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Standard Tapu Koko GX/Lycanroc GX

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Squid, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Squid Aspiring Trainer


    I have just started playing pokemon and created this deck. I don't know a lot of cards, and I'm still pretty bad so please send me some suggestions. Also, I don't really understand the set thing that comes after the name of the pokemon. Where can I find out the set of the pokemon?

    Pokemon (13)
    2 Rockruff SM 73/145
    2 Lycanroc-GX SM 143/145
    4 Tapu Koko-GX SM 47/145
    2 Lapras-GX SM 35/145
    1 Grubbin SM 13/149
    1 Charjabug SM 51/149
    1 Vikavolt-GX 45/145

    Trainers (19)
    1 Guzma
    4 Nest Ball
    4 Ultra Ball
    4 Repel
    2 Potion
    4 Float stone

    Energy (18)
    10 Electric energy
    5 Fighting energy
    3 Water energy

    Use the nest balls and ultra balls to fill your hand quickly. Vikavolt should use its GX move as soon as your opponent has 4 or 5 benched pokemon to do massive damage. Lapras can be used for drawing cards quickly. Most of your pokemon should have a lightning energy attatched to it so Tapu Koko can use its ability to move into the active spot charged up. This also negates retreat cost. For example, if I have just used Vikavolt's Gigatron-GX, I use Tapu Koko's ability to move it into the active spot, while charging it up with lightning energy at the same time. As soon as it is on low health, I move another Tapu Koko into the active spot.

    The Lycanroc are for backup and the float stones for transitions between non-Tapu Koko pokemon. For Vikavolt GX and Lycanroc GX, I recommend to use the tank method, where you power them up with energy and evolve them on the bench, while other pokemon cover them.

  2. KindFawn Aspiring Trainer


    The little symbol on the bottom of the card (bottom left next to the number) indicates which set the card is from. We are going to have a standard rotation in september. This means that only cards released in the Sun and Moon Sets will be legal for standard play.

    As far as your deck goes, there are a few problems.

    First your deck doesn't really have very many supporters, these cards can only be used once a turn, yes, but they are usually the most powerful trainer cards. Also, Lapras/Koko/Lycanroc don't really synergize that well together. They are all different types that need different energy(and a lot of it) to attack. I'd recommend focussing on one main attacker. If you want to focus on Tapu Koko, you could pair it with Magnezone from Sun and Moon Forbidden Light or Vikavolt from Sun and Moon for energy acceleration.
    -2-2 Lycanron
    -2 Lapras Gx
    -1-1 Charjabug

    +3-2-3 Magnezone (36)

    -3 Water Energy
    -5 Fighting Energy
    -2 Potion (30 damage isn't going to help when the majority of attacks will hit over 100)
    -4 Float Stone (will not be tournament legal come september)
    -4 Repel (Guzma is better)

    +4 Cynthia (Best draw supporter after rotation)
    +2 Apricorn Maker(great way to fill your bench and thin your deck by searching nest/ultra ball)
    +3 Guzma (It's too good)
    +3 Choice Band(Lets you hit higher numbers when needed)
    +1 Vokner (Energy Search+Mini Skyla)
    +3 Rare Candy
    +2 Tapu Lele GX/Judge/Copycat(If you don't want to buy Lele's right now they are coming out in a promo box in november and prices should drop more)

    Some other things to consider adding are Max Potion since you can move energy around and heal, Acerola to pick up damaged Tapu Koko after you move energy off of it, and energy retrieval might work as a 1 or 2 of.
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  3. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    If your a new player I recommend start focusing on the new standard format which is SM1 onward that way you dont waste time on a format thats almost done.
    As a rule of thumb if your deck does not possess maximum pokemon based draw you want about 10-12 draw supporters if you take out laprass,repels,water energys and potions
    You can put in 4 cynthias,4 tate and lizzas,and 2 copycats. Not sure why you want to use vikavolt gx's gx move but still have fighting energy for lycanroc but instead of running vikavolt you could instead run magnezone which let's you attach multiple lighting energys a turn which gives the potential for you to charge up your attackers all at once.
    I understand as a new player you might not have all this but now is the time to buy these cards b4 a fresh set of new decks come out that will make people clammer for them and the prices go up.
  4. Squid Aspiring Trainer


    Thanks, but I don't know which symbols correspond to what abbreviation.
  5. KindFawn Aspiring Trainer


    Just give a set name a google search and you will be able to find the symbol
  6. Squid Aspiring Trainer


    Also, should I use Dawn Wings Necrozma with a float stone for free switches between Magnezone and Tapu Koko? This will allow me to attack while Magnezone's attack is recharging.
  7. KindFawn Aspiring Trainer


    Float stone is rotating

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