Thursday, 10/26, Pokemon Card Game: DP

Lieutenant Houndoom

Back from the...
Yep, that's your bad luck.
Getting no Archetypes is somewhat of a good thing. Makes people think rather than picking an archetype and customizing it.
... Your 2nd-5th words in your last sentence is wierd. You have correct spelling, but your postitioning is wierd...


Pokébeach Strategist.
How can they get rid of pokemon-ex??? Surely thats "illegal"
They have to bring them back!! All Pokemon-ex deserve medals.
It will be very sad to see them go....
And don't even get me started on the no trainers rule!

-Just me-

Everything is fine, the only thing that really bothers me is that we cant play 4-3-5 lines anymore. (you know for example: 4 torchic-3 combusken-3 blaziken-2 blaziken ex)
How are we supposed to run lines with those pokemon Lv.X now?
We cant have more than 4 of the same name now, so: 3-2-(3-1) or 2-2-(2-2)
I miss pokemon ex!
Now that Lv.X pokemon are working like a "stage 3" pokemon, it will be harder to get 1 in play and even more harder to get 2 in play.
I think that pokemon Lv.X will see less play than pokemon ex. But just the time will say it.


Elemental Master
These rules really are interesting and are sure to test everyone's ability to adapt. The weakness change also seems to mean no more Charmeleon sweeping an all-Grass deck, so I guess games may last a bit longer now (depending on your strategy, of course). And I'll pass my judgement on Lv.X Pokemon when I see them in action.

And wtf? Fossils count as prizes? Bah!