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The Beach Member Picture Thread

Welcome! This thread is where you can post your "selfies", life experiences, new things you got, couple/family/vacation photos, or just other cool photography that you want to share! We love members who post regularly, just make sure you follow the rules below!

Thread Rules & Etiquette:

1. Don't be shy! Your first post ideally should contain a picture of yourself. Introduce yourself and say hi, then post your family, or other personal things.
2. Remember, it's a picture thread! Please make sure a picture is being posted at least every 10 posts. Warnings can be given if chitchat is the only thing being posted.
3. Please don't make replies to this thread if you don't post pictures. Please post at least one picture per week (Sun-Sat) in order to comment in the thread.
4. Your picture should be in good taste and all persons in your picture should be fully clothed. This ain't THAT kinda thread, if you know what I mean.
5. If you have a question about a picture, please PM or send a profile comment to the person rather than replying here. To avoid clutter, please limit responses to comments on pictures and replies to comments.
6. Make sure you don't spam the thread. Small and insignificant replies will be deleted. Why do you like said picture? How does it make you feel? Do you relate to anything in the picture? Be sure to elaborate.
7. DO NOT QUOTE IMAGES. For the love of all things holy, do not do this! You will be warned.


Have fun!

~ PB Staff
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Me on second to last day of school.
RE: Beach Member Picture Thread

I don't recall you looking so young, PDC
RE: Beach Member Picture Thread

I thought Alex looked that young. Nice pic Alex.
RE: Beach Member Picture Thread

Guys, i'm 11. What do you expect >_> lol.
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Here is me in August of 2010!

RE: Beach Member Picture Thread

My hair is even longer now xP
And, uh, nice foot? Haha

And thanks Ice! So where's yours?
RE: Beach Member Picture Thread

Me and my friends.!/photo.php?fbid=1306512059689&set=t.1137166214

Guess which one is me!
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I'd just like to make a post to remind people not to quote images. I understand the Quote system is currently busted, but the rule still stands. Quoting images can result in slow load times for people with slower computers, and having two of the same image in a picture thread doesn't make much sense. People who break this rule will receive a warning (the percentage would most likely differ between moderators, and depend on how many times you've broken the rule). With the system busted, though, you'd pretty much have to go out of your way to quote an image. xD

If you wish to quote someone's post and they have a picture, please make sure you remove it before posting. Thanks!
RE: Beach Member Picture Thread (Please don't quote images!)

Updated with new rules, please read these before posting.
RE: Beach Member Picture Thread (Please don't quote images!)

I think i own that same longsleeve, sammich. It's Blue Crown right? :b anyways, for the sake of pictures:


Look at how innocent she appears. How could someone so nice are harmless looking, be so evil? ._.

For most others, that's not me on the left. although I am in the picture. Just look at the blur at that bottom, and that is my thumb. >.>
RE: Beach Member Picture Thread (Please don't quote images!)

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on for a long time. Ehehe, I've been busy yall, but I'm now on holiday. :3

Yep, me and mah guitar :p
RE: Beach Member Picture Thread (Please don't quote images!)


Yeah. Hair cut. Yeah. Ugly.

*Edit* Stop asking. I'm not Mexican.
RE: Beach Member Picture Thread (Please don't quote images!)

Post pics or your post didn't happen. This goes for everyone. :/
RE: Beach Member Picture Thread (Please don't quote images!)
>: D its me.
i'm 12, and i know i'm one of the younger ones here.

ps: i'm the cat
RE: Beach Member Picture Thread (Please don't quote images!)

I decided to randomly take pictures and figured why not lol.

It's me in my awesome green PJs. XD I almost never smile. That's the closest I get to one unless I'm forced to, I'm randomly taking shots, or someone makes me laugh... Which doesn't happen often. ;)