Swampert ex, 9/7


need politoed ex! juz 1 more~~
well, u can call it " the new electrode ex" , but somehow it's different from it

* it ends ur turn!!!!

* only 3 energies compared to 5 energies

* can give it to exs!

* swarmpert's a stage 2! electrode's faster

it's good if u retreive rainbow energies~

the good way a useing it might be use the power to attach metal energies to metal pkms, in this way, ending ur turn isnt that bad as it sounds

the pkms that probally could be comboed with this :

groudon ex CG

lugia ex !!

manetric ex ?

it self

salamence ex (maybe?)

steelix ex

maybe t tar ex ( either UF / DF)