Sunday, May 6th, Pokemon Opal?

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Sorry didn't see it on there when I checked it last. Now I see it. Wow. And here I was thinking it was going to be Amethyst!


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I speculated that Giratina might be the leading Pokémon of a third game if it was made. Either that, or the legendary pixies...

Anyway, whereas Dialga and Palkia rule time and space respectively, Giratina seems to be the Pokémon that connects the living world with the spirit world, or alternate dimensions in general. The text for the Town Map for the Spring Path / Sendoff Spring / Turnback Cave area:

"The fourth lake of Sinnoh that was kept secret."

"Beneath the lake's surface is a cave where dimensions are distorted."

According to the texts in the Canalave City, the legendary "pixies", Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf represent knowledge, emotion, and will. Altogether, they represent life, and were responsible for the creation of life. They were created by the "Original One" (presumed to be Arceus), and were used to keep Dialga and Palkia in balance. They reside in the three lakes at the extrema of Sinnoh, Lake Acuity, Verity, and Valor.

Giratina's location is at this 4th lake, the Sendoff Spring, residing inside Turnback Cave. Inside the cave, there is a text that essentially says that the worlds of life and death are the same within that cave.

Giratina's connection to the mythology of Sinnoh is uncertain at this point. Is it possible that it was the final creation of Arceus after the legendary trio was created? And why is that whole area of the game a secret?

This isn't to say that Giratina is the Pokémon featured in the third game, should it exist. This is just mere extrapolation and speculation based on information that we know already from DP.


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That is cool man. When you get board next time play one of your Pokemon versions to pass the time. I would like to battle you some time if I meet you in person.:)


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What features do you think Opal will have that Diamond and Pearl don't? Maybe Wifi multi battles? lol that would be cool, but I doubt it.

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I don't think it exists, those 2 games. But

Pokemon Opal


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Giratina will most certainly be the cover Pokemon for Game 3, who else would it be? Game 2 only used one of the legendary trio cause there was no third Legendary to choose from.

However, Opal, Topaz, and Amythest don't seem to fit Giratina. Think about it, not only do Dialaga and Palkia's names both start with the gem that they are named after, but the gems appear on their bodies somewhere. I imagine that this would be true at least with the third game in this generation. So I imagine that it would be named after something on Giratina.


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I don't think that it will be Giratina because it does not have any gem inserted in itself. But, Arceus has those dots that looks like gems in its body(you Know,the ring)

I Don't Know actually because event pokemon were never game mascots


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Hey wpm do i see an RSS feed on the new Layout???

That would be soo cool, actully i check your site every day but it would be nice when there is an RSS feed.


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Use this now. I digress...

This layout is very superior to the one your using now. It involves some graphical design principles that allow for it to work better, and it just looks more modern, and more stylized (less dull). The small gap on the left and right make the website look thinner, which is always good. You don't wanna be fat in the real world, and you don't want your website to look fat either. The menu bar at the top is a good idea, but it needs to be in a color that is easier to read (white/light blue). The only problem I do see is with alternating backgrounds, the color might have to change to read it. The transparency does look good though. The Staryu's placement is superb. The news design looks a lot more modern. The small blastoise touch and added us of shades of blue really work well. Overall, it's not a brand new design, but you made a few tweaks in the design that work really well with the overall picture. Good work.

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The new lay-out looks great. I like the blastoise, they make everything feel more Pokémon-y, which is always great. I have to disagree with Prime on the top menu bar, it's readable thanks to the blue (could have been lighter, but I think that blue goes well with the website, any whiter would make it too white for the side bars) and I like how the background is still viewable behind the blue, but doesn't affect the readability of the text (for me at least).


Interesting find there WPM, makes you wonder... But you're right, considering it was reserved back in 02 does make this whole thing lose it's merit... =/


The url thingy appeared on Spanish speaking sites a couple of weeks ago. I f you go to another whois service you'll see it was registered on october 2002. They are truly not going to plan 8 new Pokémon games with 6+ years of time, increasing the chances to get them discovered on random searches as well.

(Didn't read the other messages, sorry if I repeat something said, this was already discussed somewhere else xD)

Edit: It seems you already guessed the thing alone xD. was registered on october 2002 as well... it redirects you to -->

Same with Pearl:

And on august 2005:

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The games are probably fake......why would nintendo try and make 3 new pokemon games after the release of a new game?


