Thursday, 11/2, PCG: DP Translations and Images


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With all these new game mechanics, it is going to be a great new twist for the trading card game!!
(yah why is the 2 scorpion Pokemon Psychic card-type???)


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I know I can't wait to see what attacks and pokebodies and pokepowers they are going toi put on the new cards.:)


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Doopliss said:
Why is Scorpi & Drapion psychic-type?

I'm glad someone else noticed this. Are Poison-types now Psychic in the DP card game?


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Pokémaniac said:
Abhorsen said:
Hmm, no 2 prize cards for KOing a Lvl X? At least Stage2Turtle Lvl.X is "reasonably" balanced. It's nothing near as uber as DF Ex's. GGGC For 100, 30 to 1 benched and 30 to yourself is fair IMO. The power is a little broken, a free Gust of Wind if you're losing, that can make or break a game. 4 retreat is fair, 160HP is a little high but we'll have to compare it with any other Lvl. Xs out there.


It doesn't have stage 2 ANYWHERE on it- Its basic.
Thus, there must be a giant downside. Like It does 30 damage to Itself in between turns :p

And It looks(Better not be though) Like 300.
Fine then, lets get angry for no reason at all.


You completely misinterpreted my post. I was referencing the Pokemon in general, not the card itself. I simply called it the Stage2Turtle because I simply cannot be bothered remembering its Japanese name, otherwise I would have called it that... I will start learning names correctly when they're in english.

And mathace is right, seeing as it is placed on its original form, it in effect does make it a stage 3 card.

I didn't mean to yell. Sorry!