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    Ever dreamt of using original Pokémon cards in real games? Do you want a change of pace from an official, familiar meta? Look no further — this is the program for you!

    Welcome to the Custom Pokémon TCG Plugin page! This plugin allows you to use custom Pokémon trading cards online through your desktop, laptop or iPad. It runs on a downloadable card game simulator, LackeyCCG, in the style of a 'manual PTCGO' with its own original format. The card library is supported by works of the Faking Community and predominantly features completed expansions, promo sets and Create-A-Card submissions.

    © 1995-2019 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK Inc. Pokémon and Pokémon character names are trademarks of Nintendo. This is NOT an officially endorsed tool.

    1) Download, Expansions, & Suggesting New Cards
    2) Plugin User-Guide
    3) FAQ, Credits, & Update Log

    Download LackeyCCG at:
    Find the Custom Pokémon TCG plugin at:

    Downloading the plugin is easy:
    • Copy this link to clipboard:
    • Go to the Plugin panel in LackeyCCG and click the Paste AutoUpdate URL button.
    • Hit the Install or Update from URL button.
    • Go to the Preferences panel and click Appearance. Click Browse zone images and Browse table images and select the customptcg.jpg backgrounds.
    The plugin should begin installing! It should also automatically update when new versions are released. If it doesn't update, then just use the above method to manually install updates.

    Please note that LackeyCCG is a third-party software and so all the usual disclaimers apply. All downloads on the droppages site were produced by bbninjas.

    Who Updates This?
    A Council maintains the plugin and updates it with selected works every quarter. The current members of Council are: bbninjas, DoubleAACE, Jabberwock, The Ωmega One, steffenka and VioletValkyrie. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact them here.

    Expansions & Formats
    This section lists information on each original 'set' or 'expansion' that has been included in this plugin thus far. Due to the occasional rule change (refer to Table 1) and the presence of power-creep, we have segregated these expansions into era-based formats. These are:

    Classic (Classic, Gym, Neo, E-card)
    --to be announced--

    EX-era (ex)
    --to be announced--

    DPPt+ (DPPt, HGSS)
    Platinum: Unsung Heroes — PMJ
    Platinum: Ultra Invasion — TheOmegaOne
    Miniset: Skies Above — Jabberwock
    Welkin — Zygarde

    Expanded Modern (BW, XY, SM)

    Table 1 — Rules for each format:

    There is also an Unlimited format where anything goes, which uses Modern rules. Cards designed for custom eras will be included in the format that best fits. See this visual representation of all cards in format.

    How to Suggest New Cards
    The Custom Pokémon TCG Plugin is an ongoing project by the community for the community. There is opportunity for anyone and everyone to have their works featured in the plugin, and that includes YOU!

    You can suggest new cards for inclusion at any time, and you may suggest other people's works if you have permission. Once you make a suggestion, the Council will review it against some selection criteria. For consistency, we look for image-based cards that keep within the spirit of the official game, cards that are:

    ‣ fun
    ‣ functional
    ‣ well-balanced
    ‣ aesthetic
    ‣ believable
    ‣ follow wording conventions​
    Check out the spoiler below for more details on this criteria.
    1. Fun
    Simply put, a fun card allows for enjoyable play. It doesn't have to be unique, but creative design is interesting. If a card is toxic, discourages the use of other cards or impacts multiple cards in unfun ways (e.g a card that can never be damaged by any [W] types), then it cannot be included.
    2. Functional
    Designed cards must be practical. If a card is not easily usable used in a real game (e.g. joke effects, highly complicated effects) or in the LackeyCCG simulator, then it cannot be included.
    3. Well-Balanced
    A fun and diverse format must be balanced. Cards that are overwhelmingly more powerful than other cards in the same era or would allow for game-breaking combinations will not be included.
    4. Aesthetic
    Cards should look like real Pokémon cards, not cheap knock-offs. Fonts and the placement of text / symbols need to look accurate from a glance. For holosheets and custom blanks, ensure that text is readable. Use appealing artworks a bit like the artworks used on official cards. Please do not use existing artwork from the TCG.
    5. Believable
    Cards should include all elements of an offical TCG card. Pokédex information where relevant, illustration credit and set numbers / symbols are all important. Use the proper type (unless Delta-species), and realistic HP, damage output, Retreat Cost and the like for the Pokémon you're depicting.
    6. Follows Conventions
    For consistency, cards should on-the-whole have correct spelling and grammar, and follow wording conventions for effects. Check out the Common Wording Errors guide for reference. Common pitfalls include the 'é' in 'Pokémon' and capitalisation for 'Active', 'Energy' and the like. The occasional minor error is fine.

