Sunday, 7/12, Worlds 2007 Results


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I was pretty sure that the two would be the only things at worlds. I was sadly mistaken. (If anyone has videos of the better matches, I'd love to see them.)

I think the Finnish kid won in a fit of rage over the climate change. Finland to Hawii, that would suck.


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Where can i find the decklists before the WT07 decks are released... i'd like to know what people ran there!


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Tom Roos wasn't playing Flygon ex LM like it says on the front page, he played Speed Spread. :)


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Congrats Tom!!!! Finland is again proved to be one of the #1 countrys in Pokémon TCG!!!! Wohoo!!!


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Well, I'm glad Europe won an age group, and it happens to be Masters. Congratulations to Tom Roos, Jeremy Scharff-Kim and Jun Hasebe.

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I though Yamato would win this after I heard he got to the semis, but, well, yeah.

Anyhow, I like the fact that Europe won, but the countries, the top10 of Europe could go to worlds, most of them were Danish or Finlandic (?), I have a friend in Seniors who was 1st of Belgium and I think even of most of its neighbors, but was 11th or 12th or something, with like 9 Denmarkers and Finlanders in front of him, which basically just means that they have A LOT more tourneys, which is probably the main reason why I think the current points-based system is terrible... Not that I have anything against Denmark or Finland, though.

And a Tom winning worlds just confirms the fact that people named Tom are superior :p

Absolutions winning is pretty cool, with all those Mario and Ambush decks around, an ex-deck still wins :p (should have been a rough deck, though...)

No Jeremy Maron up there, though, wow.


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Yes, Tom did play Absolutions, and yes, it is a deck that combines Eeveelutions (with an emphasis on Jolteon ex) and Absol ex. The version he was playing also had Mew ex, according to what I saw in the video footage over at the Worlds 2007 mini-site.


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i liked the usage of speed empoleon in the seniors division. the guy who got second in the masters division sorta messed up. why did he play all his castforms?!