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  1. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    The Seagull's Apprentice.
    Starting SOON on the Seagull Broadcasting Network
    a Forum Game by mirdo, VioletValkyrie and Lord o da rings.

    A man and his small company, selling cereal named after him on the street. “Mird-o’s” were his first venture into the world of success and he never left that world since. Buying some machines and building some custom to fit his needs, his company started to expand massively, selling his cereal statewide, then nationwide. He started a logistics company to first get his cereal to customers, then expanded that too. Now mird-trans inc. is one of the leading companies in both parcel transport to private customers and shipments between companies.
    He has waddled his feet into many more ventures and has investments and companies in almost any industry imaginable. Now, you can be part of it.

    [A large man enters the room. Once you are able to take your eyes off his very clean white suit, which perfectly fits his bleached white hair drenched in hair gel, you can see his ridiculously bright orange dress shoes. The outfit is rounded out by a blue tie and buttons in the same color.
    His glasses don’t look like much, but they still have an expensive brand name on them. His suit covers it so you can’t tell right now, but he is always sure to let his followers on instagram know that he is fit.]
    Good morning peasants. I am Vincent “the seagull” Mirdo and I’m gonna be your host for this journey. I know what you are gonna say, “What did this guy do to deserve this spot?”
    And the answer is: Nothing. And also everything.
    Listen. I might be “only” 23 years old, not have that much “work experience” and look like just another pretty face, but I am more than that. I have shown on multiple occasions that I am the best at what I do, regardless of if I am born into this company or not. This actually proves my point, because the name “mirdo” is known for standing for excellence and success. It’s a bit unfair really, being pretty, rich AND talented...
    But I am getting sidetracked.
    I am here because I’m one of the best our company has, and I'm being tasked to find someone that can be the very best.
    To be the best, you gotta beat the best so give each other some competition.
    At least it will be fun to watch...
    And in the case of that you are complete losers, I did not come alone to decide your fate.

    [After Vincent, a more attractive, young-looking woman steps into the room. You can tell from her more serious demeanour and neater, less colourful clothes that she’s more reserved and professional. She runs a hand through her dark long hair and reaches into her pocket to pull out a note. Opening the note, she clears her throat, and starts to speak.]
    As a member of the jury, I’m inclined to introduce myself. My name is Alanna Bourdelle, and I am the CFO of mird-trans inc. At only 26 years old I have raised this company as a major business partner to earn my seat in the jury. Through several partnership deals and strong financial management I have secured myself to be one of this company’s very best, and am therefore given the task of selecting only the very best in this competition. If you are not capable enough, you will be removed from this competition without remorse, because the business method is to be efficient, practical, capable, and merciless. Once again as Vincent has stated, the “mirdo” name is known for standing for excellence and success, and I will not settle for anything less than perfect. I am hoping you’re all serious enough to show me how capable you truly are.

    [A smaller woman is the final person to enter the room. She’s a real stunner, the white dress she wears peppered with sky-blue roses. They make her bright blue eyes pop, and her blonde hair shine. The contestants stand around the room, dumbfounded by her raw beauty.
    But none of them knew why she was here. They would soon find out.]
    Hello contestants! I’m Cheryl Mirdo, the wife of Vincent, the head of our jury. You’re gonna to be tested on your business skills as well as your ability to negotiate. If you really want to bring your skills to the company, you’re going to need to bring your A-game to the competition. I’ll be the third and final seat on this jury, helping Vincent and Alanna make the decisions that will lead to one of you becoming the Apprentice!

    Everybody in our team has something. May it be the striking business sense I inherited from my father, the cool and collected mind of our charming as ever CFO Alanna, or the…
    ...charm of my lovely wife Cheryl.