    Doesn't follow conventions: If a head, put fifty more damage on the pokemon.
    Follows conventions: If heads, this attack does 50 more damage.​

    If you have found or designed cards that you would like to be included, you can submit those cards for review. To do this:
    1. Make sure those cards meet the selection criteria.
    2. Make a suggestion to the Council via private message [here]. Include, a) a link to the cards in question and b) why these cards should be included.
    3. The Council will review your suggestion in accordance to the selection criteria. You will be told if successful or unsuccessful. If successful:
    4. Fill out a Google Form for each card [link here]. Once you've finished, you should make a copy of the Importable Text spreadsheet for your own record keeping. Alternatively, you might like to manually enter data yourself [here].
    5. Submit the Importable Text spreadsheet to a member of the Council for review.
    6. If the spreadsheet meets the required format, we will implement those cards in the next plugin update.
    The plugin will receive updates quarterly. Implementing new cards takes time, so please bear with us!
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    In Detail: Using the Plugin

    You can use the LackeyCCG platform without reading this guide. Our best advice would be to just open Lackey and play around!

    The plugin is pretty easy to get the hang of, though the interface can feel a bit unfamiliar at first. If you're the reading type, here's a comprehensive user guide packed with secret tips and tricks - and if you're ever confused, you'll probably find the relevant information here.

    1) Starting a New Game
    2) Using the Deck Editor
    3) Using the Game Window
    4) Playing a Game


    Starting a New Game
    Before following this tutorial, make sure you have downloaded both the LackeyCCG simulator and the Custom Pokémon Plugin.

    Step 1: Open LackeyCCG. The program should open to a Main Menu, or the 'Game' window by default. You should see a blank 'playing space', the card viewer and some other zones, but don't worry about this right now.

    Step 2: Load the pokemon_custom plugin. Open the 'Plugin' tab located at the top of the program. To load the plugin for the first time, click Browse installed plugins. A new window with a list should pop-up. Select pokemon_custom from the list and click Choose to load the plugin. NOTE: If you don't see a list, click Open Directory and select the folder where you downloaded the plugin.

    Step 3: Build Your Deck. Open the 'Deck Editor' tab to access the deck builder. Make sure that you have exactly 60 cards in your deck and that you have no more than 4 cards of the same name (excluding Basic Energy cards).

    Step 4: Host/ Join a Game. Open the 'Server' tab and click Connect to server. Once connected, you should see an 'All Games' list on the right. To join a game, click the game on this list that you wish to join and choose Join Selected Game.

    To start a new game, click Host a game. You should see a pop-up with default settings, which do not need changing for Pokémon games. Choose Host a game! when done.

    Step 5: Load a Deck to Game. Open the Deck Editor again. Click Load entire deck to you , making sure that Load to deck is selected. Your deck will load to the 'Deck' zone in the game window.

    Step 6: Start Playing! Open the 'Game' tab. Once you and your opponent have joined the game and loaded your decks, you may begin playing. Remember that LackeyCCG is a manual simulator, meaning you will need to click buttons / drag & drop to draw cards, play cards, add damage counters and flip coins, etc.

    Using the Deck Editor
    The image below and the relevant annotations explains the most important elements of the Deck Editor. A more detail explanation can be found on the LackeyCCG website: [link].


    1. Open an old / new deck. Click the New Deck button to reset the deck editor. Click the Open Recent button to browse for a new deck. You can rename your decks in the white space located under these buttons.
    2. Total card count. The deck editor displays the total number of cards in your deck on this tab.
    3. Add / Remove cards. Double click a card in the All Cards tab to add it to the Deck tab. Alternatively, click the +1 or -1 buttons (in green) on the relevant tabs to add / remove cards.
    4. Save a deck. Click the Save deck to save your deck.
    5. Load a deck. Click this button once you've joined a game to load a deck to the Game Window. Make sure that Load to your: is set to Deck, else the cards will be sent to the wrong zone.
    6. Advanced card search. Select one of the filters. Enter some search terms in the pop-up and close the pop-up window. Keep in mind that the filters look for an 'exact match', although letter case does not matter.

    Using the Game Window
    A more detailed explanation of the Game Window can be found on the LackeyCCG website: [link].


