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Well i have never hear of the Meganium/Mew/Steelix ex Combo. You can play it in LBS or SMP. Those are some decks i have seen but I have never heard or seen of Meganium/Mew/Steelix ex so I would have no idea if it was good or bad.


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I understand it, but did we need to list almost every combo.

BTW, i sent it as a attachment so i hope you got it. If not, please not disclude me and let me send it as a normal email.

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I sent mine in over an hour ago.

And I must say, I've never seen the Meganium/Mew/Steelix combo on the gym, or at least from what I've read.  I would assume, from what it sounds, that it's like LBS but focused only on Steelix?

*Prays* Hopefully the article's still good though.

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