Thursday, 7/26, PokeBeach Chat Quiz, Oracion's Theme, R/B Mew Glitch


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1st of all the song is kinda boring until the middle

2nd of all my mom was on too long so i couldn't go to the chat room


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Man I wish I had that game so I could do the glitch and I wish they did not fix it in FR/LG but good findings Doc.:)

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I think Doc tried it and said it worked. Besides, many people have tried it, and it has worked, and the glitch in-and-of-itself actually makes sense, in terms of the way it works, and how it causes the glitch to happen.

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Missingno works this way too, but a bit differently.

EDIT: Thought you'd like this... sorry bought quality

DP Missingno

Not mine btw.

If you're bored and care to read how this works:

What happened was Nintendo ran out of room making the GB carts, since they're so small for data. Some Pokemon data got mixed in with some pixels, trainers, and other numbers this way. When you encounter this trainer, the game takes that data into account for your last encounter (The game receives and keeps each encounter data every time you enter a battle or an area that contains wild Pokemon). The game sets up to receive data for this battle, but doesn't finish, thus causing the glitch.

Usually, what you encounter is based off a data record, but apparently running into this trainer blanks out this data. The game gets confused and takes the first possible number it can, and apparently that's the Special Stat of the last Pokemon you fought. The last Pokemon this trainer fought was a shellder, and I guess it had the Special stat of 21. So when you return to this route, the game takes the data for here, resumes what it can, and ends up loading up that number, 21. Mew's data number is 21, to get other things, you basically gotta run into a Ditto, have a Pokemon in the first slot with the special stat "code" you need, let the Ditto transform, and kill it. Then return to nugget bridge and y'know the rest.

Missingno works the same way. The game takes the time to change your player's name to Old Man from what it originally was, in Viridian City. As I've said before, Nintendo tried to find ways to save room, and this data (The name OLD MAN) was saved in the Pokemon data.

The side of Cinnebar (Spelling prolly wrong :/) was never wired to encounter any specific Pokemon, but it is still a spot you can run into Pokemon in. The last known data the game had, was, of course, OLD MAN, which is bound to cause some problems right? The game takes the data from OLD MAN, and it gets pretty glitchy. Apparently it's just a random assortment of data, if you look closely Missingno's type is "Bird", and there is no Bird Pokemon (But there is Flying of course). And then there's other Pixels Nintendo prolly saved in here since they ran out of room.

That Mew method is the only way to end up with Missingno in Yellow, it's there (Game still needs room), but the side of Cinnebar was patched up. There's similar glitches in ALL Pokemon games, since there's times when the game needs something to grab for a certein event, and there's glitches to force these numbers in.


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For some reason, my computer gets the news a day later. So when i get on the day the news is posted, it isn't there. The next day, it is! :(
Please give us better timing next time.

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I knew how to catch 2 mews (yes, 2) before battling Misty, but both would be at lv7, never heard of an any-level mew glitch, well, I already have 7 mews on my Crystal, I don't really need another one, but it's nice to know yet another fun RB glitch (not that we don't know enough already, though).

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... Who's H_H?

Skeptic as I am, isn't it possible to merge various scenes together to make this "awesome" glitch?

I am H_H.

I've successfully tried the other Mew glitch. So I think this one is entirely possible.


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I wish I was on at the time of the quiz. My Internet has been playing up, so I couldn't.
Anyway, yet another Mew glitch. If only I still had my Blue and my GBA...


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I came in to the chatroom once the quiz ended. Sad.

Lol, I don't understand the purpose of the Mew glitch; hardly anyone plays the old games anymore.


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Don't listen! The game cheats!

Just kidding, but seriously. I've posted my answer first and not have received the ppints for it when the guy right after me posts his. >_>

But if you manage to avoid that, you will have a HECK of a time in there.


Thanks for the mp3 WPM!

Ah man, there was a trivia contest I missed! >.< Hopefully WPM will hold another one in the future. =/


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I leveled up Mew to 11 so it learned Transform, then tried using the shiny Ditto trick with it. It didn't work. I think the game assumes that any wild Pokemon with Transform is a Ditto, so when I caught it, it turned into a Ditto.


If only we had discovered this gltich earlier, than the games would be swarming with lvl 100 mews before Ceruleon(sp?) gym XD


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it works on yellow your able to catch any pokemon by using this glitch it works with numbers of certain value with in the level 17 slowpoke the stats and everything= mew since you flew away the game remebers there should be a battle of the route you flew away on. so he pops up its pretty easy to understand just hard to get the time down it seems like it would be easier using pokemon stadium but that takes too much restart time.