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Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by BrandonHappened, Mar 18, 2018.

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    TPCi need to calm down when hyping stuff up.
    Let's look at the amount of new Pokémon revealed per gen (since Gen IV) and the amount of new Pokémon in that gen
    Gen IV: 40/107 (estimate, going by memory, but It's more or less that)
    Gen V: 55/156
    Gen VI: 42/72
    Gen VII: 63/85

    Notice the gen that did it right? It was Gen V, leaving 101 Pokémon more or less completely unknown (yes there were leaks and datamines etc, but in terms of official reveals, they only released just over a third of the total new Pokémon).
    Now based on the great failure that was the 3DS era (in my opinion), I'm expecting Game Freak to repeat their many many mistakes and give us a tiny amount of new Pokémon again. However, if they do that, they really shouldn't reveal more than 20-25 Pokémon during the pre-release cycle, because honestly when over 60 Pokémon were revealed for Sun/Moon (along with nearly all the Alolan forms) it made it look like there was a decent amount of new Pokémon, when in fact they'd revealed all but 17 of the Pokémon to be in Sun/Moon (the last 5 obviously being new in USUM). Take away that year's event Magearna and the following year's Marshadow, and that's all but 15 new in-game Pokémon.
    They may have been official reveals, but I call that a spoiler. They left almost no secrets. X&Y did a similar thing, but not as bad.
    Black and White? Personally I pretty much went into that game blind. Yes, I'd spent 6 months on the Japanese version and the Showdown simulator, but the fact is I discovered new Pokémon by playing the game in some way or another, and the storyline was for the most part a secret.

    So, please, TPCi, when early 2019 rolls around, just reveal a small handful of everything, instead of a constant stream of Pokémon, characters and features. Yes, people like to know everything, but if they want to know everything they should look for it themselves, It's honestly the worst marketing tactic, because then people play the game realising we already know basically everything.


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    Personally, I would like fewer spoilers, and definitely want more Pokemon per generation. I don't even mind if the designs are lacking a little, bu there is tons of design space left, and more Pokemon is generally better since they are the main draw to the game. That being said, I would much prefer fewer Legendaries. With how many there are now, they don't really feel very "Legendary".
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    I would agree to hold off, but that said people are already data-mining whatever demos get released to the point that next to nothing is a secret when new games come out.
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    well when they only release a few in a game and starters/legends are sure to be revealed ahead of time its hard to keep to many unrevealed. personally i dont care i make a team of new Pokemon before i start playing the game so that i dont waste time training a Pokemon that will get replaced(though that mattered before the exp share improvement) but a spoiler to me refers to story not what a Pokemon looks like.

    You can of course not look at the website or you could just accept that its something every game developer does. Like really play another rpg and if its a party system format you can see just about everybody that will join your party minus the big spoilers ones.
  5. BrandonHappened Ghosts and Fairies are kinda my jam


    Yeah exactly, but they should leave the official news minimal, like tiny bits of news but more frequently. Just so we get news more often, but less overall
    People who wanna plan a team etc can look for the information themselves.
    Official news should never reveal too much, just so people who don't want to know too much don't feel spoiled, and people who want all the info can seek it out themselves
    It's harder to avoid spoilers with social media and whatnot but, TPCi don't have to give in. Maybe they just shouldn't do demos.
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    This exactly. A dev really shouldn't build hype for something unless they are willing to show stuff about the game, and the Switch game has been known about for what, a year now, and no information since?

    When a dev does that, it kills the hype for the game and people just forget about it, when the dev could have just teased a little bit of info once a month or so since, kept the fans happy and maybe even score some early pre-orders because of it.
  7. BrandonHappened Ghosts and Fairies are kinda my jam


    If I were head of TPCi, I'd have handled SM's pre-release run something like this:

    February 27th: The teaser trailer we got, it was fine
    March: Reveal trailer showing protagonists, mostly overworld and the starters in battle, Alola region, then starter reveal, day/night thing
    April: Box art, Solgaleo, Lunala, Pikipek, Grubbin, Rockruff, Professor Kukui, Hau, Lillie
    May: Trainer customization, that photo thing, Rotom Dex, Crabrawler, Cutiefly, Bewear, rider pager, new attacks
    June: Trials, Alolan Marowak, Lurantis, Salandit, Hala, Kiawe, Zygarde stuff, Sina & Dexio, Looker, new attacks, new abilities
    July: Team Skull, Gladion, Type: Null, Oricorio, Bounsweet, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Vulpix, PokéPelago,
    August: More overworld areas, Z-moves, Alolan Raichu, Mimikyu, Acerola, Morellul, Komala
    September: Ultra Beasts, Guzma, Golisopod, Drampa, Turtonator, Bewear Aether Foundation, more Z-moves
    October: Wishiwashi, Oricorio, Lycanroc, Dhelmise, Wicke, Lusamine, Faba, Alolan Rattata, Alolan Geodude, Alolan Meowth
    November: Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Cosmog, Battle Tree (NO MENTION OF RED AND GREEN), Alolan Exeggutor, more Z-moves

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