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Hello all!
I've been interested in getting together a group of players, probably somewhere along the lines of 4-16 people, that are fairly serious about the game and want to help each other test for events.

While perhaps a little too ambitious, my goal is to have an associated YouTube and Twitch account where we profile decks, upload games, stream testing and perhaps even more!

Once we have the population for it, I would also like to host team PTCGO tournaments and the like. I have a great many plans that all just depend on interest.

I'd encourage any interested persons to come join the discord, where I can have a chat with you!

That being said, there are a few conditions that go along with this,

I would prefer if people joining met the following criteria:
- Play PTCGO & the physical card game
- Have a decent microphone
- Are willing to appear in videos and streams
- Has time once or twice a week to test
- Lives in NA


Thank you all!
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