Thursday, New D/P CoroCoro Scans

Holy Star

The Truth!
*smack smack smack SMACK*

Okay, now that that is out of my system:


I think Manaphy switching the bodies of Ash/the woman would make a neat plot twist. And now that I've seen Buizeru in a different pose, it doesn't look as ugly. It actually looks...cute.


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Buizeru...I hope he's one of the starters...he looks so far, hes my favorit Pokemon from this generation.


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Those scans are awesome I can't wait for the movie to come out here and I think it will be kind of like the game but only as a movie. Ithink it will be an awesome movie and I wonder what the promo card will be because that is the best part of going to the movie is going to get all the promo's:)