Top 300 Entries Selected for 2024’s Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest!

the bidoof on a swing set is killing me 😂 also loving the 3 pikachu with the apples

also the charizard seismic tossing a blastoise?? the koraidon with a shadow of roaring moon in the lightning flash??? 🤯
Maybe all those Pikachu use the same AI generator
I have used a lot of Midjourney and Stable diffusion for Pokemon in my leisure time just for hobbies, and I can certainly see these pictures have a lot of similarities for AI generated art, especially the Pikachu ones
Something about the Takekazu Eevee delights me especially! Maybe its the thick outlines or maybe its because "the gang is all here" kind of vibes.

As a whole there where many entries that where astonishing (VK gang aside).

Telunas Pikachu makes me wonder if they used 3D models to make the background ( wich is a fair practice, many artists are not aware of! ). I again love the style here and the color palette!
1. I LOVE all the artworks.
3. If you make it to the top 300, do you get a few cards of your art, or is it just when you get top 50 or something?