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Expanded Sylveon v Max


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I know that typical need number of cards but I thing really not need in this deck a lot
Pokémon 23
4 Sylveon v
4 Sylveon v Max
2 hoopa ex (scoundrel ring)
2 dragonite ex (pull up)
2 juraji ex (stealer guidance)
2 volcanion ex (double type)
2 joltic
2 galvantula (double type)
1 fighting type ex free rethreat
1 darkness type ex free retreat
1dragon type ex free rethreat
Items 24
3 Sky field
4 ultra ball
4 quick ball
3 evolution incense
3 special charge
3 float stone
2 scoop up net
Computer search
Max possion

Support 9
3 Guzma and hala
2 Guzma
4 professor sycamore
Energy 4
4 tce

The idea was to smash any non protection Pokémon every turn
No fairy Pokémon but with 8 Pokémon we can hit max 10 types anyway.

Explain idea Sylveon v has ability to take any item card you need (end turn) but first turn if go first no cost
Hoopa ex can taken 3 Pokémon ex (dragonite juraji ex volcanion ex) with juraji ex you can taken Guzma and hala to taken the float stone skyfield and tce you can even smash Pokémon, and dragonite ex can give back 2 anyway

With 11 balls (specially if no hit opponent the hand) and computer search is almost guarandee that we not miss any important card,even if bad price cards is still great change to do at least 280 first turn

I prefere flote stone because Guzma and hala.

Just because Sylveon v has only 200 hp is much better to put it on beanch forcing opponent to Guzma him
The scoop up net was a creazy good bonus to even full 8 Pokémon in beanch first turn from really overkill damage! In fact we need only 280 max first turn anyway and even if run only 1 Pokémon from 3 types we not needed first turn anyway! And in fact we only need 9 types Pokémon from Ohko v max

Max passion was just in case we need to survive from one turn vs non OHKO v Max decks

Possitive can win all tag team (up to 280 hp with out need skyfield max damage 370)

Negative need a new energy to attack every turn
Have no great attack first turn if you go 2nd

Is no super effective vs single price deck anyway. But with 3 special charge at least we can attack up to 10 times...

Have very low draw power (basically no draw power) except 4 sycamore but huge search ability with (at least on paper) many outs to get the needed card even if n to one

To be fair I have not even an account now to the game but really see great deck.
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a.k.a. Professor Rosewood
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Hi Kontoleon,

Here are some changes I might suggest making to your list:

First, remove the Hoopa EX and Jirachi EX. I 100% understand what you're trying to do with Hoopa and Jirachi, but Jirachi is honestly too big a liability to play in the current Expanded landscape. At only 90 HP, Jirachi will be too easy of a KO for just about any deck. Hoopa has lost a large portion of its power since Shaymin EX was banned, so in my opinion, I don't think it does as much as you really want it to. Granted, you can grab things like Volcanion, Dragonite, or any other EX you might want to play, but I don't think it will provide you with enough resources to warrant playing it.

Instead, I would consider playing 2x Crobat V, and 2x Dedenne GX. You mentioned that your list has very low draw power: these will 100% help with that. Granted, Dedenne kind of steps on Galvantula's toes a bit, but having draw power in expanded is critical. I would also add at least one copy of Tapu Lele GX to replace the Jirachi. The same ability for twice the HP, making it a bit less of a target overall.

Second, for your "Darkness/Fighting/Dragon-type EX" section: removing Hoopa from your list hurts this section, but that can be easily rectified. If you're just adding these in for more damage off the Sylveon VMAX, you might as well try to get a bit more value out of them. Crobat V will cover your Dark-type and give you more draw power. To cover Fighting, I would consider Sudowoodo from Guardians Rising over probably any Fighting-type EX or GX you can find. It only gives up one prize and will hurt your opponent a bit. To cover a Dragon-type Pokemon, I would consider Latias EX. Abilities are everywhere in expanded, and will at least let you stall for time if needed.

To make sure you add additional types while still gaining some value, I would keep at least one Dragonite EX (from Evolutions) just to at least get some value. Additionally, consider adding a copy of Zacian V. It will fill the typing hole left by Jirachi but will add a bit more draw power (and something for you to do if you end up going first, or are unable to attack for a turn).

Moving on to the Trainers section of your list, there are a few things I would consider changing:

Firstly, I'm not sure how beneficial Evolution Incense is. I can kind of understand playing it for the Sylveon VMAX and Galvantula, but beyond that, I don't think it provides you with enough value for the deck space it takes up. Consider removing it, as I think Ultra/Quick Ball coupled with Dedenne/Crobat will more than make up for it.

Next, I would consider removing one Float Stone. I don't think you need more than two, but this is more personal preference than anything. Consider replacing it with a Weakness Policy. Where Sylveon is weak to Zacian, this might help you out a bit. Being able to search it off Guzma/Hala is a plus.

Next, I would consider adding Trainers' Mail. This will help you get to the Trainers needed to get set up, and will further thin your deck in the process. Additionally, I would cut two copies of Guzma/Hala, and replace one with either an additional Guzma or a Great Catcher. Guzma/Hala is searchable off of Lele.

Next, I would recommend adding a single copy of Field Blower, possibly two. Chaotic Swell is going to be a problem for you, you being able to get rid of it will help you out. Additionally, adding a second copy of Max Potion may be beneficial. In addition to that, I don't really see the purpose of the Scoop Up Nets outside of looping Hoopa. I would probably consider cutting these.

Lastly, I would probably suggest adding 1-2 copies of Colress and a copy of Pokemon Ranger. Colress will provide you with an insane amount of draw power, and Pokemon Ranger will help against things like Pikachu V-UNION and ADP.

With that, I would suggest a decklist somewhat closer to this:

Pokemon: 22
4x Sylveon V
3x Sylveon VMAX
2x Volcanion EX
1x Latias EX (Plasma Freeze)
1x Sudowoodo (Guardians Rising)
2x Joltik
2x Galvantula
2x Crobat V
2x Dedenne GX
1x Tapu Lele GX
1x Dragonite EX
1x Zacian V

Stadiums: 3
3x Sky Field

Supporters: 9
3x Professor's Research (or Professor Juniper/Sycamore)
2x Colress
2x Guzma
1x Guzma/Hala
1x Pokemon Ranger

Items: 22
1x Computer Search
4x Trainers' Mail
4x Ultra Ball
4x Quick Ball
3x Special Charge
2x Float Stone
1x Weakness Policy
2x Max Potion
1x Great Catcher

Energy: 4
4x Triple Acceleration Energy

I hope this helps a bit! Let me know if you have any questions.

- Alpha


Aspiring Trainer
So you going to a much deference way.

OK need draw power I understand why. Even If you ko ADP first turn even if manage to get 2nd turn in a row the Guzma/hala (very possible), still need more price taken from the win.

With my plan you may almost guarantee the first huge attack, and maybe the 2nd this was not even close enough to win.

So is much better to use draw power from just huge search ability.

So hoopa ex is not enough value even if immidiatly full your beanch with Pokémons.

Even if taken with one card 4 beanch Pokémon! (means 150 extra attack) is maybe not enough.

So even if just cut the tapu lele and Zacian v from hoopa and Jiraji maybe I gain nothing on consistency and I risk my 90 hp Pokémon even with just spread damage.

Tnx from help. Now I understand why almost in every deck preference draw power and no searching
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