ORAS Super-Secret Bases! What Will Your Gym Be Like?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Drohn, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. Drohn Wild War Dance


    It was announced a while ago already that the Secret-Bases will return in ORAS as Super Secret Bases. They come with a nice amount of new possibilities.

    I earlier made a thread to speculate about some of the new functions here. Some of the things I was hoping were actually included, which is pretty awesome!

    One of the new possibilities, which I definitely didn't see coming, was the ability to create your own gym! We are able to set some rules (there are not too many details known yet), but we'll at least be able to pick whether they are single or double battles.

    Will any of you create your own gym? What will it be like?

    I'm definitely going for a Fire-type gym. If possible I'll set up a maze with tiles and a ton of Fire-type Pokémon dolls all over the place. Charizard, my favourite Pokémon, will be my ace. I always liked double battles, so that I'll pick those!
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  2. I'm going to make an "Elite Gym". This gym will have lots of tricky paths and be a miniature victory road. At the end, you will face me.

    My Team-
    Charizard @Charizardinite Y
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  3. Aerodactyl Don't listen to her, she's crazy


    Because I have a mono normal team already breed in X/Y before the announcements of omega ruby and alpha sapphire came out, I will probably start with that just to have something semi-decent in my gym. Afterwards, I'm not sure. I'm definitely going to breed and raise something specific for my gym. I might go for a dual type... But I'm leaning towards a mono team. Ice is my favourite type, but I might do a fossil team. I think I'll see what's out there for gyms and try and do something I think hasn't been done yet or something that needs more representation. Just something to give players variety. I know I'll probably do several different kinds of gyms over time for fun :)
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  4. Omega Soul I'm feeling dizzy
    Omega Soul


    I will make a steel type gym. My main strategy in any battle is to have about two sweepers, and the rest to be bulky as heck, so that's just my thing.

    Normal rank team:
    Bount (Genesect)
    Jim (Steelix)
    Mastress (Mawile)
    Skarlibur (Skarmory)
    LockDown (Metagross)
    Ferrosaur (Mega Aggron)

    Ferrosaur is the ace.
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  5. Auride Periodic Visitor


    My definite answer is trick room! Doubles if possible. The strategy has always held a special place in my heart.

    If doubles are allowed, my team will probably be my VGC team:

    Ampharos (Mega)

    I'm very excited to see just how much we get in the way of options. This is one of the biggest selling points to ORAS for me.
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  6. Pangoro#1999 Fear the bear


    Can you choose wich type of pokemon may be used? If so a dark type one or a one based on fossils.
  7. MtheW What is MtheW? The world may never know.


    I would use it to create a gym as if I was Wes from Pokemon Colosseum. I would have Umbreon and Espeon, and all 3 Gen. 2 starters. Then I would probably have a Tyranitar as a finisher, or none at all. I can't decide if I would use Double Battles or Singles, they use doubles in the game but I don't like the strategy behind doubles/vgc. If it had to be one type, I might choose Water types i guess, or Water and Dark if I could only use a couple. It's gonna be interesting to see how they do this, and if there are any restrictions for teams.
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  8. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    I will create a dark type gym
    If Game Freak insist not to do it, well then I'll just do it myself ;)

    -Mega Houndoom

    But to make it more interesting I am hoping they would allow me to run inverse battles which I think we didn't get much to know about except that one trainer in XY.
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  9. Leaf_Ranger Knight of Nature and Pokémon


    If creating gyms isn't something only for online play (I can't remember and I don't have been paying attention lately), then I'll create one for sure but I'll see it not as a gym but as the battle place for Hoenn's "Leaf Rangers"! :p

    Since I'll be in Hoenn, I'll perhaps have double battles and my main team will certainly include Scpetile, Tropius, Shiftry, Ludicolo and Cacturne (this last one rotating with Shiftry) since they're native to the region!

    As for the layout...it'll be inside either a bush or a tree and it'll follow Gardenia's gym in D/P or Ramos' one in XY (I'll have to see how's his gym but I know it's in a tree). If the secret bases locations don't change that much, I'll make one near Fortree, either to west or east.

    If I grow tired, I'll change the battling grounds to my personal taste and have a base with lava lamps to give it an eerie look. As for the team...
    that's a secret!
  10. xayshade Aspiring Trainer


    I would have either a fighting or dragon type gym! which would include Scrafty, Toxicroak, and Chesnaught, or Noivern, Flygon, and Goodra
  11. King Xerneas Icy Goth
    King Xerneas


    I of course would run a fairy type gym. I would want my gym to have a mysterious feel to it, maybe have some glowing things around the place to give it an enchanted feel. I'm not sure where I'd have it, maybe in a more discreet area. Definitely a team of 6; possibly Sylveon, Mega Altaria, Clefable, Klefki, Togekiss, and if I feel like ruining someone's day I'll also use a Power Herb Xerneas as my ace.
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  12. JiJi-T ID [ Dream ] We all are living in a dream!


    I'll make a Ice,Ghost or Fighting type gym or my final team as the '' Elite team gym '' I will see when the game comes out!!! 7 days and 2 months ( for the Europe people ) :)
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  13. Windwhip Aspiring Trainer


    Wind is my favorite element. I'm excited about creating Flying-type Gym, though it'd be odd to create a Flying-type Gym in a cave. Perhaps it is possible to get a super secret base with no ceiling, just the sky. That would be so cool!
  14. TwistedTurtwig It's been a pleasure


    I'll probably end up using whatever team of competitive battling Pokemon I use at the time, but I might also opt to run a Rock type gym with all fossil Pokemon if I decide not to be as serious about it. Either way, I find the idea of having secret bases others can find a great addition to the already convenient PSS.
  15. Drohn Wild War Dance


    You could always do it in a tree. It makes sense for birds to live in trees and that way (if you bend logic a little, since you don't actually leave the tree) you can just pretend the battle happened around the tree. :p
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  16. Leaf_Ranger Knight of Nature and Pokémon


    Lol, we had the same thought. :D I said this on his profile:
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  17. SuchADamnLady369 Top Coordinator


    I'd have either a Dark, Water, Fairy or Ghost gym. And my gym would be cute with a lot of traps, Eerie and Spooky with gray, purple and black colors or a Ocean theme with blues and white colors.
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  18. OmegaElectivire765 Aspiring Trainer


    I would like to make a team based on Blue's from RB. His team is the opposite of yours, he then has Pidgeot, Alakazam, Rhydon, Exeggutor, and Gyarados. Since this is ORAS and not FRLG, I will be using Sceptile instead of the Kanto starter, Rhyperior, and I will probably chang exchange Exeggutor for Arcanine (from his GS gym leader roster) for type variety.
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  19. ema Aspiring Trainer


    I'd have a team based on Eevee and its evolutions. Maybe a cute cafe or toy shop setting. It'd deliberately be a lower level Gym. Something fun, not too serious- which is more in character for me.
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  20. Aerodactyl Don't listen to her, she's crazy


    I think that would be great! There definitely needs to be all kinds of gyms, in my opinion. I can't wait to get into really unique gyms like this, even if they aren't considered to be "strong" or "balanced", just to see what they do with them, etc.

    I hope we get to choose our dialogue, even if it's limited, so you can try and match it a bit to what you want to do. So if you're a water gym, you could be like "Feel the cold wash of my Swampert's Surf!" Or whatever. I'm totally okay with campy and corny gym talk.
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