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    Also the only other native snake to the UK is the grass snake, and really no one sees either of them here unless you REALLY go out hunting for one and even then it's pretty rare. There's not much natural life left on this small island ;~;

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    Cambridge University was created when a group of scholars at Oxford had a dispute with the local village and had to leave. They created Cambridge to carry on their studies.

    Oxford is the second oldest surviving University in the World and Cambridge the fourth.


    The lighter was invented before the match
    It takes light created by the Nuclear reaction at the center of the sun 30,000 years to reach the surface of the sun, then 8 minutes from there to Earth.
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    A person can expect to breathe in about 45 pounds of dust over his/her lifetime.
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    A year on Venus is shorter than a day on Venus. This is because Venus actually rotates the "wrong" direction.
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    After years of reading tons of metal floss and article this moment has finally arrived! Note for their articles and real life story section is amazing and super imformative, just stay away from photoplasty as that crap is about as fact checked as 4chan. Also blogs are not entirely accurate to and could be filled with sarcasm trying to disguise itself as fact.

    The pyramids of REAL ancient Egypt were covered entirely in marble and during the night the moon light reflected off of it was so bright that you could see it from hundreds of miles away IN THE FING NIGHT!

    Ninjas never wore black clothing to do ninjay stuff like assassinations etc. they actually wore people clothes because wouldn't you be suspicious of someone that wears only black clothing everywhere and says that they are TOTALLY NOT A SPY? Real reason is that when plays became popular stage hands etc wore black clothing so that they wouldn't disturb the play, thus audiences were trained to ignore the color black so when a ninja jumped out it appeared to have come from the darkness etc. They RARELY wore black clothing and that was to run across fields at night then to change into regular people clothing.

    The moon moves 1-2 inches away from the earth each year. Scientists think that it's moving towards mars. This was when some scientist sent a laser at the moon and noticed a slight time delay in between the signal getting sent back each time.

    Actual floor mats made of human hair are being used to soak up oil spills. Ever wonder how a teenager's hair could get so oily? Well it's because of science and if you've seen that imagine what a 2-3 inch thick mat of the stuff could do to an oil spill.

    Now for the last thing I can remember before I go to league.
    The pilgrims never looked like those pictures, they looked like what we would think of as modern day/1970s hippies with rainbow clothes. This is due to the people being pictured actually being the top %1 or royalty, and those clothes were the fanciest fancy clothes that ever fancied a fancy back in those days and they were stupidly impractical to work in. It's basically like saying that everyone that plays pokemon dresses like this and goes to tournaments in the same outfits.
    like a sir snorlax.jpg
    And that's just the beginning of the inaccuracies of what we think of the colonial period. And I can make a HUGE ******** rant about how inaccurate the period trying to be shown on this years worlds stuff is and why I'm pissed about it to no end. Spoiler warning, Columbus was a dumb f**** and a TOTAL A HOLE.
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    Elephants are quickly artificially evolving to not grow tusks due to a holes hunting them because reasons, and drinking/consuming food/drinks with it increases your man chi/makes you *AGH HEM* bigger or some bull s***, no that's what cars are for and spoiler warning, they don't make it bigger either.

    There is a "triangle of death" of blood vessels on your nose that lead to your brain. This is a "triangle of death" because should you get any bacteria in those blood vessels, well you get a cold inside your brain, WHICH IS JUST AS BAD AS IT SOUNDS.

    Snails are the SAW movies of the insect world, they have countless rows of jagged and sharp AF pointed teeth...that face forwards. Here's an image of them up close.
    snail chainsaw teeth image.jpg
    These face the murder victim, I mean insect it consumes to strip off its flesh and soul. Here's a diagram of this hell.
    snail chainsaw mouth diagram.jpg

    And Lady Bugs are the Tanks of the insect world and you know what I'll just post the link to the article these are from. WARNING LANGUAGE, AND DISTURBINGNESS OF A SEEMINGLY CUTE AND HARMLESS RODEN-HOLY ******* IT JUST WHAT?!?!?! AHHHHHHGHGHGHGHHH MY EYES!!

