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    Finally I'm done with my list, well here it is:


    101 new cards+ Secrets ( # means playability level on scale of 0-4

    0= Literal Trash
    1= Okay but only in some decks
    2= Good, but can be a little limited
    3= Very good all around
    4= A potential staple card (meaning it can be used in a variety of decks and is extremely good in those situations)

    Tech= a tech pokemon is a pokemon that has an attack and or ability that helps support your deck or shut down the opponent in ways other than setting up your pokemon.

    Evolutions Raticate & Starmie, SS ampharos, Ancient Origins Giratina EX, SS Volcanion EX

    Setup= a pokemon that helps set up your mons in play or acts as draw support

    RS Shaymin EX, Breakthrough Octillery, SS Volcanion & Volcanion EX, SM Lurantis GX

    Attacker: A pokemon optimized for high damage output. Usually have techs thrown in with them

    SS Mega Gardevoir, SS Volcanion & Volcanion, RS Mega Ray(s)

    Stall: A pokemon that sits their and… takes damage… that’s about it.

    POF Wobbuffet, Robo Sub

    Pokemon (89):

    000: 1/1000 ancient rare unown # # (setup & tech)
    1-2-3: Sceptile line # # (attacker) (HR) (only 2 because of treecko and grovyle)
    4-5-6: Solgaleo line # # (attacker) (HR)
    7-8-9: Lunala line # # (attacker) (HR)
    10-11: Glaceon Line # # # (Setup & attacker) (RR)
    12-13: Lycanroc Line # # # (tech) (RR)
    14-15: Glaceon EX & Mega # # # (attacker) (UR)
    16-17: Mimikyu EX & FA # # # # (tech) (UR)
    18: Mimikyu # # # # (setup) (U)
    19: Bruxish # # # (setup) (U)
    20: Sigilyph # # (tech) (U)
    21-22-23-24: Vileplume BREAK line # (tech) (BR)
    25-26: Palkia & BREAK # # # (attacker) (RR) (BR)
    27: Skarmory & BREAK # # # (stall & attacker) (RR) (BR)
    28: Type: Null # (tech) (U)
    29-30: Tyrantrum Line # (attacker) (RR)
    31: ULTRA BEST: Nihilego (RR/UR)
    Ultra Beast Rule: When not in play, (Ultra beast name) is not a pokemon. Count (Name) as an ultra beast Instead
    32: ULTRA BEST: Pheromosa (RR/UR)
    Ultra Beast Rule: When not in play, (Ultra beast name) is not a pokemon. Count (Name) as an ultra beast Instead
    33: ULTRA BEST: Buzzwole (RR/UR)
    Ultra Beast Rule: When not in play, (Ultra beast name) is not a pokemon. Count (Name) as an ultra beast Instead
    (each of the ultra beast have 2 different cards, one looks like an RR card, but the other has a white border and has a holosheet [that extends to the border] that looks like the ones on leauge promos, like this one)
    34-35-36: Manectric BREAK Line # # # (tech & attacker) (BR/RR)
    37-38: Lucario Line # # (attacker) (RR)
    39-40: Zoroark Line # # (attacker) (RR)
    41-42: Lycanroc Midnight Line # # (attacker) (RR)
    43-44: Floatzel EX & Full Art # # # (setup)
    45-46: Gladion’s Silvally EX & Silvally RR (silvally ex will not come in regular ex, will be slightly rarer than full art. Silvally will be a RR not a HR, but will have a theme deck/ promo reprints with shatter/circular holo) # # # (attackers & setup)
    47: Zygarde EX # # # (attacker & tech)
    48: Mew # # # (Setup)
    49-50: Dugtrio Line (Pretty Useless, mildly useful as an attacker)
    51-52: Jirachi EX & Full art # # # # (godly broken to the point where it doesn’t even fall under a category)
    53-54: Bisharp EX # # # # (attacker & tech) (UR)
    55-56: Lurantis Line # # # (attacker) (U)
    57-58-59: Charizard # # # # (tech & attacker) (RR)
    60-61-62: Emboar # (setup) (RR)
    63-64-65: Feraligatr # # (attacker) (RR)
    67-68-69: Incineroar # # (attacker) (RR)
    70-71-72: Infernape # # # (attacker) (RR)
    73-74-75: Chesnaught # # # (tech) (RR)
    76: Absol # # (Tech) (U)
    77-78: Ninetales Line # # # (Tech) (HR)
    79-80: Drifblim Line # # (Setup) (U)
    81: Garchomp EX # # # (attacker) (UR)
    82-83: Golisopd Line # # # (Tech & attacker) (HR)
    84-85: FA Glaceon EX & Mega Glaceon FA # # # #
    86-87-88: Staraptor Line # # (Attacker/Tech) (RR)

