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My new tattoo! Took 3 hours and $240 dollars. Going to get it detailed more August 5!


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My tattoo now shaded (2/3 the way done and $480 through)


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My photos from the World Championships:

If you do not have a facebook, here is one individual picture:
My lizard! Since I can't think of a name, I'm calling him Rex for now.


Compared to my hand:

And his blue stomach, it changes colors too, from blue to blue-green, and the blue spots on his neck even changed into red once.

Oh and my tattoo completed


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Its close to my first league challange , then a friend messages me:

Friend: ''Hey arno, ur the devil. You got 666 achievements.''

''Quickly look and . . . yea ... uhm ... What gonna happen now :( ''

Ugh steam doom achievement.png


Ok, the next day this happens:
On school I made three tests and quess what, all three a six. Coincidence or . . .

Die volgende dag met toetsen.png
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Random update with this selfie I just took :p

Just got a haircut too


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circa June 2011
The team I went through White with, thanks to the magic of Pokedex 3D.

circa October 2012
Met Dan Green at YCS Providence (Yu-Gi-Oh equivalent of States).

circa December 2015
Third time I had met with Mike Pollock at Northeast Comic-Con (first time was the aforementioned YCS Providence, second was same Northeast Comic-Con that same June).

You met Dan Green!?
As a former YuGiOh player, and watcher of the anime, I am seriously jealous. *^*
Yeah, he's not the only one, though. Since that was late 2012, it was around the time where he was recovering from losing his wife who died shortly after giving birth to his twins, so throughout the event there were donation boxes that players could put money in to help support him. There were also special events that had all proceeds go towards him as well, and a total of 7 voice actors from across the franchise were there: Dan Green, Mike Pollock, Wayne Grayson, Erica Schroder, Greg Abbey, Ted Lewis, and Darren Dunstan. I managed to get a large handful of cards autographed by all of them.
I remember when basically all the mods uploaded pictures of themselves here like a sort of rite of passage. :p FSR I do find it interesting seeing what other members look like, but I guess it's a little unfair if I don't upload myself as well. So here, have a pretty generic looking teenager! >~>
I also can't take selfies very well, lol.

Not the picture I had of you in my head, but nice. Like the hair!

Also for the record, I hadn't uploaded a picture of myself either...
Here is a pic of me. I was going to use it for my avatar but since there is this thread you can all see what I look like here with this one post and put it with all my other posts. Now I can get a Jigglypuff avatar.