why Brazil's not included.
You might be right on the money here. The excluded countries use only third-party distributors (ex. Amigo in Germany, Blackfire in Czech Republic/Slovakia, Rebel in Poland). My suspicion is (although I cannot confirm it), is that listed countries are those where TPCi operates directly.