Thursday, 3/2, Site Suggestions... Again!



I really like your site but it would be even better if...
-you had scans for all the sets (you're missing a few in legend maker & unseen forces)
-you had more info about the sets, like release dates
-you had a complete list of promo scans with locations & dates
-you had more info on games, like useful tips, strategies & other helpful things, I bet many people would help you with these and it would attract more people too


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yah, i agree with the promo scans...i would like those a lot, like pop series and the best series, those would be nice....;)


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I would recommened the scans then an episode guide and a games section
and also a pokemon of the day/month/year etc. I found this site in 2004 when I was looking for more pokemon sites with tcg and news on them and there were not very many links on google for this site at all:):(


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Change your "Build a deck" section. I suggest you do not allow users to hide from the Who's online list


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Acctually I think pokebeach and its forum are pretty active, I din't log in just for two days and there are many new replies and new threads in each section waiting for me to read:p I think the reason is becase some other sites such as, they discuss not only pokemon, but other tcg as well. Thus, sure has more different tcg players surf to their webpage;)


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RE:  Thursday, 3/2, Site Suggestions... Again!

jayh272416 said:
Change your "Build a deck" section. I suggest you do not allow users to hide from the Who's online list
Well, when you're online as much as me, then you get a feeling of who hides their online status. I know a member or 2 which hides from us all...


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Jade is a hider, I know that, cause every time he replies, I refresh, see it, see he's "offline", so I know that now.
Also WPM, I have the trainer kit, if you want the decklist you can email or PM me and I can sort it out.