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Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by _Gengar_, Sep 15, 2018.

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    Probably most of you know Super Smash Flash 2, it's one of the most popular fan game these days. What do you think about the use of pocket monsters in fighting games?

    Personally, I think that's cool solution for fan-made projects. I don't think that a commercial game like this will be successful. What do you think?

    Btw. love this stage! :D
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    If this thread is just about this topic and not a discussion about the previously mentioned game, I'll add onto this a bit.
    I think in context of something like Super Smash Bros., it's fairly important and something that I, as a Pokémon fan, really enjoy seeing. It's nice to see that a really big and influential series like Pokémon gets a lot of attention and representation in a big roster like Smash and that even though it's nice to see characters whose series are new to Smash, getting more Pokémon is really nice because it shows how much the fans like the series and how important it is to them.

    In context of something like Pokkén Tournament, however, it's obviously kind of necessary. Though I think the idea of having a Pokémon-specific fighting game is a cool idea and it's why I supported the game. I'm not someone who plays or enjoys fighting games at all, but I think Pokkén was something a long time coming, and it's certainly nice to see.

    I think that regardless, different kinds of Pokémon can offer very unique ideas for moves, attacks, and overall playstyle that you really can't get from any other video game series. Every Pokémon is unique and I think that's why I enjoy seeing them in fighting games the most. You can do something unique with every Pokémon you include.
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