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Standard Terrydactyland (FossilBox)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by legolover322, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. legolover322 Aspiring Trainer


    Trying to build a reasonably-priced Standard deck that will survive next year's rotation; though this may seem like overkill, I just don't want to have to buy more cards if I don't need to. Although the deck runs Jirachi TEU, they're not too expensive now and last through the next rotation, which is a huge plus.

    Anywho, my deck seems to be lacking in practically everywhere; it has lackluster speed, consistency, and damage output when compared to the VAST majority of good decks.

    Pokemon - 16

    1 Hoopa UNM
    3 Aerodactyl GX UNM
    2 Aerodactyl TEU
    3 Archen UNM
    3 Archeops UNM
    4 Jirachi TEU

    Trainers - 32
    2 Energy Spinner ???
    1 Fiery Flint DRM
    3 Great Catcher CEC
    1 Pokemon Communication TEU
    2 Reset Stamp UNM
    1 Stadium Nav ???
    1 Switch CES
    2 Unidentified Fossil UNM
    2 Martial Arts Dojo UNB(?)
    4 Pokemon Research Lab UNM
    1 Power Plant ???
    3 Bill's Analysis HIF
    2 Cynthia UPR
    4 Welder UNB
    2 Escape Board UPR

    Energy - 12
    5 Fighting Energy
    7 Fire Energy

    Any advice on filling the deck's (admittedly many) shortcomings? I would like to get into the Standard format and, as it stands, this lackluster deck is currently my only option. How can I increase the deck's ability to fight back once one of my 3-energy attackers goes down? My deck runs into all sorts of problems when fighting decks like ADP; although my deck runs Aerodactyl TEU to one-shot Keldeos. it's super risky if I do, because it requires that Aerodactyl-GX is not in play, and leaves me wide open for ADP to blow me up for an E A S Y two prizes with no backup Pokemon to fall back on. Also, turn 1 Chaotic Swell makes me want to vibe check myself multiple times in the head. Honestly.

    Thoughts? Thank you in advance.

  2. Cody Weibel Aspiring Trainer
    Cody Weibel


    Fossil decks can get tricky with multiple fossil pokemon because of limited access to fossils themselves
    Ditto <> will help
    +2 fossil -2 stadium's
    I'd drop Bill's analysis and have 4 lillies and 2 Cynthia's or vice versa
    Try to find room for more poke comms
    Check out kabutops and omastar from team up . They may be able to find a place instead of archeops to cripple your opponent while you set up an aerodactyl. Can take out stadium nav for guzma and hala to pull out a stadium and tool
    Also take a look at silvally gx for a safer draw engine+attacker instead jirachi. With island challenge amulet you can make it a one prize card as well
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
  3. rewster1 Aspiring Trainer


    I'm not sure if we'll be getting a reprint of escape board, so jirachi may survive rotation in name only. Have you considered a greens engine? Groudon CEC might work for a starter with greens, you can grab spinner and get a couple fighting energy on the board.

    Other new cards to consider, resetting hole marshadow, karate belt, and a one of recycle energy. And maybe dolls, so you can safely use your lab mid game.
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  4. Xochitlwaki Aspiring Trainer


    This deck is a fine start. Some cuts that need to happen are:

    -1 Power Plant, stadium count is already very high and obviously has anti-synergy
    -1 Cynthia, hand refresh is important, but the deck largely relies on building up hand size. Still, a one-of in my testing has always been great.
    -1 Great Catcher, fossils are desperate for space and 3 of these is a luxury

    Playing a 4th Bills and 2 more communications makes the deck run a bit more smoothly and also increases odds of turn 1 stadium. Resetting whole Marshadow could be huge for the turn 1 Chaotic Swell as well. Consider playing around with 0 or 1 fossils if you're into it, it makes the deck feel a lot better, even if there's a higher chance of getting donked when you miss Labs. Omastar line could be a reasonable tech to win against control in the right scenarios!

    Archeops is a cool attacker, but in a world with Mallow & Lana, the damage is difficult to stick. I like Carracosta as it hits a relevant weakness, but it does come with a larger energy requirement. It is also a fantastic attacker against Malamar (it's ability is also great in general). I haven't toyed around with it yet, but Cradilly one-shots Keldeo and works with Welder. That makes another energy split that is less than ideal, but it could work out with Spinner/Rainbow. I played the archetype during the UNM format and it was pretty fun, but two-shotting being worse, and ADP/Mew3/Control being the decks to beat makes it tough.

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