Pokemon Top 5 favorite Pokemon


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1. Pidgeot (Its the best bird Pokemon. It has nice colors and a pleasant design.)
2. Vaporeon (Its the best Eeveelution. Fight me.)
3. Zapdos ( I always liked how its five feet tall and I think that's cute)
4. Oricorio (I adore the pom pom style. Its super cute and full of energy. Plus and bird that comes with its own dipping sauce should be on everyone's list.)
5. Zangoose ( I made a Zangoose character one day and gave it a pretty epic character. That alone sold me on it.)

His Goominess

they call me goomy from the block (they/them)
In order:
1 - Arcanine (I have loved it ever since I set my eyes on it)
2 - Lanturn (took me a while to get into it, but it's worked my way up as one of my all time faves)
3 - Goomy (as soon as it was first shown by X/Y players I loved it)
4 - Galvantula (I like spiders, so of course I'm going to love a tarantula which has electric powers to boot. Plus it gets points for evolving from one of the cutest Pokemon around)
5 - tie between Venusaur and Empoleon (Venusaur was my first fully evolved starter when I was a kid so it has a place in my heart for that. Empoleon because I used it in my first Platinum playthrough after I got back into Pokemon and started properly playing through the games, plus the Royal Frost deck was the first deck I purchased when getting into the TCG so it has a place in my heart for that)


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1. Espeon
2. Sceptile
3. Dragonair
4. Serperior
5. Altaria

Also like Plusle/Minun, Absol, Castform, and Deoxys.

Jackster 136

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My top 5 are:

1. Charizard
2. Lucario
3. Infernape.
4. Greninja
5. Buneary

After those, I also like Piplup, Sylveon and Electivire.


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Man this is so hard. Here are some that come to mind:


Anime Psyclone

Painter Unknown
5. Skuntank, Gengar (Mega too), Duskull line
4. Misdreveaus line, Sableye, Driftloon line
3. Most starter Pokemon save the Gen 4 ones, Froslass
2. Litwick line, Pumpkaboo line, Phantump line, Mimikyu, Dhelmise, Honedge line
1. Marshadow, Banette (Mega too)

As you can see, a lot of ties. I love so many Pokemon.


Brigitte One Trick
1. Lucario (No explanation, he's just awesome, also Lucario GX FTW)
2. Naganadel (AHHHHHH)
3. Ultra Necrozma (GOLDEN DRAGON)
4. Scizor (idk why)
5. Alolan Ninetales (It the most majestic thing ever!)

James Kowalski

Fastest player alive
1 Giraffarig
2 Dewgong
3 Wimpod
4 Mega Rayquaza
5 Solwpoke
Some tough choices thst most come from me tcg days

Chris Teves

Poké Legend
Mine are:
1. Mewtwo
2. Gallade
3. Bellsprout
4. Feebas
5. Bulbasaur
6. Samurott
7. Magikarp
8. Sandile
9. Pikachu
10. Mew


Aspiring Trainer
1. Chansey
2. Chandelure - just looks cool, has a memorable cry
3. Granbull - some attachment from being used as an unusual VGC pick
4. Torchic - always my Mystery Dungeon starter
5. Absol - again, a mystery dungeon pick


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5. Dragonair
Dragonite may be an awesome and tanky powerhouse, but Dragonair is one of those middle-stage evolutions that look significantly better than their final stages.

It is a majestic serpentine Pokémon with admirable orbs. Dragonair is such a graceful and well-designed Pokémon that I and many others wished it became a wise old dragon upon it's final stage.

4. Steenee
Tsareena is a badass, though I prefer Steenee for it's friendly demeanour.

I call it the "Mango Loli", because it's such an adorable Pokémon based on the mangosteen fruit.

3. Volcarona
A powerful Bug-type that further cements why Unova has the best Bug-types.

With access to Quiver Dance, it can be a terrifying special attacker, even if a 4x weakness to Stealth Rock is it's most detrimental drawback.

2. Espeon
As a fan of Psychic-types, Espeon definitely won me over.

It may be difficult to evolve Eevee with Happiness, but the wait is worth it once you evolve it during the day.

I even soft-resetted for a female in both Crystal and SoulSilver.

1. Swampert
Yes, I liek Mudkipz.

Swampert is a fantastic Water Starter Pokémon that gains an immunity to Electric-types when you evolve Mudkip into Marshtomp.


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My top 5 favorite pokemon <3
1. Victini
2. Scrafty
3. Raicou
4. Darkrai
5. Dunsparce


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Hard to choose, but this is what I have to go with (3-5 are not hard set on their spots, I just know they are in my top 5):
1. Arcanine (easy #1 though)
2. Gyarados (easy #2)
3. Lapras
4. Houndoom
5. Umbreon