The Best Method for Lightning Energy Acceleration? (Standard) (Magnezone-EX)

Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Purrloin, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. I've been playing around with a Magnezone-EX deck, using Wide Lens to maximize bench damage. It's not the greatest attacker in the world, but it's been fun to play with.

    The main problem I have is consistent Lightning energy acceleration. Magnezone-EX's main attack is [L][L][L], which is quite costly.

    I've been using Double Assist Magnezone from Plasma Storm, which does 30 and attaches 2 discard energy to a Pokemon for [L]. It's a pretty decent attack... but it's going to be rotated soon. Also, being Stage 2, it's not always easy getting him out quickly, especially when, in addition to Rare Candy, I am also looking for Wide Lens and Rough Seas.

    I know about M-Manectric-EX's great attack/accel combo, but I don't feel comfortable running so many EX in a format where Pyroar is common (and with Beautifly becoming more popular). Also, if I used him, he'd just end up as my main attacker anyway, making Magnezone-EX pointless. :p

    So what other methods are there for consistent Lightning energy acceleration? More importantly, which good methods exist that will survive the coming rotation?

  2. tototavros Aspiring Trainer


    I'd go w/ MManectric or MSceptile, seeing as neither Pyroar nor Beautifly are popular, and if you stick grass energy in for Sceptile, you might want to consider Dragonite-EX FUF.
  3. Well, as I mentioned, M-Manectric would be good but I'd rather not go that route if I can help it. I don't like running a lot of EX's in the present format, plus I'd have to go with Spirit Link too which would make the deck even more cumbersome than it already is, I think. Unless... M-Manectric is the only good Lightning accel in the current format...

    MSceptile would accel grass energy, which wouldn't help out Lightning accel. Remember, I am trying to accel a [L][L][L] attack, not [L][C][C].

    I'm trying to get Magnezone-EX to work quickly, essentially. I'm not looking to change up the whole deck with Grass and whatnot. :p
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  4. tototavros Aspiring Trainer


    Oh wow, I'm being dumb. I thought MSceptile-EX was like a better version of Terrakion-EX, not just Grass energy Accel. Well, that sucks. You COULD use things like Lunatone and Ether, or maybe use EXP. Share for when you've already got one charged up.
  5. I forgot about Lunatone w/ Ether. That might be fun to try out. Thanks for the reminder. :D

    As for Exp Share, I did consider that, but I'd like to run Wide Lens as much as possible. But I might try sneaking a couple in there.
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  6. Mora Don't Panic

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    I mean... there is Togekiss...
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  7. I totally forgot about Togekiss. I'll give it a try too.

    So far Lunatone is actually pretty fun to use, even though it's rotating soon. I managed to get it to be a faster accel than my original Magnezone, and faster than Victini-EX.

    Eels would of course be ideal, though. :p
  8. MorningSTAR1337 Aspiring Trainer


    Which Togekiss? AT, Regular, or a card not from Roaring Skies?
  9. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    She means the AT one.
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  10. Vom Hey, Adora ~

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    The new Sableye AT Promo could help. It's unreleased, but hey. If you go to Japan your problem will be solved :V
  11. Jaaaaay Fear the Six Karp Fisherman


    Mega manectric is literally the best thing available. It has little to no energy investment to attack, does a fair amount of damage and accelerates your energy.
    Arguably you can say it has synergy with your magnezone as M-man cant take one shot anything and so Zones snipe damage can clean up or soften targets (so not pointless).

    M-man also becomes your out to killing pyroar. and beautifly is unlikely to see much play. Something like Zapdos (ROS) with a muscle band could take it out though

    Failing that, AT togekiss would work as previously suggested
  12. Yeah, I'm looking forward to an English release for it. :D Not just for this deck, but in general too. It looks like it'll be a solid accel for pretty much any deck that could use an extra oomph.
    You're right that M-Man is probably the best route to go right now. I just really hate running a ton of EX's, so I was curious if there was any other decent Electric accel. I'll give Manectric a shot though later this week when I meet up with friends for some casuals. As luck would have it, I pulled a M-Manectric from a pack today, so I have a pretty solid 3-2 line available to me at the moment.

    Also I have been playing around with AT Togekiss the past few days. When it works, it works really well. But I'm having major consistency issues with it. It doesn't seem to be any faster than, say, Victini-EX (in terms of how many turns it takes to charge Magnezone).

    So far, of all the methods I've tried, Lunatone is giving me the best accel. I'm usually able to charge up Magnezone-EX by turn 2, and can usually get a Wide Lens on him too (although... I haven't come across many Electric weak decks, so it's usually useless :| ). It's a shame Lunatone will be rotating soon, I'm having a lot of fun with it.
  13. Jaaaaay Fear the Six Karp Fisherman


    May try increasing your energy count slightly to increase probability of hitting them?
    That would also increase viability of Ether/Lunatone. Have you tried Kiss and ether at the same time?
  14. I haven't tried Kiss and Ether, but I'll give it a shot. After posting my last post, I also considered adding a Lunatone so I could at least look at the top 2 cards before evolving to Togekiss.

    I did increase my energy count by 2 when I added the Togekiss line (12 elec, and 1 DCE for Zekrom). I could try adding more though.
  15. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    EXP Share could be a useful addition to have a more consistent flow after you set up a single Magnezone.
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  16. Yeah, I should probably add them. I avoided doing so originally because I wanted to use Wide Lens, but like I said, it's rarely actually been a factor. Not many elec-weak decks out there that I've seen. :/

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