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Alt. Format TEU-EVS Blacephalon casual list modification suggestions


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I was wondering if it would be fine to post this in a separate thread than the one I just posted, or if doing so would be regarded as "flooding." Then I saw the rule about one deck list per thread. That sealed the question.

Blacephalon UNB32 x4
Volcarona V EVS21 x2
Crobat V Darkness Ablaze 104 x1
Oricorio VS CEC95 x1
Mewtwo UNB75 x1
Gossifleur SSH20 x3
Eldegoss EVS16 x2
Quick Ball

Quick Ball SSH179 x4
Level Ball Battle Styles 129 x4
Fire Crystal UNB173 x3
Scoop Up Net Rebel Clash 165 x3
Switch CES 147 x3,
Giant Hearth UNM197 x3
U-Turn Board UNM211 x1
Welder UNB189 x4
Boss's Orders Rebel Clash 154 x3
Professor'S Research SSH178 x4

basic Fire Energy 14
Many of you may already be familiar with Blacephalon, the explosive, rogue single prize deck that could turn any VMAX or tag team matchup into a win... Provided that all went according to plan and that your opponent didn't run too many single prize techs. For those of you who aren't familiar with "Baby.Blowns" (thus named because it followed on the heels of Blacephalon GX), the objective was to discard as many Fire Energy as you could from your hand with Blacephalon's Fireball Circus attack in order to score one-hit-KOs on even Tag Teams and VMAXs, with Welder serving as the backbone of the deck by providing both Acceleration and draw power on a single busted Supporter card. This deck was famous for being the only single-prize deck that could compete with Arceus, Dialga, and Palkia GX. Something that we no longer have to experience in an age where Mew VMAX has neutralized the oppressive nature of Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX, ADP's successor, and has paved the way for decks like Malamar Rapid Strike, Obstagoon FST, Morpeko Single Strike, and Dragapult Rapid Strike to succeed in standard.
This was my first Sword and Shield era competitive deck, my first competitive deck being Rayquaza GX. I've always enjoyed acceleration decks, and the unique playstyle and attractively low cost were what drew me to this deck. When me and my brother decided to update on decks to Team Up through Evolving Skies, I posted my list in an older pokebeach thread asking for advice, and was awarded with the above list. Here was what I liked and didn't like about it.
Pros: it doesn't feel like a conventional Blacephalon list. I really enjoy the Eldegoss engine, and Volcarona V allows this deck to outlast the original in prolonged matches.
Cons: it doesn't feel like a conventional Blacephalon list. The Supporter package just doesn't feel right. I'm used to using Welder every turn, digging through my deck with Pokegear and reusing old Welders with the aid of Pal Pad or Mewtwo. With this list, I seem to be using Professor's Research to dump and refresh my hand, Eldegoss to help me dump more energy, and Volcarona V to shuffle them back into my deck. And that reminds me of my other issue with this list. I thought Volcarona V would be a useful tool, a prop for the support of the deck's most valuable player, but it feels like it has stolen the spotlight, while Blacephalon has taken second seat, seeing surprisingly little use during most games. I feel like I need to commit either to Blacephalon, swapping out my supporters for cards that will help me to dig for and reuse Welder, or to Volcarona V, and cut my Blacephalon to about half a play set in order to promote the Eldegoss engine. And Blacephalon is the Pokemon I have the most memories of. Remember, this is meant to be a casual list, so it doesn't have to be perfect. I'm just trying to make it feel somewhat more like the Blacephalon I know.
Now that I have stated the problem, allow us to attempt to find a solution. Should I cut one Volcarona V to promote Blacephalon usage, or would I run too great a risk of prizing a single copy? Should I cut all my non-Welder supporters, or keep some? How many Pokegear should I add, and would a Pal Pad be a good idea, or is Mewtwo and Scoop Up Net enough? Should I add more on-drop consistency Pokemon for extra draw power? Perhaps even a Mew for extra Eldegoss insurance? Remember, this is a casual deck list intended for use in a limited deck pool that is currently comprised of Mad Party, LucMetal, Dragapult VMAX, and Sylveon/Urshifu/Blaziken/Rayquaza VMAX and Zeraora V rapid strike box. (Any obviously horrible matchups like Blacephalon vs Mad Party are ones that me and my brother will consciously and deliberately avoid, so don't worry about techs like Spiritomb CRE.) We probably won't add any decks to this deck pool for a while, so don't worry about every single deck that has been viable in standard throughout the 2021 season, and especially don't mistake this with the Evolving Skies pre-rotation standard format. Thanks for your help in advanced.
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