TCG Bi-Weekly Survey #3: Mewtwo-EX and Groudon-EX


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TCG Survey​
Topic 3: Mewtwo-EX and Groudon-EX​

Welcome to this week's Bi-Weekly Survey!

The Bi-Weekly Surveys are meant to generate discussion about the topic stated, while gathering information on how PB TCG Players feel about certain topics. I plan on gathering all of the information we've received in the threads after a period of time and making a post analyzing that data to better understand what PB TCG Players have to say about specific discussions. Therefore, it's important that as many players as possible participate. For the time being, I am only planning on conducting this for the TCG, but may poll the VG Players of PB at a later time.

In each Bi-Weekly Survey, there will be a discussion prompt for everyone to start off with. They'll all be questions; providing an answer to that question with your opinion and then expressing why you think that way is the goal of this series.

This survey's question is as follows:

How has the metagame shifted since the release of Dark Explorers? Is Mewtwo-EX losing the hype it's had for the past few months now and why do you think so? Is Groudon-EX the card that will put Mono-Fighting decks over the top and open up new play-styles?

Mewtwo-EX's and Groudon-EX's scan is posted below for reference:


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Well, I've noticed Mewtwo EXs price drop by about $20 ($60-$70 now about $40-$50).
Mewtwo EX has maybe lost its hype because of Celebi getting OHKOd everytime its played (Raikou can just snipe it, and he is played) and when its active it just loses to everything.
As for Groudon EX...many people didn't like him at first, but now with Dark and Lightning decks running around everywhere it can hit for much more damage.
Groudon EX also can work together with other spread/snipe cards and Terrakion/Areodactyl.
And if Groudon gets used enough there really is no tech to use against it. Kyurem EX cant really be used as a tech. But Mewtwo can be teched in to counter other Mewtwo.


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Disappointed nobody's been posting in these. :[

The metagame has shifted a lot in my opinion. All 30 HP Basics have simply become a thing of the past with Darkrai introduced to the format. You also can't really expect when Darkrai is going to come in and Night Spear because it can get charged up immediately with Trainers and the like. Tornadus EX has become the prime early game attacker with the ability for a T1 60 and a T2 100. I didn't think it was possible, but the format has actually moved faster than the last one.

Mewtwo has definitely taken a hit, but I honestly don't get it. It's still a great card, good attacker, and the only counter to himself, so obviously people who drop him must be able to have a fast response to their opponent's. More people have jumped on the Darkrai bandwagon, but not for the right reasons. Mewtwo is still an EX that can 2HKO him back, at which point it simply becomes a prize trade.

Groudon EX definitely deserves some attention as a really good Fighting EX (and our only one so far). His damage output may be overall weak compared to Terrakion's after a KO, but the spread and HP boost makes up for it. I think he's for sure replacing Terrakion as the go to card for Quad Mono-Fighting decks and could may be included in some kind of deck with Landorus+Terrakion. The ability to tank hits and heal at the same time while playing tools like Rocky Helmet and Eviolite help so much and that weakness will always be a good thing to have in this metagame where Yellow and Black are top types to play. It's honestly a pretty different deck than Terrakion was, so there are some creative ways you can play around with him. I'm excited to see what people try out, if anything.

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Mewtwo is not as good as before but it is still the best card on the format. Groundon will bring the fighting decks up dealing 20 damage starting and then hit everything for 120. Mewtwo will be still the card everyone is looking for.