The PokéSona Card Project

Nekoban Ryo

The PokéSona Card Project

What is a PokéSona?

A PokéSona is a representation of oneself as a Pokémon. Usually the Pokémon you feel you are most like with some personal features, accessories, clothing, or colors added to them.

I Choose You!

Pick a Pokémon you want to use as your PokéSona. This must be an official Pokémon, no Fakemon allowed. Rather than simply choosing a Pokémon that you like or basing your choice on appearance, think carefully about what Pokémon best represent your personality. You must give it at least 1 feature, accessory, clothing item, or color that sets it apart from all other Pokémon of that species.

Create the Artwork

You are encouraged to use your own artwork for this project (even if you’re not confident in your art skills) for the sake of personality. Just look at the official Hama-chan’s Slowking card! However, if you feel that you absolutely must, you may pair up with an artist (that is, an artist who is willing to draw for you).

Fakers who can’t draw are encouraged to pair up with artists that can't fake.

Make the Card

The final step is to create a card of your PokéSona. You must do your best to give it abilities, attacks, and a description that represent you. Because a description is required, you must choose a blank with an area for flavour text. The blank doesn’t necessarily have to be an official one.

If you're an artist who cannot make fake cards, you may pair up with a faker. You must still supply all the details of the card (name, HP, attacks, and so on). If you're unsure about the wording, you can ask the faker to fix it for you.

Artists who can't fake are encouraged to pair up with fakers who can't draw.

Cards in need of artwork:

Artwork in need of cards:

Completed cards:

The Fire Wyrm

Aspiring Trainer
I'm so in.

I'm probably going to choose Volcarona for it's elegance, excellence, and power.
Am I the only one who picked a favorite pokemon that had connections to me lol.