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Right now I think we know how these subsets work.

First in Japan a concept pack of about 30 or so cards is released, usually with a cute theme. The sets could then be imported as part of a larger set. The set would have common cards, Uncommons that seems to straddle the line between holos and non-holos, and EX and untexturized Full art cards. The general result of this is a chance to pull more than 1 EX and/or Full art card in a pack. A common RC card and a Higher rarity card would be placed in these sets leaving only 8 slots for the core sets. The two replaced slots seem to be Commons.

The two cases of Radiant Collections are:
  • Legendary Treasures: In which case the imported set was called the synonymous "Shine Collection".
    • Notable cards include Meloetta, Shaymin and Mew EX cards and a Full art Reshiram reprint. Mew and Shyamin are notable for being reprinted by products centered on the successor RC set while Reshiram is notable for having two other reprints in the core set. Other cards include the Embor and Cinchino lines, Purrloin, Stunfisk and an Emolga Full Art (which like Reshiram had a normal reprint in the same set)
  • Generations: the Second set to include a radiant collection. This time based on the "PokeKyun Collection." This set was created to promote the 20th Anniversary much like the later Evolutions. Unlike Evolutions or Legendary treasures, this is a set that cannot be obtained normally as single packs. The only way to get this set was to buy either a Booster Box, Elite Trainer Box or special promotional products. In this case products themed around the Mythical Pokemon that was being distributed that year, the Kanto Starters and Pikachu and the Mew duo (the latter product is responsible for reprinting the Legendary treasures Mew EX).
    • Full art cards include Flareon (which features Vaporeon and Jolteon), Gardivoir EX (which features Kirlia and Ralts), Mega Gardivoir (Shiny on top of featuring normal Gardevoir), Sylveon EX (which features an Eevee) and Pikachu (which is in a simialr vein as Emoga and Reshiram). Notable pokemon with cards include Diancie, Jirachi, The Slurpuff line, the Meowstic line, Raichu, and the Charizard line (which is similar to the Emboar line's inclusion in the predecessor RC)
    • As a side note, unlike the Shine collection, the PokeKyun cards had trinkets that denotes the characteristics of the pokemon. Whether it be having a story to tell, being a competent battler, etc. It also had a promotional Shaymin EX card given away in the Preminum PokeKyun collection in and the Generations Elite Trainer Box.
Some patterns had been established with the RC-baked in sets
  • a set based around a Fire-type starter which has an artwork chronicling its growth and that of their trainer (Emboar grew up with a changing family that went from his trainer being an only child to him having a little sister and then eventually starting a family himself. Charizard's trainer is a kid that became a man that Charzard would risk their life for as the final card shows the pokemon defending the trainer from a blizzard)
  • Non-EX full arts with counterparts in the main set (I'd think this is just a coincidence)
  • 2 Common Slots are replaced by a common and uncommon+ RC card each
  • Non-texturized full arts
  • The use of 3 Mythical/Legendary pokemon (Meloetta, Shaymin, Mew, Reshiram, Diancie, and Jirachi). (also a coincidence IMO, since PokeKyun reprinted the same Shaymin card and Reshiram is the only legendary to be in either set)
  • Uncommons and EX cards have a unique pattern in background of the card.
  • And they tend to be included in sets released at the tail end of the generation. Legendary treasures was the last BW pack while Generations was still in the pre-Alola era with only 3 packs after it (Fates Collide, Steam Siege and Evolutions)
What do you think of these subsets? Do you think that Sun and Moon would have a 3rd Radiant Collection subset soon?
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Just a quick note: Emboar wasn't in the first Radiant Collection. That was Serperior. The Emboar line was just in the regular Legendary Treasures set :)

I would love to see another Radiant Collection, since I think all the cards featured are adorable, and though I think it could happen in the future, I don't see it happening soon. Our first Radiant Collection came during the last set in the BW era, and our second came in Generations, which was released after BREAKpoint (our 9th XY set). Seeing as we're "only" 2 (soon 3) sets and 2 "extra" sets in, I don't think they'll release a Radiant Collection (or what is equal to it) in Japan for at least 4-5 sets from now (not including the one released on June 16th)


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And it turns out in addition to getting Emboar wrong, I also got the "Generations Shaymin EX reprint" part wrong, that card isn't a reprint of the Legendary Treasures one. I apologize.

Still want to hear thoughts and opinions on these sets


They were kind of neat. I liked the second one better than the first one for some reason. We might very well have another one but it will be a long time before that happens judging by the release of these two.

On a half related subject, I wish they would release Vaporeon EX and Leafeon EX as full arts to complete the Eeveelution full art set. I could see Togademaru being in that set.