To celebrate my 1000th post: Pirates of the Caribbean 'O'? #1 Movie in America!!


Hiya ppl, just to celebrate my 1000th post, I'm making a poll. About the new Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead Man's Chest.

As u all know, the movie has beaten USA's release record of $115kk (kk=million), stablished by Spider-Man, in 2004, with the amazing quantity of $132kk. And, it's going to be released here in Brazil by 2 weeks. And, as u can see, i'm really looking forward to see it. I'm asking everybody that has watched the movie to give me oppinions and ratings about the movie. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead Man's Chest for the official website, for those that don't know about the movie.



Well, I dunno how much I can really say, having not seen the first one. ^^U Yet. YET. I am definitely borrowing it off a friend now... Dead Man's Chest blew me away. It's got a nice plot twist

[Depends on how you read it, but this could be spoilerific. Could be. If you don't know anything about X-Men 3, then never mind, since it's a reference.]
(which I must say, was better pulled off than it was in X-Men 3)...
...and a certain point that just seems a bit weird compared with everything else... and I'm sure I'm confusing you now. ><

Have fun with the cliffhanger, too.

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Awesome!!!!! Wait until after the credits for a kinda funny/retarde surprise! It's probably not worth waiting like 10 minutes for the seemingly infinite credits, though.


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I have not seen the movie yet but it made 55 million dollars in it's first day and 120 million last weekend.:)

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I watched this movie yesterday!!! Well, it shouldn't caunted as yesterday cause I just watched 6 hours ago. I like the sound effect of this movie.

I liked Jack Spearow the most in this movie. He's very funny. Wonder what will happen to him.

Anyone know who is the main character in this movie? Jack or William?

My rate to this movie: 7/10


I haven't seen it yet (Not released in brazil yet, will be released this Friday), but I think the main character of the movie is Jack.


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me and my friend went to go watch it. . .we spent 30 minutes in a line at the theatre. . .then right as we got to the ticket counter, the lady told us that the 2 guys in front of us recieved the last 2 tickets. . .lmfao. . .talk about rotten luck. :(
still haven't seen it yet.

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RE:  To celebrate my 1000th post: Pirates of the Caribbean 'O'? #1 Movie in America!!

xxashxx said:
I have not seen the movie yet but it made 55 million dollars in it's first day and 120 million last weekend.:)
CORRECTION = 135 million in the weekend.

anyway i saw it 3 days after it came out and it was A. W. E. S. O. M. E.

i loved it, but for some reason here in OK critics don't:(. i thought it was really cool, great special effects. 8/10;)

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I saw a private screening of it in Hollywood =)

Yes, I am very lucky...

Btw, no, I'm not a celebrity -.- I just had relatives who had extra tickets =P


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I saw it the day it came out I had to wait like 2 hours to get my seats but it was worth it. Make sure you watch the ending it has a cliffhanger at the end of the movie.


LoL, it's like Matrix:Reloaded, u don't know about the end of the trilogy.

Anyway, I've bought my antecipated tickets for the release in BR!! I'm lucky!!:D:D:D:D

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It wasn't that good a movie. Way too much CG. All the gags were taken from the first movie. Way too long. And an ending that makes no sense.

And you're all saying it's good just because it made a lot of money? Please. If you want to see the real best movie released this summer, go here.