    Now it is time to show us what YOU have.
    Be a serious business person, be an entertainer, be nice, be mean. BE INTERESTING.
    This is the TV Show to show us and the whole world your worth.
    This is…

    Located right on a riverbed surrounded by vast desert land, Pelipolis is, by far, the biggest city in the state of Rullfet. Due to its greenlands and the life the river gives the area, the town received the nickname of “Miraculous Pelipolis” by its inhabitants and tourists.
    Its most noticeable features are:
    - The unusual flora and fauna for a desert area, for example, the natural appearance of red foxes and, of course, seagulls
    - Multiple big sport teams like the “Pelipolis Ice Foxes” in Ice Hockey, “Pelipolis Gulls” in Basketball, the “Desert Dashers Pelipolis” in American Football and “Pelipolis FC” in Soccer.
    - The city is also known for its unusual monument of Bruce Hornsby, their famous “Dust Cookies” and the city’s signature dish: “Peli’s Fish Soup”.

    This is how it will work. This Forum Game is about role-playing, problem solving and creativity. This is what makes it different from games like PokéBeach Big Brother, as you will not compete in flash games, but instead we will give you a task and a certain situation which you will have to solve with your team.

    A challenge can play out like a short “adventure” in DnD, it could be a sort of game or some sort of creative work in which you compete. This can mean a competition to write a text, design something, pretty much anything you can find in the creative section of the forum. An example for a game could a kind of board game you play in your team against the opposing team.

    Each week, a winning team and a losing team is determined by the outcome of the competition. [Subject to change in case of more teams than two.] Then, that week’s losing team leader and the two most “deserving” people chosen by their leader will be invited into “The Nest”. In The Nest you will meet up with our host and try to convince us to not cut you from the game. After that phase we will decide on who to eliminate.

    There will be a team leader for each team for each week. They will be in charge of responsibilities such as directing the team’s traffic towards a task. This can be a great chance to showcase yourself and your abilities as a leader, but can also obviously horribly backfire, becoming the main reason your team was disorganized or sloppy in a challenge.

    The main focus in this game lays on roleplay, so we encourage you to at least give it your best shot, stay in your character role at all times and try to make the best of an situation. This is a TV Show after all, so playing an interesting character will be a big part of the game. Feel free to go crazy with your Character. But keep them somewhat realistic. (See more in “Sign-Ups”)

    Please copy the following form into your reply:

    Character Name:
    Character Age:
    Short Backstory:​

    [SEND THIS PART IN PRIVATE MESSAGES TO ALL HOSTS] (mirdo, VioletValkyrie and Lord o da rings)
    [You don't need to do that at the same time as the first sign up, But be sure to send it in before the game starts]
    My Character’s Skills: [Each on a scale of 0-10] [You have 15 points to spare and will earn more over the course of the game]

    Devious: X/10
    Defensive: X/10
    Sneaky: X/10
    Focused/Handywork: X/10
    Talkative: X/10​

    There is a lot of to explain here with character creation. Let’s go over it:

    We want you to create a character for this game. They can be just a person you want to be, maybe yourself (please don’t use your full real name) or a parody of someone famous. Just come up with a person you feel comfortable representing, as this is going to be the representation of yourself for the rest of the game. Adjustments with your character mid-game are possible. Don’t feel discouraged if you can’t come up with something right away, as some things may develop during the game, such as your character’s backstory tying in with an event during the game. If you have trouble coming up with ideas, you can use your character’s skills to help determine their personality or mannerisms.

    Please keep your character and their personality in line with your skills, at least somewhat. Since you are not allowed to go out of character while talking about the game, you might want to allude to your stats in your character, so you have a good connection to your skills with an in-character explanation. E.g. If my character is from an entertainer's family, I would most likely be better at entertaining and talking to people.

    An important detail: You are not allowed to tell anyone your skills directly. You may, however, hint at them playing the role of your character, such as saying. “Oh, I’m actually really good at (this task)! Let me take care of it!” But maybe there could be reasons you don’t want to do that?

    Stat Explanations:
    Devious: You will be better at manipulating players and people. You also have an easier time creating a stronger or more convincing distraction or disruption.
    Defensive: You are more careful with your actions and take caution. You have a higher chance of evading attacks, disruptions, or other negative effects.
    Sneaky: You’ll have an easier time staying hidden or completing tasks requiring you to be silent. You’ll also have a higher chance of getting away with sabotage without getting caught.
    Focused/Handiwork: You have an easier time concentrating and completing tasks. You will be less likely to fail at any task where you must produce a product, or a task that requires concentration.
    Talkative: You are better at tasks that include negotiating or just talking to people. It will be easier to gain business partners, and easier to convince them.