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there is absolutely no doubt that giratina will be on the third cover

why? just by comparing it with dialga and palkia you see that its obvious
because they're the most similar 3 pokemon (the most trio-ish trio) ever
and they are equally similar (a trio =q), which means that A compared to B is like B compared to C, or A to C

what exactly do they have the same?
-pressure ability
-0 base happiness
-exp rate: 12500000
-give 3 evs of their best stat when defeated
-cannot breed
-30720 hatch steps
-total base stats: 680
-base stat numbers used: 1x 150,2x 120,2x 100,1x 90
-attack learning levels: 0/0/10/20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90
-same attacks learned: dragonbreath/scary face/ancient power/dragon claw/heal block/earth power/slash/aura sphere (the other attacks:
low attacks of their primary types: metal claw/water pulse/ominous wind
uber attacks of their types: time roar/spacial rend/shadow force
strong attacks of their types: flash cannon/aqua tail/shadow claw)
-face design
-name ending with A
-first part of name derived from a precious material (diamond,pearl,girasol(fire opal))
-dragon as secondary type

why do you think its so uninvolved in the plot in DP? because GF is saving its story for the third game lol

and something interesting about legendary trio typings i found out:
the first trio were given the primary types: ICE FIRE ELECTRIC
as it would get boring very fast, gamefreak decided to change one or 2 types every gen and add 1 or 2 new types, with every type used twice in the whole legendary trio typing
so in gen2 they left ice out and put a new type in: FIRE ELECTRIC WATER
in gen 3 they were obviously going to put ice in as every type appears twice and use 1 new type and water from previous gen OR use 2 new types(because fire and electric were already used twice)...they took the second possiblity,adding 2 new types: ICE ROCK STEEL
from this point i tried to predict what types they would use next time
-ice fire electric are finished
-water will 100% be in it, as it wasnt 1 gen after its first appearance
-the other 2 types then have 4 possiblities:
1.they use both of the latest types and stop making more legendary trios in future: WATER ROCK STEEL
2.they use one of the 2latest types and add a new: WATER ROCK NEW or WATER STEEL NEW
3.they use 2 new types: WATER NEW NEW

now lets see what happened:
the trio everyone sees at first are uxie,azelf and mesprit...they have 580 TBS like the previous trios, ehm hey! they're all psychic type!1 looks to me like "we wont make 580 trios anymore, thats the last one"
but why would they throw away such an unique typing pattern of trios? THEY DIDNT
look at palkias,dialgas,giratinas primary types: WATER STEEL GHOST
so they actually made a legendary trio following the pattern, but made them stronger (680 TBS, better movepools) and more powerfull (in means of special power like time controling instead of running through the are and watching over ppl)
but why did they do this?
the reason is....they always made a trio and always make a third game, so why not combine this so there are no problems regarding the question who will be on the third cover?

something interesting but not important:water->liquid  steel->solid  ghost->gaseous  that are all agregate states

oh thats a long post =q....


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It is difficult to say what direction the plot will go in if the game is in fact centered around Giratina. It appears as though there are three dimensions:

Beginning Dimension: Where Arceus exists and Dialga and Palkia came from. This dimension seems to involve the creation of life and the universe.

Existing Dimension: A dimension where life exists. This is where the storyline takes place.

Alternate (Ending) Dimension: A dimension where life ends and both people and Pokémon becomes spirit forms after death. This is what Giratina seems to be in control over.

If Giratina is the legendary Pokémon in the 3rd game, if the game exists, it will be interesting to see where the plot goes. If Team Galactic are the main antagonists in this game, what will happen? Will they somehow try to control Giratina to gain control over another dimension and somehow use the power contained in it to their advantage? Or will Giratina somehow play a role in defeating Team Galactic much like Rayquaza in Emerald? Cyrus obtained the legendary trio in order to extract the red crystals from their heads to form the Red Chain to control Dialga and / or Palkia. Those crystals appear to have the ability to keep Dialga and Palkia in control; the trio used them to keep their power in check, where Cyrus wanted to use the power of the 3 crystals to control the two beasts for his own bidding, effectively double-crossing his own organization. I cannot infer if the crystals have any connection to Giratina at all.

Again, this is speculation at work. We cannot conclude that any of this is true, or even if a third game is in the works (which is still an extremely likely possibility).

Random note... wanna guess why Dialga and Palkia are so easy to catch? They have a catch rate of 30. Normal legendaries have a catch rate of 3. The catch rate of Dialga and Palkia are comparable to Snorlax in FrLg, even though Dialga and Palkia clearly have 680 base stat totals, and then some, considering they can be given unique items to make them more powerful like the Latis. (source of stat information: Legendary Pokémon).

Hopefully, these points of information can allow us to possibly speculate more. It will be interesting to see how far off the mark we are if the game does in fact get created. If Giratina is not the leading Pokémon in this third game, my guess is that the legendary trio will be instead.


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You Know what I thought there was a Pokemon game going to come out when FR/LG came out and Ithought of that name because when Red and blue first came out I was wondering if they would ever make a green version but it never happened so I hope they make some thing similar with that name soon.:)


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Giratina, nice. But sounds female although it looks kindof ugly for a female. Makes me imagine a female pinsir.
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