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Hello everyone! Astral Radiance might not be coming out for another month, but Pokemon has nonetheless given us a taste of what’s to come. Most of the cards from the recent Japanese Pokemon VSTAR decks will be coming out in Astral Radiance in May, but they decided to release Lucario VSTAR a bit early in the new Lucario VSTAR Premium Collection. Notably, we don’t have to wait to use this card — it will be legal for tournament play in the Europe International Championships (EUIC), and in fan-run events you can play it now. Box sets like this aren’t always good, but this one certainly is, as Lucario VSTAR is on par with our existing Pokemon VSTAR, even exceeding them in some regards. So, in this article, I’ll be taking a look at our newest Pokemon VSTAR: Lucario VSTAR!
Compared with the other six Pokemon VSTAR we have so far, Lucario...

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I Miss Fairy Type
Great article, Personally I would Play Sandiconda VMAX as you can power them up in my experience surprisingly quickly and having SO much board control by moving energy around the board to set up other plays, also their first attack is a sobble/Dour Slayer :)


Quad Ridin' Beast
That card is so good! Lucario is one of my favourite Pokémon! So good to see it finally get a good card like in furious fists.