    Skills will come into play like this:
    A task is presented that Team A has to solve. The Team Leader sends Player X and Player Y to do one part of the task. On the way, they will face different problems and may try to fix them, such as needing to get a deal for a product from a salesman.
    There is gonna be a difficulty to do it, and we will hint at how hard the task will be. Your skills and a factor of randomness will decide if you fail, succeed or even maybe something in between. In the case of negotiating, then a “different result” could be just a small amount of information, a partial discount on a sale, etc.

    Your Hosts are @mirdo (blue), @VioletValkyrie (purple) and @Lord o da rings (green)

    SIGN UPS END ON MONDAY 19th of March. At about 10 pm GMT

    Teams have been dissolved! Former Contestants still in the colors of their former teams

    -NinjaPenguin (Lisa Commoda)
    -Jadethepokemontrainer (Alfalf A. Beane (Al))

    -Vracken (Van Veacesalv Dulca)
    -Fiery_Lugia (Jace Beleren)
    -Total_Epicness (Aliaksandr Alexander Aliaksandrson)

    6th Rainyman123 (Zreyep Mysterious)
    7/8th Quakingpunch73 (John Doe) Eliminated Week 2
    7/8th GekkisaiDaiNi (Aloysos Garmanza Hartmann) Eliminated Week 2
    mordacazir (Akihide Karatsu) Eliminated Week 1
    10th Ghostly Espurr DROPPED Week 1

    Weeks/Episodes so far:
    Part 1: Contestants are asked to make out 3 Volunteers beyond themselfs to take a mysterious envelope each. One is a week off the other 2 grant the people who have them to elect their teams and be the first ever team leader
    Part 2: Teams are now tasked to come up with a name for their team and come up with an advertising concept for their team. What exactly that means is up to them.
    Teams have been asked to design Mini Pokemon TCG Sets to be put into Mirdo-O Cereal Boxes.
    After the compeition. Vracken was tasked with weeding out his team. 2 People have been eliminated
    Teams are locked in a Room and are tasked with getting out again. Seems simply enough doesn't It?
    Teams had to figure out 3 things to get a number of each. They needed to soak a rag in Invisible Ink and then put it under an UV light to reveal a blue 7
    The Second was a Keyhole in shape of a book. They would find a book that'd fit but it wasn't heavy enough to push it down. So they could either cut holes in the book and fill it with very heavy dice or soak it in water to make it heavy enough to reveal a purple 8.
    The last one was a sequence of Playing Cards. The order of them would reveal the last number. A green 4. If the team fiddled with the TV a color sequence would show there. Purple, Green and Blue. Which would tell the contestants the order of the Numbers they have to put into the safe to get the code card to exit the room.
    Both Teams did it in the same phase so Alanna had to choose the winning team. And decided to give it to the Purple Team due to their teamwork.
    At the End of the nest Zreyep Mysterious has been eliminated
    Teams have been resolved and all remaining contestants have been invited to... play in gameshows? Sure. Winners of each show get a spot in the finals. There will be 3 spots.
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  2. VioletValkyrie Your Lovely Hostess ♡


    Making a quick post as a revision to the OP.
    Sign-up deadline is slated for Monday March 19th, at 10PM GMT. Make sure to write your names in before then!
    Sign-ups now have an established limit at fourteen players. Take your spots fast!
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  3. quakingpunch73 King K. Rool ain't no fool!


