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  1. SimonJD1974 Aspiring Trainer


    ok one more question if i can.

    i note there are cards that have normal, holo and reverse holo versions.

    i am using pokellector to log cards but no idea if all cards have 3 versions or just some?

  2. AshCo Breaking za law, breaking za world


    So this is a little complicated since it varies from card to card. Generally a card is just going to have a regular print and a reverse foil. Some cards have different variations to them, for instance a card featured in a theme deck, since that holo pattern is only seen in said theme deck. Some cards even have multiple different foil patterns to them too, but this is a rare case. You can generally find any additional versions of a card on a given bulbapedia page for a set. For instance, this is the additional cards section in Boundaries Crossed:
    As you can see, some of the cards have additional non-holo deck exclusives, or different foil types to them. But not all cards have this. It just varies from set to set and card to card.

    So just look at it as:
    Sometimes additional versions.
  3. SimonJD1974 Aspiring Trainer


    oh damn. no idea how to log the cards now lol
  4. AshCo Breaking za law, breaking za world


    Yeah, it's hard to do sometimes. I'd just log regular and reverses for now but have a separate list of your own for any additional types of cards too, maybe?
  5. SimonJD1974 Aspiring Trainer


    yeah. a few cards i have regular, holo and reverse holo.

    even if ive only got a reverse holo ive been marking off as got.

    spent another 150 today whoops

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