    Trainers & Special Energy (13)

    Searching: Search you deck for/ look at the top x cards of your deck/ put a x from your discard pile…
    Disruptive: anything that could put your opponent in a negative state
    Boosting: Damage Increase, Attaching Energy, Healing, Evolving, etc.


    89: Cyrus’ Demise (ACE SPEC) # # # # (just wait for the card to come out :)… (UR)
    90-91: Red & Full Art # # (searching & disruptive) (U)


    92: Cherish Ball # # # # (searching)
    93: Charizard Spirit Link (Tool) (depends on playability of other card)
    94: Soul Dew (Tool) # # # (Boosting)
    95: Stardust # # # # (boosting)
    96: Comet Shard # # # (disruptive)
    97: Beast Ball (depends on playability of other cards)
    98: Energy Exchange (reprint) # # # #
    99: Glaceon Spirit Link (Tool) (depends on playability of other card)
    100: Key Stone # # # # (boosting)


    101: Snowpoint City # # # (Boosting)

    Secret Rares:

    102-103: Eevee & Glaceon (value is going to be high, but not wild high)
    104: Beast Ball (might be ridiculous or not valuable at all :p)
    105: Vespiquen (ancient origins vesp w/ buffs, value is going to "bee" gud)
    106-113: Basic Energy (Pop up in common slot, can only get 1 per pack, are as rare as standard secret rare [i.e.: FA Gyarados from Breakpoint/Mega Charizards from Flashfire] most likely gonna be the most valuable cards in the set, I mean they are EVEN FLASHIER BASIC ENERGY! POKEMON TOOK MY IDEA SMH)

    Side Sets: Delta EX (DEX 1-11 looks like DEX1/DEX11)

    Pops up in reverse slot. If you get a delta EX, the best rare you can get is a holo. The name of the pokemon, for example DeltaCharEX, is still just charizard-EX, so It can mega evolve into any Mega Charizard EX

    DEX01: Charizard-EX (delta species) #
    DEX02: Mega Charizard EX (delta species) # # #
    DEX03: Flygon EX (delta species) # # # #
    DEX04: Delta Ball (Uncommon/Trainer, pops up in uncommon slot as regular uncommon) # #
    DEX05: Lapras EX (delta species) # # # #
    DEX06: Unown EX (delta species) # #
    DEX07: Gothitelle EX (delta species) #
    DEX08: Weavile EX (delta species) # # # #
    DEX09: Celebi EX (delta species) #
    DEX10: Crawdaunt EX (delta species) #
    DEX11: Accelgor EX (delta species) # #

    HM: Hitmonchan EX, Scyther EX, & Electabuzz EX (haymaker remake) (same rules as Delta EX, just HM/101, solely collectible cards, as they aren’t very playable, except Electabuzz, but that’s because 70 damage for chance of para for 1 energy=gud)

    Promo cards:

    BREAK Trio Box:
    Silvally BREAK
    Glaceon BREAK
    Mimikyu BREAK
    Mimikyu (bubble holo)
    Glaceon (bubble holo)’
    Sivally (bubble holo)
    Mewtwo vs Mew Arena decks:
    Hyper Enhanced Hammer:
    (discard two cards from your hand [if you can’t discard two cards, you can’t play this card.] Discard two special energy attached to 1 of your opponent’s pokemon [you can’t choose the same pokemon twice with the effect of this card])