    The interface of the game window is highly customisable. You can adjust the size of each window by right-click and dragging the thin bar-shaped borders. If any of these sections are not visible, look for a 'thin bar' where the zone would be and click-and-drag to extend.

    1. Settings. These settings control how the Game Mat is displayed. We recommend using Zoom: 100%, Scale: 120% and Tilt: 20° for optimal results.
    2. Game Mat. Drag-and-drop cards from your Hand and Deck into this space to 'play' them. Also drag cards into this space to 'show' them to your opponent. The game mat has space for Active Pokémon, Benched Pokémon and a Stadium card.
    2.1. Selection Tool. Left-click and drag the cursor to mass select cards on the game mat. This is important for moving stacked cards (i.e. stacked Evolutions / Energy / Tools) in a single click.
    3. Card Viewer. Hover over a card to see it in the card viewer. Note that reducing the size of this window will make cards harder to read.
    4. Deck / Discard / Prize / Lost Zone. To toggle between zones, click the relevant tabs located just above the zone window. You can drag-and-drop cards from here to the Game Mat and vice versa.
    5. Player Box. This box contains information about the number of cards that is in each player's zones. Although you don't need to do this to successfully play a game, it is good practice to click the white arrow at the top right when you finish your turn so your opponent knows.
    6. Game Chat / Log. This is an instant-message chat between you and your opponent. Actions that either player takes will also be logged in this box.
    7. Zones (Vertical View). This window functions the same as the Deck / Discard / Prize / Lost Zone window. It is recommended to have this window show your opponent's zones. To do this, click the drop-down in the top-right (near the avatar) and select your opponent's name. If done correctly, you should only be able to see the back of your opponent's cards unless they reveal their hand.

    Playing the Game
    There are several buttons that automate basic actions like moving cards between zones, coin flipping, adding damage and revealing your cards. Continuing reading see the hidden importance of the Move, Reveal to Owner and Turn Over options.

    1. Commonly Used Buttons. An array of buttons that will be regularly used in your games are located above the Zone Window. Notable buttons include:
    ----> Draw a card. Draw 1 card from your deck.
    ----> Flip a Coin. Flip a coin, the result posted in the Chat Log.
    ----> Add a Prize / Take a Prize. Self-explanatory.
    ----> Add / Remove Damage Counters. Select the Pokémon whose damage you would like to adjust before clicking these buttons.

    2. Player Box Drop-Down. Right-click a zone in the Player Box to access this drop-down.
    ----> Move > (top / bottom) > (number). Use this option if you ever accidentally move cards to the wrong zone (e.g. to your Prizes instead of your Discard). If this happens, check the log. For example, if cards were moved to the bottom, then select Move > Bottom > (number of cards that need moving).

    3. Zone Drop-Down. Right-click a zone in the Zone Box to access this drop-down.
    ----> Shuffle.
    ----> Reveal to Owner > All. Use this to search your deck.
    ----> Reveal to Owner > NONE & Shuffle. Use this once you've finished searching your deck.
    ----> Reveal to All > All. Use this when revealing your hand (or the like) to your opponent.

    4. Card Drop-Down. Right-click a card either on the Game Mat or in a zone to access this drop-down.
    ----> Turn Over. A very useful tool during set-up. To put Pokémon face-down, turn over the Pokémon in your hand and drag them to the Game Mat. This will place them face-down instead of face-up.
    ----> Add (Special Condition). You can also double click a card to rotate it for Paralysis, Asleep and Confusion.
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    Q: I want to play a game with someone, but I don't know who!
    A: Ask around in this thread or at the PokeBeach Discord or the Faking Community Discord server. Someone's normally up for a game!

    Q: I found a bug or error! How do I report it?
    A: You may report any bugs or errors in this thread, or you may contact @bbninjas via private message.

    Q: I think a card is OP, broken or of an unhealthy design. What can I do?
    A: Broken designs undermine fun and vibrant formats, and we can't have that!. If there is a card or combination that you think is overpowered or broken, please contact a member of Council and we will investigate. If deemed necessary, we might nerf or ban the card.

    Q: How can text-based fakers become involved in this project?
    A: Every card will need an image counterpart, so standalone text-based spoilers can't be included. However, you can certainly make suggestions and help image-based fakers design new content.

    Q: Can I suggest cards depicting ‘Fakemon’?
    A: Absolutely! We look to incorporate works from the entire faking community.

    Q: Can I suggest cards that do not depict Pokémon?
    A: Unfortunately not. This plugin is designed in the spirit of the official game, and so all cards should be of Pokémon or Fakemon.

