Discussion Tapu Lele GX Price


Aspiring Trainer
I see that Tapu Lele GX is currently $35-40.

Do you think the price will rise or fall tomorrow when the set drops?

How about longer term - will the price stabilize around $20 or will it rise like Shaymin EX?

Thank you!


Captain Clamps
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I wouldn't bet on it dropping too much, maybe down to $25-30, but I would be surprised to see it go any lower. Honestly I won't be surprised to see the inventory drop dramatically after a few days as everyone tries to get 2-3 in their pockets for when GUR becomes tourney legal in a few weeks, so they could jump in price higher then they are now until inventory refreshes.


Aspiring Trainer
Thank you!

Any other opinions/thoughts?

Also, the other GX's (and Garbodor) in Guardians Rising (GUR) seem OK:

Turtonator GX $5-6

Alolan Ninetales GX $7-8

Tapu Koko GX $8-9

Garbodor $2-3

Lycanroc GX $5

Sylveon GX $8-9

Drampa GX $6

Toxapex GX $4-5

Metagross GX $3-5

Kommo-o GX $3-4

Wishiwashi GX $3-4

Do you see any of these rising or falling tomorrow when the set releases? And how about longer term?