Sunday, 11/26, PCG: DP Scans and Translations - More to Come!


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Great pics WPM!
I guess the fire monkey's attack is pretty balanced. But as Abhorsen said, it can combo with Magcargo (Smooth Over + Burning Head = at least 1 Fire Energy discarded) and Holon Trainers will also speed it up.
Need to know Power Keepers info!!!


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Pimpwalkin' Mateo Johnson said:
Goukazaru Lv.X is not Pokémon-ex, Altaria ex ? won't work on him. :/

Good thing too. Just seeing if you guys were paying attention:p

But you guys still have to agree that it's broken.

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The only thing to do now is wait for the rest of the spoilers. And wait for places to sell the Diamond/Pearl boxes. ;]


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Actually it's still pretty broken since you can attack with the fire monkey stage-two non Lv.X for 90 and discard some energy in the discard while you wait for the others to appear.


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It might break Unlimited too. Holon Lass + Oak + Misty's Wrath FTW.

SLowking NG and Vileplume ex do not exist.

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^Really like it I like D/P
There are a lot of ghost pokemon!


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Wow, those are great scans! (Although I still prefer opening the scans in other webpage, flash hangs on me... :() More, more! Also is it true you have scans for EX Power Keepers? Can't wait for them!

Lastly, Stage 2 Pokemon with HP more than 120... scary...


I really like the artwork here, I haven't seen a card that hasn't been good yet. Fire monkey looks like its about to leap up from the picture and rip your throat out, but in a good way.

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OMG, they did it again... they tried to create an obvious strategy again
if anyone did not notice: fire monkey stage2: discard fire energy, fire monkey stage2 lvX: 8 fires in Discard Pile needed, well, I'm NOT saying that this strategy is usable, but, well, just to point that out
anyhow, kouki hasn't lost his touch, but the other arts are a bit, well, not so good to be honest, the 3D art looks to normal, we want ryo :F
wow, nice card display system, WPM


The lv.X fire monkey can go well with macargo (dx) and sableye (cg). Smooth Over then discard with Sableye.

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I play flygon ex from legend maker, and i'm lucky to get 5 energy in my monkey x might be a nice combo with the regular one, but it can't be its own deck.

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But to my opinion I think Fire Monkey is just a waste of energy think about it.

U could like only do the Backdraft only once although it is very powerful it wont do.

u would need to dis card energy to do the attack n it takes along time to do so.

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