    Ok, there's so many things I've learned from that I might was well just copy-paste links to them here when I have the time,they can teach you a LOT about the world with science and humor, it's sort of like Steven Colbert had a love child with a Discovery Channel documentary.
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    I remember reading somewhere that plants have feelings.

    The smell of freshly cut grass is actually an advanced gas released by the grass, crying for help from other organisms/plants. Various other plants also cry and panic when their leaves and flowers are picked. Also, by using some super advance microphone scientists were able to pick up various noises emitted from plants. For example, it was discovered that flowers whine when their petals are picked off.
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    Mars has the largest dust storms in the solar system.
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    There was a giant ***** glacier in montana that I think stretched to an area near lake michigan or one of the great lakes and when it melted it moved with such force that it was basically a giant pain scraper of ice moving down the US and left giant bolders in its wake that appeared just from the movement of such a giant fing ice flow moving THAT hard. This was all millions of years ago of course but it's still quite interesting.

    Damn, I can't rhink of any more useless information atm.
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    Time to spread knowledge

    The Nintendo Wii was 2 Megahertz less powerful then the original Xbox

    Elephants might go extinct by the next century.

    1 in 3 people cross busy streets while using their phones.

    The Angry Birds Series as a whole has sold over 2 billion copies

    Zombies do technically exist but the only zombie specimens are bugs.

    The Amazon Women were an actual real tribe.

    and finally
    The World is running out of choclate
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    Actually, a millennium of other animals could go extinct by the next century...

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    *Sigh* what has happened to his world :(.
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    Dihydrogen monoxide is what happened.
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    Which you may also know as its easier name: water.
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    Please tell me you're kidding, or that this is poe's law, be it on me or on you.

    Please, tell me I don't have to actually explain it; I don't think my psyche could handle it.
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    /me chooses to not tell you I'm kidding.
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    I'm being serious here, but okay, be that way.

    I'd like to just believe that you're all smarter than this, but the very existence of this topic is proof that so many people aren't.
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    Or that some people like to fool others. Anyways, more facts:

    - The first computer to beat a World Chess Champion was Deep Blue in 1997.
    - During warmer months, the hooves of reindeer are generally spongy to assist with walking across marshes, although in winter they become hard, to assist walking across formed ice.
    - The first Frisbee discs were metal food tin lids and cake pans used by American Walter Frederick Morrison and his would-be wife Lu in the 1930s, which they eventually sold to passers-by for 25 cents, making a 20 cent profit.

    And a lot of stuff about the Game of Life (or LIFE):

    - The Game of Life is based on the original and highly successful version of the game called ‘The Checkered Game of Life’, which was designed by Milton Bradley, an American lithographer, in 1860, after his print run of presidential candidate portraits of Abraham Lincoln failed to sell, due to Lincoln growing a beard after they had been printed.
    - The original The Game of Life involved the player advancing across a checkered board to gain points, and it was designed with Milton Bradley's own morals in mind, which resulted in negative consequences for spaces depicting suicide, gambling, jail, ruin, poverty and the like.
    - The numbered spinner famous in The Game of Life has its origins in the numbered spinning top or teetotum, used to move across the game board in the 1860s version, as dice were considered inappropriate by Milton Bradley, due to their association with gambling, which went against his morals.
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    :eek:...I'm just speechless

    I agree, more facts

    Lots of early paintings of dragons from the med evil age actually depicts a Wyvern not a dragon.

    It costs over $30 billion to produce a millionth of dark matter

    Scientists still don't know the primary subject of pain

    For the past 19 years Pokemon has made over 16 billion Pokemon cards

    We're actually smarter then we think

    Despite poor reception the N-Gage sold over 3 million copies
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