    Character Name: John Doe
    Character Age: It's a Secret
    Occupation: Ice Cream Salesman
    Short Backstory: "Hello. My name is... John Doe. I am... a simple ice cream salesman, like my forefathers. For generations, we have worked tirelessly to produce quality ice cream for the people of Japan, and then the people of California. I would consider myself to be... a very big fan... of Mr. Mirdo's. In fact, that is what caused me to audition for his show in the first place. Even if I don't look it, I'm a very professional individual who is trusting and ambitious. Personal relationships are key when working with me, and I hope everyone else values them just as equally... or else we might have a problem... I'm also very careless and clumsy, unfortunately. I mean, just take a look at my face! I couldn't believe it at first! Who knew... one bad fall could lead to all these stitches... Take a look my left arm too! In any case, I look forward to playing with all the competitors in this little game for a chance to meet the... wonderful judges..."
  4. Anime Psyclone A Living Nightmare
    Anime Psyclone


    Can you reserve a spot for me?
  5. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Character Name: Lisa Commoda
    Character Age: 35
    Occupation: Secretary (Part-time Priestess of Venus)
    Short Backstory: Very early in her life, Lisa lived by the shore of the ocean. One day, a shell washed up, heart shaped. She knew her ancestory could be traced back to Numa Pompilius, second king of Rome, but she never could have guessed the goddess Venus herself would choose her for the task of bringing love back to the world. She soon discovered one more shocking truth: she was descended from a magical breed of dragons, who's DNA was found to be 10% similar to her own!
    Many years and therapist visits and even a couple trips to the asylum later, here she stands, aware of her purpose but in need of a platform to share it. She intends to use the power of Venus and her ancestors to flirt and threaten work her way to the top, and use the cereal brand to spread her own message across the vast flat abyss of the world.
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  6. Jadethepokemontrainer Ready for anything!

    Forum Mod Chat Room Staff Member

    Character Name: Alfalf A. Beane (Al)
    Character Age: 20
    Occupation: traveling canned beans salesman.
    Short Backstory: Al was born into a family of blacksmiths in a small dull town somewhere far off. His father, Garbanzo Beane, began to train him to be a blacksmith at the age of 5. Al's father wasn't extremely kind to him and he didn't love the blacksmithing trade, and when his mother, Cacao Beane, passed away when he was 13, Al ran away. He made his way to the outskirts of a large city, which he later learned was known as Pelipolis. He looked much older than he was, and somehow managed to pass himself off as 18. He lived on the outskirts of town by himself and got a job at a pizza shop in town. After working there and living in peace, people started to catch on that he wasn't the age he first appeared to be. He had to seclude himself in his makeshift home outside the town and pretty much stayed there, except to occasionally get food in town, for the next 3 years. Once old enough, he got himself the first job he could find, a traveling canned bean salesman. He came to this competition to get himself a better job and to show the world that he is kinder and more humorous than his father.
  7. Fiery_Lugia ニャンパス~ (she/her)


    Could I be Jace from MtG, or do I have to make my own character?
  8. VioletValkyrie Your Lovely Hostess ♡


    You're heavily encouraged to create your own character as someone you can comfortably represent. I personally suggest using a pre-existing character such as Jace only if you have absolutely no ideas for a character you'd like, and don't think you're able to create those ideas in the time it takes to sign up.
  9. Fiery_Lugia ニャンパス~ (she/her)


    I’m actually really bad at creating original characters, so I think I’ll stick with Jace (unless I can think of a good character until signups end.
  10. mordacazir Lord of Souls


    I’ll sign-up fully later, but im in.
  11. TheFlyingPidove Missing the old days



    Not sure if it is my kind of game though, but eh, it is worth a try!
    Oh, I'll do the sign-up thingy later. Like within 24 hours or something. I'll let you know when I edit it in.
  12. TOTAL_EPICNESS it wouldnt let me put morse code


    I might be in but I’ll have to think about it
  13. mordacazir Lord of Souls


    Character name: Akihide Karatsu
    Age: unknown but has the looks of a 20-year old.
    Occupation: Doctor?
    Short backstory: Akihide is a man who’s really calm and collected ever since he was a child. His childhood is mostly mysterious but he has had good education and is now a doctor, At least, that is what he says. No one really knows what he does or why he is participating in the show. He says it’s for fun. Most people think he’s a super secret spy that works for a rivaling company. But conspiracy theories aside, he’s a overall nice guy if he talks, but that doesn’t happen often. He has confirmed that he has a close brother though, named Toshiro. People have tried tracing down that brother, but that guy has been untraceable.
  14. TOTAL_EPICNESS it wouldnt let me put morse code


