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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by AFEX, Feb 11, 2018.

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    Not to be rude, but some of these other people wouldn't agree with you.

    This really shows as well you skimmed the article I wrote because I brought up logical points as to why some of these things would happen, including Lele Price Drive.
    So, don't skim next time ;)

    (Unless you didn't in which I still don't believe you XD)

    My regards- AFEX

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    Another card draw option that everyone forgets, but could maybe be viable: Alolan Sandslash. An extra card every turn is half of Zoroark's effect, without a potential two prize liability and without discard (though the discard is often a bonus, rather than a drawback, but I digress...).
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    I've always considered this option, but it's also important to consider that unlike Zoroark GX, Sandslash does not offer a viable attack for most decks. Other than that, It's a really fun idea, especially when you are trying to play the slow game with disruption cards. See how Seismitoad EX worked so well with Slurpuff PHF for reference
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    I don't use Octillery anyway, so I'm just going to be chilling with a 2-2, 3-3, or 4-4 line of Zoroark GX in every deck I play. You can disagree with my choices but it won't mean much to me because you messed up how much damage Zoroark GX did so I mean come on, who does that???
  5. Alolan Sandslash doesn't bring the same utility to the deck as Zoroark, however. Drawing one extra card isn't as powerful as drawing two, (obviously), and it can't take a hit. Zoroark is not only draw support, but it's a 210-HP wall and it's an attacker. For a DCE, Zoroark is far more splashable than Sandslash. And is just...better. Yeah, you forfeit an extra Prize. But the benefits weigh far more than the consequences.

    Oranguru will continue to be good and might go up in price. I can't see your point in calling this card "lackluster". You mentioned instances in which Oranguru is a good card, and I'd agree there, but how it's "lackluster" baffles me.

    Zoroark-GX will go up in price. I'm expecting to see it trickle up to at least $15 apiece.

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