Pokemon Theme/Storyline for 5TH GEN??? Check out my concepts!!!

Do u like my ideas???

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I choose you Ninja Brian!
Ok, so we've thought up some name for da 5th GEN, so how a bout a theme/storyline???

EX: Pokemon Daylight & Pokemon Darknight

In Daylight is a Pokemon XD for the DS or whatever new system they might have in the future.:

Basically a few TR admins have formed a new union & have once againg secretly took over the Sliph Co. One member traveled all they way to Orre, to salvage the Chiper formula for Shadow Pokemon, & using the Sliph Co. massive wealth the team plans to conquer Kanto using the Shadow Pokemon. The Pokemon-G-Men have learned of their scheme and notified Prof.Krane in Orre he creates a new snag machine and ships it to Kanto & to Prof.Oak. The hero is chosen by unepectedly showing up at the lab to start his journey, but there is no 1 there, insted our hero's curiosty is what catches the eye of an assitant in hiding & challenges him/her to a battle, not having any pokemon u grab the starter u wanted & comense the battle, whether u win or lose u catch the eye of Oak, who sense the promise of a great trainer in u & telles u the story of TR & hands u the Snag Machine...

in Darknight, it is the complete opposite u r an undercover junior agent of the Pokemon-G-Men, and r issued to join TR & try it destroy the organizaition from the inside, by catching Pokemon to be turned in to Shadow Pokemon, but in the end u show your tether to the side of good & steal TR's Snag Machine to destroy their Shadow Pokemon Factory...

ok so its a little confusing but that is an example of a storyline, noe here is a theme...

In both Pokemon Amber & Topaz:

U live in the region of Paleow(Pae-Lee-Oh), an ancient land with Swamps,Deserts, Jungles & ice-capped Mountains. There are 8 Towns &  3 Cites, 8 of wich have their own gyms. The Pokemon are Prehistoric, Many of which have been extinct for thousands of years. The local Pokepaleontologist, Prof. Cypress has created a portable reving Machine he calls the Pokelife and has astablished them all across the region. The Hero resides in the same town has the Prof. and is ready to Start his journey, & arrives at the Lab to pick his starter, only to arrive at an attemped robbery of the prototype of the Prof's newest invention,  so a member of Team Futra(Phuoo-trah) see u & challenges to a battle af the u turn down the offer to run away, u grab the starter, if u win the Member drops a potion when fleeing, if u lose the Police barge in & save u & the Prof, for ur courage in Battle the Prof, give u the honor of completing an erand for him to pick up a part for his invention. U return only to find ur sibling there as well, & the prof ask for the Part & adds it to both devices & reveles the to be New Pokedex's...witha new attachment  called the Fossildex, kinda like the Unwondex from Jhoto...here is where the Explanaition starts:

The Fossildex, is an attachement that shows which Pokemon can be revived from one of 10 types of fossil, Some Pokemon can only be revived for 1 of the 10 fossil types, the max is A Pokemon can be revied from 3 different types of fossil.

10 fossil types:
Helix Fossil(uncommon)
Dome Fossil(rare)
Root Fossil(common)
Claw Fossil(uncommon)
Skull Fossil(common)
Armor Fossil(common)
Horn Fossil(rare)
Wing Fossil(common)
Tooth Fossil(uncommon)
Imprint Fossil(rare)

The are 3 ways to obtain fossils:

1. Dig, using Tools from a Pokekit, full of different digging tools: Pick,Shovel, Hammer & Brush. Like the Underground of Sinnoh there are desingaited spots in Paleow where u can Dig, Using the move Dig in a Dark spot in the sand is a garenteed fossil obtained, but only once, & there are only 2 dark spots in each Dig Location, The fossil u find in a dark spot is random. All other spots in the Dig spot may or may not harbor fossils, the fossils found are random as well. Paleow has remained the same, beside human colonizaition for thousands of years so the Pokemon found will only be indeginous to some areas. U won't discover the Pokemon u've dug up until u revive it.

2. U buy the fossil, The Game Corner has a few, but u need to be lucky at the slots to purchase 1. A Better source would be the Fossil Guy who seels a number of fossils for a decent price,.

3. u find them, this requires no digging, some fossils can be found on the surface just siting there.walk by & pick them up.

Other Pokemon:
Most Pokemon aren't fossilized in the ground, many are "Living Fossils" & have remained unchanged, & Prehistoric, such as Relicanth, & are found in the grass,trees river,lakes & seas.

Once a Pokemon has been Revived it is registered in the Pokedex, with the location its species is most common in,& data. The Fossildex already has all the Pokemon revivable in the game registered in it but, only where it can be found in which dig sites & which fossils it can be revived from.

The Pokemon:Starters
1.Cubloom(Grass){Cub Pokemon}
2.Pandree(Grass/Fighting){Panda Pokemon}
3.Bearbroot(Grass/Fighting){ Large Panda Pokemon}
4.Raptinge(Fire/Dark){Raptor Pokemon}
5.Emberclaw(Fire/Dark){Claw Pokemon}
6.Flaraptor(Fire/Dark){Claw Pokemon}
7.Ecolopise(Water){Ecolocaition Pokeon}
8.Wholphin(Water/Psychic){Dolphin Pokemon}
9.Psyorca(Water/Psychic){ESP Pokemon}

More Pokemon 10-28:
10.Dilophacid(Poison/Dark){Spit Poison Pokemon}
11.Corrosafril(Poison/Dark){Acid Pokemon}
12.Millisheen(Bug/Steel){Many Leg Pokemon}
13.Centurede(Bug/Steel){Many Leg Pokemon}
14.Muckbill(Water/Ground){Duckbill Pokemon}
15.Platypush(Water/Ground){Duckbill Pokemon}
16.Anferno(Fire/Bug){Burn Pokemon}
17.Smolderant(Fire/Bug){Singe Pokemon}
18.Anteraze(Fire/Bug){Singe Pokemon}
20.Dactylcute(Electric/Flying){Wing Lizard Pokemon}
21.Shocktyl(Electric/Flying){Soaring Pokemon}
22.Ptereclek(Electric/Flying){Soaring Pokemon}
23.Thorntail(Grass/Poison){Spike Tail Pokemon}
24.Cloroplate(Grass/Poison){Leaf Plate Pokemon}
25.Ankylotank(Steel/Ground){Armor Pokemon}
26.Spinoslash(Dark/Water){Spine Pokemon}
27.Damplophus(Water/Fighting){Trumpet Pokemon}
28.Wheterhorn(Water/Fighting){Swamp Tuba Pokemon}


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I just struck an idea!  A new type of Pokemon, Light type!  Also different generation names: Pokemon Amythest and Topaz versions.

1.  Blabbot (evo of Chatot) Flying/Light
2.  Zangraw (evo of Zangoose) Normal/ Light
3. Owlgami (Anythest Legendary, Owl + Origami) Psychic/Flying or Psychic/Light
4. Owlcean (Owl + Ocean Topaz Legendary) Water/Flying or Water/Light


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Light will never be a type. It will only further complicate things.

And we're barely stepping into the 4th gen. Don't you think this is just a little premature?


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wow! i can now visualize what the 5th gen may be.hmmm..like pokemon jurassic.lol


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I have always wanted a pokemon game where you become a member of team rocket. Think it would make a change from being good all the time. Not sure about a storyline though.


I choose you Ninja Brian!
I updated my Pokemon list with 19 more Pokemon!!!

anyway this isn't alll about my ideas, thw whole point of the thread is to post ur own, so get to it!!!!