    Versatile Mew EX & Mewtwo EX Evolutions
    Lucario/Zoroark BREAK Ultimate Battle Box

    (Set yourself up for combat with these two powerful new pokemon-BREAK! Watch as Zoroark sets up the battlefield the way he pleases, and lucario attacks for major numbers! Inside it contains…
    • A whole new Lucario/Zoroark playmat
    • 10 pokemon booster packs to fuel up for battle
    • 2 powerful new Pokemon-BREAK
    • A ready-to-play 60-card deck coming with 65 card sleeves featuring Lucario and Zoroark
    • An online expansion code card to take the fight virtual
    • A Special deck box featuring Lucario and Zoroark
    • 2 collector pins that feature either Lucario or Zoroark
    • An epic figurine featuring Lucario and Zoroark)
    Blissey-EX Box

    4 packs, Jumbo Blissey-EX card & Regular Blissey-EX card + code card

    Blister Promos:

    Marshadow PROMO (3-pack blister either coming with a…

    : Glaceon Coin
    : Garchomp Coin
    : Floatzel Coin
    : Drifblim Coin
    : Staraptor Coin
    : Infernape Coin

    The coins represent my original pokemon team in pearl, as a result they are all gen 4 Pokemon)

    Primarina PROMO Line (1-pack blister, comes with same coins)
    Bruxsish Bubble Hollow (18/101, EW) (1-pack blister, comes with same coins)

    Renegade Collection Tins

    Coming with...:

    Glaceon-EX reprint
    Jirachi-EX reprint
    Delta Charizard-EX reprint

    And my favorite part…

    Trainer's Pokemon box (6 Boosters, 5 promo ex cards, 2 pins featuring sprites of red and blue, and 1 code):

    Guzma’s Golsopod-EX
    Lusamine’s Clefable-EX
    Gladion’s Silvally-EX (aether reprint)
    Red’s Charizard-EX
    Blue’s Blastoise-EX

    To go along with that, here are a few text-based fakes:

    [Basic] Zygarde-EX- HP170 [F]


    [Ability] Cell Collection
    Whenever damage from a Defending Pokémon’s attack Knocks Out this Pokémon, you may Shuffle this card into your Deck. If you do, attach all cards previously attached to this Pokémon before it was Knocked Out onto your new Active Pokémon

    [F] Thousand Arrows
    Put 2 Damage Counters on the Defending Pokémon

    Pokemon-EX Rule
    When Pokémon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

    Weakness: [W]x2
    Retreat: [C]
    [Basic] Jirachi-EX- HP90 [M]


    [Ability] Mage Shield
    This Pokémon can't be affected by any Special Conditions. (Remove any Special Conditions affecting this Pokémon)

    [C] Last Wishes 70
    If damage from this attack does not Knock Out the defending active Pokémon, you may Knock Out this Pokémon. If you do, Knock Out your opponent’s active Pokémon

    Pokemon-EX Rule
    When Pokémon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

    Weakness: [R]x2
    Retreat: [C] [C] [C] [C]
    [Stage 1] Lycanroc- HP90[F]
    Evolves from Rockruff


    [Ability] Pack Effort
    Whenever you active [F] Pokémon attacks, put 2 damage counters on your opponent's active Pokémon

    [F] [C]Accelerock 80

    Weakness: [M]x2
    [Stage 1] Lycanroc- HP100[D] (actually midnight form, I couldn't get the sprite)
    Evolves from Rockruff


    [C] Haunt
    Choose 1 of your opponent’s Pokémon. That Pokémon can’t retreat until the end of your opponent's next turn

    [D] [C]Reap 90

    Weakness: [F]x2
    Retreat: [C]
    [Item] Cherish Ball

    Search your deck for a Black Star Promo Pokémon, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward

    (this isn’t included on the card, but you are allowed to search for any card that has a print that was a black star promo. For example, I could get any steam up Volcanion-EX with this card because of the tin EX print.)

    Just letting everyone know, I know LycanNight isn't dark type

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