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Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by TwistedTurtwig, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. TwistedTurtwig It's been a pleasure


    Since I wasn't able to find one, I figured I would create a topic for sharing battle videos with other players. People can post some of their favorite battles they've recorded using the Vs. Recorder, whether it be a nail-biting, drawn-out match, or a complete and utter sweep.

    I'll start with one of my recent favorites. In short, this is why you should never underestimate a Torterra:

    [smod]Athena[/smod]: When posting up a battle code, make it interesting! Either give us a summary of the battle, make us interested in watching it. Some things to consider: What are the highlights? Did you make a surprising come-from-behind victory? Did you make a crucial prediction on a certain turn that won (or cost) you the game? Why is your battle interesting to watch?

    No one is expected to write an entire essay about their battle, but posts with codes and little to no elaboration will not be acceptable. Thank you! <3

    Here are the instructions for watching a Battle Video:

    1. Connect to the Internet in Pokémon X/Y.
    2. Use the Vs. Recorder. When you first open it, it will display the videos you have uploaded.
    3. Find and use the option "Search By Code".
    4. Enter the code of the video.
    5. Enjoy watching the battle! :D

  2. Uralya *ponders everything*


    Moved from competitive play. It should be better utilized here instead. Remember to post quality battles; quality is what we want and what's worth watching. Have fun! :)
  3. I like to call this one 'Regigigas rips apart a team of ubers and japaneese noob rage quits'

    Possibly the greatest moment I have ever had in X and Y

  4. Eron Is back as of March 24


    This is one of my best battles against some legends and 1 OU.

    It's a rotation battle. It was quite easy to win.


    Also look at this one, I almost lost.

    Reggie, that Regigigas was OP.
  5. Athena The Cooler Danchou

    Advanced Member Member

    I added some notes in the OP to encourage users to post up more information about the battles and make us interested in watching them. Don't just give us a code, let us know why we should watch it! Giving us a bit of a summary or a look into your thinking process makes battle videos more interesting for everyone involved. :)
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  6. Shiny Collector Buying Shiny Lugia
    Shiny Collector


    I feel super noob but how do i watch these videos?
  7. Eron Is back as of March 24


    I also felt like that until yesterday.

    Connect to the internet.
    Use the VS Recorder.
    Then when you open it, the first stuff that appears are the videos you have uploaded.
    Below that, says "Search By Code".
    Pick that, then enter the code of the video.

    If someone could put this in the OP so that everyone knows how to watch videos, that would be great. :D

    Added to the OP, thanks for the info! <3 ~Athena
  8. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

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    This is one of my closest matches
    It is my first offensive team. my Mamoswine is my offensive lead with focus sash. His job is to get the SR which saved the game but Jolteon is definitely the MVP in this battle against some of the most powerful threats out there - Talonflame and Garchomp

    Y9AWWWWWWWW5ERMA - enjoy :)
  9. MrSquarepants Heavenly Illusion Star


    Who wants to post battles against the Pokebeach Gym Leaders, when the Kalos League was up? I completely missed it and couldn't find the thread anyway even with the search feature. Did anyone beat the Champion or Elite Four?
  10. King Xerneas Icy Goth
    King Xerneas


    Trainerhan was the only one to make all the way to the elite 4. You could also ask the leaders if they have any videos from trainers that challenged them.
  11. Eron Is back as of March 24


    He defeated KoN?...

    He is good at this.

    A new code:

    This will interest you because you will see that Sableye is very good as defensive, and that Ubers are easy to defeat, I only had 1 Uber that didn't do much.
  12. Freedomeon Eeveelution Fanatic


    Passerby battle I just had, shows me abusing Defiant properly and the opponent not having enough sense to not over-predict after I have a boost.


    Also, you should all come challenge the Frontier :)
  13. King Xerneas Icy Goth
    King Xerneas


    I guess I'll revive this thread...
    Anyways I just had this really one sided fun Wonder Battle with a friend of mine :p
    Here's the code if you want to see me spam the living Giratina out of Double Team: X8JW-WWWW-WWW6-3KV3
    Here's a Battle Spot video of why I love Jellicent: HBMG-WWWW-WWW6-3KV5
    Enjoy :D

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