Finished The Most Forgotten Pokémon [YPPY] - GAME OVER! Winner Announced!

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How to Play Basics:
  1. Post a Pokémon!
  2. This thread follows YPPY rules, so after 2 other people have posted, you may post another Pokémon.
  3. That's it! :p

This game actually does have something of a goal, namely to figure out which Pokémon in our community is the "most forgotten". The host of the game (me!) will keep a list of all 721 Pokémon and each time a unique Pokémon is posted in the thread, it will be removed from the list. Once 720 unique Pokémon have been mentioned, the last remaining Pokémon is crowned The Most Forgotten Pokémon.

Please note that for the purposes of this game, Mega Pokémon and/or different forms of certain Pokémon are not considered "unique" Pokémon. If any are posted, they will count as a post of the regular form of that Pokémon. Rule of Thumb: If it has its own Pokédex number, it counts as a unique Pokémon.


It IS allowed to do the following:
  • Search the thread to see if a Pokémon has already been posted to avoid posting duplicates.
  • Keep a personal list of which Pokémon have already been posted to avoid posting duplicates.
  • Quoting other members' posts to say something or chatting so long as your post follows YPPY rules and also lists a Pokémon for the game.

It IS NOT allowed to do the following:
  • Keep a list of all Pokémon that have NOT been posted and removing Pokémon as they are posted. That's the host's job! While I can't actually stop people from cheating in this manner, I hope players will recognize that it ruins some of the fun of the game, so I hope no one will do it.
  • Quoting posts or having a conversation with another user in thread if 1) fewer than 2 people have posted since your last post so you break YPPY, and 2) your post does not contain the name of a Pokémon for the game.
  • Post more than 1 Pokémon in a single post.

Good luck and have fun! :D

NOTE: This game will end on Thursday, November 5th OR after 720 unique Pokémon have been listed, whichever comes first. If the game ends by running out of time, we will instead have a group of Forgotten Pokémon instead of a single winner.
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Because even if it's not forgotten whatsoever, as the leader of the Pichupocalypse it is my duty to post about Pichu at every opportunity.

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I'm gonna go with My boy Slugma.
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