Team Magma Great Ball from 'Double Crisis' Revealed! [1/26]


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Awesome card :)

I hope the English blisters of Double Crisis are only 10$ at most


WPM isn't entirely wrong to call Double Crisis kind of gimmicky. All we've seen, and are likely to see, are Aqua/Magma cards. There's nothing wrong with that but it does limit the uses for all of these cards unless one is willing to build a deck based just around Aqua and/or just based around Magma.

That being said Magma Great Ball is pretty good. The one thing I can't quiet tell, does it search for fire energy or fighting energy because either way that's a small limitation compared to the Pokemon that are part of Team Magma. I personally think it should give an option of fire OR fighting, but whatev. If Aqua ball does the same thing it will be pretty neat.

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Well, if fire pokemon were to be included, you'd think Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick (kek) would allow you to target a fire or fighting type too. It seems that the PCL is adamant with having Magma cards deal with mainly Fighting-types (as very little sense that makes given the name..) My two cents.


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Pretty sure it searches for Fighting Energy (F = Fighting, R = Fire). This is the first of the Magma/Aqua cards that seem competitive. We'll have to see what other tricks they bring.


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It makes sense it searches for fighting energy since Team Magma are ground type team and ground is represented by fighting in the TCG. Though I suppose they did decide to go the fire route with Camerupt.