Sunday, 12/24, Merry Christmas!


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Bong Natal kung Bong Anu Nobu(Portugese) to all Pokebeach members...


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wish I read that warning earlier, my poor, poor, poor family, all died when playing Wii tennis XF, I'm still trying to get that wiimote out of my bro's head (this is not real, but a simple joke, don't let this text stop you from buying a Wii, because it's the greatest console to have ever been invented, BUY IT!)

anyhow, a merry christmas, happy newyear and fun easter to everyone

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merry christmas?!christmas?!bah!whats the joy of CHRISTMAS to me?!nothing?!i got pokemon quartz version !!!!!

p.s:a fake game
p.s.s:apart from that it was gr8,i got a ds and some stuff
p.s.s.s:merry christmas


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Got over 20 packs with NO ex's. I'll put this in all the Christmas threads XD. Although I got Mystery Dungeon Red. :]

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Happy Holidays WPM & everybody. I got some great stuff today and yesterday, including my Nintendo Wii, Whose Line Is It Anyway? Season 1, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, lots of Wii points, 20 or so Pokemon packs with 3 EXs in them (Latias EX δ, Latios EX δ, Salamence EX δ), and much more. It was a fruitful year at the Arcy home. Well hope everybody had fun and a great holiday!

Arcanine out.

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I'm sort of sticking with my DS, if you don't mind. Speaking of which, I got me IGN's winner of "Best Use of Second Screen" today; Yoshi's Island DS!

So, Merry Christmas, Joux Noel, Feliz Navidad, Melikaleke Maka (did I spell it right?), Happy Hanukah (did I spell it right) a Kwazy Kwanzah, a good Festivus for the rest of us and Happy New Year!


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Merry christmas guys and I got

Deal or no Deal for PC
mario kart double dash
and best of all


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All of you people and your Wiis...oh yes, you're all quite happy to have them...


But seriously, I hope you all had a great Christmas. :]


Ch. I got a DS, but I still want a Wii really baddd gah
But I got a dragonite ex delta. That was cool.
And mario kart DS is killer.

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at masayang bagong taon!!!(Filipino) I got 5 HP packs, 5 DF packs and 5 DS packs. Im very happy. I got Mew ex, Rayquaza ex δ, Salamence ex δ, Vaporeon ex and Pikachu STAR !!! lol. :p


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i got 120 dollars! but my friend got a playstation 3 and his brother got a nintendo wii and he told me he was going to get a matter i still like christamas no matter what.....oh! yeah i was going to get a psp and my brothers birthday is in christmas.....hes 16


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Merry Belated Christmas its been a long time since ive been on the forum did it shrink? well hope you got better presents than me (toothbrush). Welll im going to start going on here more often