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    Hi everyone
    So since there's been all this 'what constitutes a Bug type' blahdiblah, I figured a way to stop this from cluttering the forum would be to make an entire thread on types. I'll post short things on each type, and then people can speculate on different aspects of certain types.

    This is the basic type, it can cover a wide range of Pokemon and it has no particular association. Pretty much any animal would have the potential to be a Normal type. Most gimmicky Pokemon are Normal, yet can change types (as part of their gimmicks). Normal type attacks are pretty much basic forms of attacking; scratches, headbutts, hitting etc.

    This type is all about using specialized fighting techniques; punches, kicks, all of that. Most Pokemon of this type are humanoid, some based on bodybuilders, and some on other strength-related figures. It's only with dual typing do we see more animals be incorporated into the Fighting type; we have a Fire/Fighting chicken, pig and monkey, a Grass/Fighting mushroom, and a Bug/Fighting beetle. This is the unofficial counter to the Fighting type; whilst the Dark type are all about sneaky moves, Fighting types are more about proper justified fighting techniques.

    All Pokemon of this type have the ability to go into flight, or are permanently in the air/flying. Most Pokemon of this type are various birds, however it does include some flying bugs and dragons. Flying is famous for having only one pure Flying; Tornadus. This I assume is because Tornadus only has association with the wind, whilst all the others of the Flying type have different elemental association. However, I'm not really sure about the mass of Normal/Flying types. The moves of this type have association with the wind - Gust, Hurricane, beak based attacks - Pluck, Drill Peck, and then others which don't fall into those 2 categories, but don't make their own - Aerial Ace, Brave Bird etc.

    This type is made up of animals who irl have potentially dangerous venom; spiders, snakes, jellyfish etc. There are some based on various poisonous substances - grime, trash etc. This type is commonly paired with the Grass and Bug types; poisonous plants such as fungi, and various poisonous bugs. The attacks of this type don't really seem to have much more to them than either 'the Pokemon sends sludge at its opponent' or stabbing the opponent with poison or poisonous gas.

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