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The Legendary ZPST (Zekrom/Pachirisu/Shaymin/Tornadus)


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Well, I thought I was going to quit the TCG but my brother changed my mind. :p

Here's my list so far:

Pokémon: 11
4 Zekrom FA - Black & White
3 Tornadus FA - Emerging Powers
2 Pachirisu - Call of Legends
2 Shaymin - Unleashed

Trainers: 33
4 Pokémon Catcher
4 Pokémon Collector
3 Junk Arm
3 Professor Juniper
3 Professor Oak's New Theory
3 Dual Ball
3 Eviolite
2 Cilan - ND
2 PlusPower
2 Switch
2 PokéGear 3.0
2 Seeker

Energy: 16
14 Lightning Energy
2 Double Colorless Energy

So, the strategy is just like any other ZPST deck. Try and get Zekrom on T1 and all that. As you can see, this list is incomplete and I need a couple more cads to fill the list. My question is, does this look pretty solid so far? What cards should I remove/add to the list?

Thanks for your time. :D


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That is a amazingly solid deck.

however, I really don't like SSU in this deck. It's flippy and it is better to just play more consistency cards.

-2 SSU

+ 2 Juniper

In a deck of all basics, you won't, lose much by dsiacrding your hand, and 7 consistency cards isn't enough.


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Sounds reasonable. I'll make the change now. I'm still two cards short though, any recommendations on what I should add?


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Got a full list now! Forgot I'll need some Seekers so I added those in.

Open to all recommendations. :D

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okay the list looks pretty good and solid but a few changes would be nice

-1 tornadus (3 is enough.... donphan is one of the only cards you use this for)
-1 PONT (I run 2 in my deck.... it's enough for me :))
-1 Juniper (a really good card but in the scheme of things when you want consistency there are cards higher on the priority list)
-0-1 Catcher (this is personal opinion and depends on the match up if you normally face tyram then you want more Plus power against Gothitelle Catcher is more vital....)
-0-1 evolite (also optional I like 3 in my deck too but you might wanna play test both and see what you like better)

now for the add on cards:

+1 tyrouge (a really great starter he can donk them cleffa easy.... not to mention if he's asleep they have to burn a catcher and he reduces the HP of reshi so you don't need plus power... of course if your worried about lone basics then maybe tornadus is better)
+2 Seeker/SSU (trust me you need a way to pick up basics)
+0-2 Dual Ball (very nice for the donk if you can get them, use them, J-arm, and do it again then you can get whatever you want most of the time and can burn a seeker for an early game donk)

I think you need a way to squeeze in more T/S/S but I'm not sure how.... if you want here's my list:

Pokemon: 12

4x Zekrom BW
3x tornadus EP
2x pachirisu CL
2x Shaymin UL
1x Tyrouge HGSS

T/S/S: 33

4x pokemon collector
3x Dual Ball
2x Evolite (maybe 3)
2x energy search
3x Plus Power
3x Pokemon Catcher
2x Pokegear
2x SSU
4x Seeker
4x J-arm
2x switch

energy: 15

15x Electric

anyways hope I helped (I know I'm just a senior but I'm 14 and almost a master xP)


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Your energ count is too high. I would suggest:
-4 Lightning
+1 Energy Search
+1 Professor Oak's New Theory
+2 Dual Ball


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Thanks for the advice guys. I'm going to make some changes to add Dual Ball to the list. I completely forgot about that card. :p

Should I remove DCE?

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it's a personal preference I don't think it's that necessary (because zekrom rarely uses the card.... more or less for tornadus) but some people say otherwise try both and see which one you like better :3


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SoulWind said:
Updated with ND! Would Mewtwo or Zekrom EX be good techs?

Mewtwo EX would be a very good tech in this deck. I actually think it would be better to have Mewtwo as the main attacker. Zekrom wouldn't really work because it is too heavy and gets rid of your energy. Skyarrow Bridge might also help

The Pikachu Mafia

HTL is the Flippy Beam of Doom.
I like mewtwo EX over Zekrom for ZPST here's why:

Zekrom is a beast and he can hit for 150 easy..... but the side effect isn't all that pleasant especially since you don't have eelektrik however mewtwo fits right into ZPST because you can attach a DCE T1 then use the pachi/shay engine to throw 2 more energy on him doing a whopping 80 T1 with X-ball also if you're opponent went first and they attach (for example a mewtwo/celebi deck got 3 energy onto metwo T1) then you can easily OHKO that other mewtwo and start off with 2 prizes on the first turn.... Okay I know that almost never happens but the point is mewtwo can hit from 80-120ish on the first turn if you go second :)

also I don't believe you need to take out electric energy the count is perfect (maybe if you really need room take out one electric) but energy droughts are horrible also if you leave that many energy in you could probably take out cilan for something like energy retrieval in case one of your pokes gets ko'd. Finally I'd suggest adding Skyarrow bridge, this card is amazing it will give Tornadus, Pachi, and Shay free retreat while making mewtwo and zekrom much more manageable :)

hope I helped :D


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Hm.. So I should definitely add Skyarrow Bridge. Maybe I'll rework this into a Zekrom EX/Elektrik deck.

Thanks for the advice! :D