    Q: I have a different idea / suggestion!
    A: You may make suggestions in this thread, whether it be about new features, the format, the card library or other processes. You may also contact a member of Council privately.

    This project could not be imagined without the ongoing support of the Faking Community, who have contributed their time, resources, expertise and personal projects for use by the broader community.

    These members have had instrumental roles in the plugin's development: aschefield101, bbninjas, Jabberwock, NinjaPenguin, Nyan, Nyora, PMJ, The Omega One, Snoops, steffenka, VioletValkyrie, Zygarde.

    Update Log
    January 17th: Version 0.6.0 - Moved file host from DropBox to Amazon AWS. Use this new update link: Added Forgotten Allies by PMJ.
    November 15th: Version 0.5.0 - Added Ultra Invasion by TheOmegaOne.
    September 7th: Version 0.4.0 - Added Festive Battles by steffenka and Spectral Relics by Jabberwock. Errata'd Kangaskhan (UNH), Machamp (WK), Meteor Falls (WK) and Ho-Oh (WK) [release info]. Other minor bug fixes.
    May 6th: Version 0.3.1 - Bug fixes for cards PokeBall, Red's Quest, Hive Energy, Hoopa and Hoopa Abound in Welkin. Errata'd Chimecho (SAB) and Salamance (SAB) [release info]. Other minor bug fixes.
    May 2nd: Version 0.3.0 - Posted OP and official release of plugin. Added Welkin by Zygarde.
    March 9th, '19: Version 0.2.0 - Unofficial release of plugin. Added Platinum: Unsung Heroes by PMJ and Skies Abound by Jabberwock.
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    So this is what you've been hinting at. I'm glad to see that this is finally becoming a thing!

    What's the minimum size for submissions?

    Also, are OC's Pokémon (Alex's Dunsparce, etc.) allowed? Things might get confusing if more than 1 OC shared the same name, so I'm not sure if it would be the best idea...
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    While there is no technical minimum, I would recommend submitting at least 10 cards at a time. If you have an entire portfolio of cards, you can absolutely submit all of them - and in fact, it's probably preferred to be this way (if convenient enough) for completeness sake. If you have had your portfolio added to the plugin and end up creating one or two more cards down track, you could submit just those two cards and that would be completely encouraged too.

    OC's (and Fakemon for the record) would be fine. I think there will be a few instances where card names will clash, and not just for OCs - Trainer cards will be an occasional issue. We'll just deal with any issue when we come across them.
  6. Nekoban Ryo Schizoid Manchild
    Nekoban Ryo


    By size, I meant dimensions. In other words, what's the largest size (in pixels) that the program displays cards?

    Additionally, does/will the program include a dice-roll function?
  7. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    Oh, right! The optimal dimensions are 373 x 523 (a handful of pixels eitherway is fine as well). Anything larger would just get reduced down to that size, which is a simple process during implimentation.

    It doesn't at the moment, but it could be easily added.
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    Version 0.3.1 has been released! This release has important bug fixes for cards that weren't appearing in the plugin, including Welkin's PokeBall, Hive Energy, Hoopa, Hoopa Unbound and Red. Some text files have been fixed.

    The following cards have also been errata'd:
    Chimecho (SAB): Poke-Power: Reverberate. [The Ability to use 4 Supporter cards per turn enables reliable Turn 1 wins in conjunction with Ho-Oh Legendary (WK).]
    Once during your turn (before your attack), if Chimecho is on your Bench, you may discard Chimecho and all cards attached to it. (This doesn’t count as a Knocked Out Pokemon.) Then, if you have a Supporter card in play, use the effect of that card as the effect of this power.

    [...] Knocked Out Pokemon.) Then, search your discard pile for a Supporter card with the same name as 1 of your Supporter cards in play, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand.
    Salamence (SAB): Poke-Power: Flying Lessons. [Salamence can accelerate upwards of 6+ Energy per turn once set up.]
    [...] evolving that Pokemon.) Then, search your deck for up to 3 basic Energy cards and attach them to that Pokemon. Shuffle your deck afterward. [...]

    [...] evolving that Pokemon.) Then, search your deck for a basic Energy card and attach it to that Pokemon. Shuffle your deck afterward. [...]

    The plugin should update automatically. If there are any issues, contact myself or another member of council!
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  9. FourteenAlmonds NTernetttt ERXploerer


    Just wondering, does the Testing Dummy ever actually do anything? So far I haven't even been able to play as the dummy, let alone have it play by itself (which I don't expect is realistically going to happen), so all I've been able to do so far is play solitaire hands against a wall.

