Sylveon Fake Card

Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by Huderon of Canossa, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Huderon of Canossa Deranged Tinkerer
    Huderon of Canossa



    First post!

    Haven't actually made a fake card for quite some time and haven't quite kept up with the TCG, so I'm pretty much TCG illiterate. If you guys notice silly mistakes or awkward wording etc., give me a shout! I'll fix it in a jiffy! Or whenever I actually log in next :p


    I got the image from here - let me know if I credited the wrong person or something. I probably have.

    Other credits go to Latios101 (I used his B/W font guide to help me on this, though I had to substitute one or two fonts - the ability graphic and rarity symbol are his), Flame Claw (There was a texture used in here that he supplied in another site's resources thread), and whoever did that holosheet (I cannot remember for the life of me.. it was a saved pattern on my PS).
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  2. aschefield101 is behind you !


    RE: That new 'vee

    Gorgeous blank! We approve :O
  3. Hegafire >Disappears for months > Appears randomly


  4. don()shinobi PokeBeach's Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiast. I guess.


    That ability is the greatest thing ever. Not only that, but the blank itself looks beautiful.
  5. PellOfTheTundra Aspiring Trainer


    Gorgeous, but eww, a Light believer.

    No but srsly good job.

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  6. Huderon of Canossa Deranged Tinkerer
    Huderon of Canossa


    Thanks guys!

    I've changed a couple of minor things (missing W/R/R and tweaked ability wording).

    @Pell: I'm more in the 'Sylveon=flying type' camp actually - the info is more of a light jab at the whole Sylveon type speculation thing :p
  7. PellOfTheTundra Aspiring Trainer


    Re: RE: Sylveon Fake Card

    That's almost as bad. >.<

    No, but I actually like the card format. Is this a preexisting one, or did you make it, or steal it?

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  8. Flys Gone 2071 Also known as Flygon2071
    Flys Gone 2071


    Love it! Like those blanks. it has an interesting ability and attack. Is that Colorless energy? It seems like it just that Pinkish. Or is it a new type (Light seeing it)?
  9. Huderon of Canossa Deranged Tinkerer
    Huderon of Canossa


    I've updated the card again! More word tweaks, and I changed some low-res symbols for the better. The new ability icon is still not finalised yet, though.

    I'm fine with that

    Anything I haven't credited in the first post were made by me (mostly vectors). I might have forgotten to credit a texture or two to somebody, since I used quite a few :s

    This blank setup/style takes inspiration from earlier custom blanks I have made (under the name NeoRyder or Mr.Neo etc.) some time ago. I doubt anyone has seen those, but if this card looks somewhat familiar, that's probably why.

    It's just your regular ol' Colourless actually!

    I wasn't bothered to entirely replicate the official look and just decided to make things colourful. The blank used here is my Colourless blank for flying types. Both normal and flying types are represented by colourless in the TCG, and I wanted to change the colour scheme slightly depending on the actual type of the pokemon. (Normal types have an off-white/beige instead of the blue on its base, for example).

    I appreciate the compliments folks! Don't be shy to put forward any critiques too!

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