    Do I have to put my character in my post to get in? Or is it possible for you to put me in but I can make my character and stats later?
    Also do stats effect the character or are they just for flavor?
    Edit: nvm I re read the stat part I understand what I was asking now
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  15. Anime Psyclone A Living Nightmare
    Anime Psyclone


    You know what? I'll drop out, seems a little too complex.
  16. TOTAL_EPICNESS it wouldnt let me put morse code


    Name: Aliaksandr Alexander Aliaksandrson
    Age: forgot
    Occupation: Ice miner (apparently this is an actual thing)
    Backstory: Born to a poor family Aliaksandr was forced to work at the young age of 5 collecting ice with his father to make money for his family consisting of his mother his father himself and 2 siblings during this time Aliaksandr never complained because he was doing what was necessary to keep his family from starving in the years he spent and still is spending his kind and generous personality made him close with almost every member of his team of fellow ice miners his popularity among the group grew and grew until eventually he was offered a promotion to manager of the company which would solve his families financial problems in the end though when he found out he would never be able to see the others in his team he turned down the job knowing that his team needed him more than he needed the money. Aliaksandr is known in his team as the most reliable due to his amazing social skills caring personality and natural leadership however his trust in others has been his downfall many times as when he feels he has let down his team or that his team distrusts him he panics and becomes very sad. He hopes that the competition will help him with his financial problems while still allowing him to keep in touch with his friends and family.
  17. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    We hit about half point with our Sign-Up period! Don't forget to at least post your character sheet into the thread till Monday. You may send your stats until when the first challenge starts.

    If you would likei to play but do not have ideas do not hesitate to ask me/us for tips. I can offer you to work on your character with you. Also check the sheets of other players and the Characters me and my co-hosts made in the flavour section of the OP.
    I know this game looks like a lot. But don't be scared by the outside look :)

    But also don't forget that you are supposed to stay in your character for the entire time when you talk inside of the game.
    So keep that in mind when you make your character aswell.
  18. TheFlyingPidove Missing the old days


    I'm going to drop out, sorry.. D:

    The concept of this game is great, but I don't think it is a game that I'll actually enjoy playing.
    I'll try to watch the game from the sky, maybe it will change my mind for games like this in the future.
  19. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    We are exactly 25 hours away from the sign-up deadline.
    If you will to sign-up but might not be able to do it until then, be at the very least sure to tell us you wish to do so.

    The game will officialy start somewhen after the deadline next week.
  20. GekkisaiDaiNi The Sharp Alien


    Name: Aloysos Garmanza Hartmann
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Musician, ex-owner of a large intelligence agency
    Backstory: Aloysos, a cousin of Vincent, had always been in the shadows of his older cousin Vincent when they were children. He was quiter, more reclusive, and generally less outgoing. However, this was a catalyst for him. Aloysos did extremely well in school, testing in the top 1% of all of Pelipolis, and finished high school by the time he was 14. He went to an amazing college and did very well there, finishing in only 2 years, before finally starting his first business at the age of 16: A large intelligence agency, funded off of huge stock market profits Aloysos had made earlier in his life. This intelligence agency quickly rose to the forefront of the intelligence business. It ran like a well-oiled machine, and almost never failed to procure any information necessary for it's clients. However, Aloysus could not stomach all of the shady things he was being forced to do. They built up inside of him, and eventually, by the age of 20, he couldn't stand himself anymore. He sold his entire intelligence agency, learned to write music & play the guitar, piano, and trumpet, and started charities with all of the money from the intelligence agency. He started over as a musician. However, he could never quite get off the ground. Record companies were turning him down one-by-one, and he was running out of funds fast. So, he decided to enter the competition. He wants to shake up his cousin's business, prove to his cousin he is just as good as he is, and atone for all the wrongs he committed as the owner of the intelligence agency.
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