    In essence, I guess I'm asking is there a way to get a second deck into play when you are on your own?
  10. The Ωmega One Aspiring Trainer
    The Ωmega One


    Yes but it's a little awkward you have to use the menu you'd use to see your opponent's discard but right click hand then draw/prizes/etc to get them to move cards around. it's not that well set up for people to do offline 1v1
  11. DoubleAACE Professional Lurker


    I've never had trouble playing as the dummy, just by clicking on the profile pic in game to switch to it.
    Once I did that, all actions that work for you now work for the dummy instead, and you can click on your own portrait to switch back.
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  12. FourteenAlmonds NTernetttt ERXploerer


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  13. chico Aspiring Trainer


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  14. DoubleAACE Professional Lurker


    @chico you have 2 of the same Kabutops Lv.X, not the 2 different ones
  15. chico Aspiring Trainer


    Oh, yeah! I've noticed! I'll see what went wrong as that shouldn't have happened. @DoubleAACE

    Also, what do you think of leaving empty slots for the cards that hasn't been created yet for a set?
  16. DoubleAACE Professional Lurker


    I think it works, apart from the fact that iirc Welkin won't actually be finished since I don't think Zy's making cards anymore.
  17. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    Yeah, empty slots don't mess anything up.
  18. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    Version 0.4.0: Expanded Modern has been released! This release includes two new sets for the Expanded Modern format (BW, XY and SM eras): Winchfall 2 Spectral Relics (by @Jabberwock), and SM Festive Battles (by @steffenka), featuring original Undellan Pokemon. Additionally, some text files have been updated.

    The following cards have also been errata'd:
    Kangaskhan (UNH): Poke-Power: Parental Control. [The Ability had potential to majorly disrupt Evolution-based decks and prevent opponents from attacking, especially in conjunction with Staraptor (UNH).]
    Once during your turn (before your attack), you may flip a coin. If heads, move a basic Energy card attached to 1 of your opponent's Evolved Pokemon to another of your opponent's Pokemon. This power can't be used if Kangaskhan is affected by a Special Condition.

    [...] If heads, choose a basic Energy card attached to 1 of your opponent's Pokemon. Your opponent moves that Energy from that Pokemon to another of their Pokemon. This power can't be used if Kangaskhan is affected by a Special Condition.
    Machamp (WK): Punch Storm [Punch Storm was dispropotionately underpowered, especially after changes to Meteor Falls. ]
    Does 10 more damage times the number of Energy attached to each of your Benched Pokemon.

    Does 20 more damage times the number of Energy attached to each of your Benched Pokemon.
    Meteor Falls (WK) [Meteor Falls acted as Energy attachment, which resulted in ambigious rulings when Retreating. Potential to be exploited.]
    Each Pokemon in play has [C] Energy more attack to it.

    The attack cost of each Pokemon (both yours and your opponent’s) is [C] less.
    Ho-Oh (WK): Poke-Power: From the Ashes [Ho-Oh decks could consistently reduce their deck to zero by the fourth turn thanks to a combination of Cinnabar Mansion, Revive, Professor Oak and Blaziken (WK).]
    When you draw Ho-Oh at the beginning of your turn (before putting it into your hand), you may reveal it. If you have 0 cards in your deck, you may choose to win the game.

    When you draw Ho-Oh at the beginning of your turn (before putting it into your hand), you may reveal it. If you have exactly 7 cards in your deck, you may choose to win the game.

    The plugin should update automatically. If there are any issues, contact myself or another member of council!
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    Version 0.5.0: Platinum: Ultra Invasion has been released! This release includes a new miniset for the DPPt-era format: Ultra Invasion, which features Ultra Beast Pokemon. This set will definitely shake up the current format.

    The plugin should update automatically. If there are any issues, contact myself or another member of council!
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  20. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    Version 0.6.0: SM: Forgotten Allies is out! This set by PMJ is will brings a ton of new Trainers and Pokemon that will stabilise the Expanded Modern format.

    THIS VERSION WILL NOT UPDATE AUTOMATICALLY: The old updatelist.txt link is no longer functioning.

    Instead, click the Plugin tab on Lackey and paste this new url ( into the "Paste AutoUpdate URL" field (see below). We've had to move all of the plugin's files to a more reliable host, Amazon AWS, since the previous host was a bit unreliable.


    If there's any issues, let myself or someone from the council know!
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