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    Multiprize Pokemon are out of control! In a desperate attempt to regain a foothold in the meta, single-Prize Pokemon have found a massive boon where they least expected it; Baby Pokemon. With these new Pokémon B, can the single-Prize Pokemon stand up to the biggest threats? Not to be outdone, Team Rocket has made a play of their own, flooding the meta with new threats. Which faction will come out on top? No one can say, but one thing is for sure - the stakes have never been higher!

    Welcome to the thread for my latest and greatest set, Sun & Moon: High Stakes. This is another set created for use with the LackeyCCG plugin. We have both a thread and a Discord server where we chat about these and other fake creations, then battle with them!

    Sun & Moon: High Stakes features the following:

    - 131 new cards
    - Every baby Pokemon from eight generations, each as a powerful Pokemon B
    - New dual-typed Dark Pokemon and Rocket's Pokemon
    - Precisely zero Pokemon-GX - everything in this set, by design, is worth one (1) Prize

    Let's break it down.

    New Mechanics in Sun & Moon: High Stakes

    1. Pokemon B and Link Bonuses


    The defining mechanic of the set, Pokemon B (written as such, no hyphen bullshit here) are, as the B suggests, babies. You know how PCL keeps printing shitty Baby Pokemon cards that don't ever see play? The babies in the Sun & Moon block all have turn-ending Abilities that are, frankly, awful, and not worth the Bench slot. The goal of Pokemon B is to make babies worth playing. If your opponent drops one on their Bench, you should take note, as each Pokemon B in the set has three Link Bonuses that provide powerful effects to the Pokemon said baby evolves into.

    The requirement to use each Pokemon B's Link Bonus is written next to the Link Bonus icon. In this set, many requirements are simple, only requiring the evolved Pokemon to be your Active. Some requirements are more difficult to fulfill, like having a minimum number of Energy attached.

    Let's take a look at Mantyke B and Mantine as an example. Mantyke B's Link Bonuses are to be applied only when Mantine is your Active Pokémon. Assuming that's the case, we can check to see what sort of benefits we get. The Disciplined Link Bonus lets us ignore all effects of our Active Mantine's Giant Wave attack, but this Mantine doesn't have it. It must be referring to a different printed Mantine. Moving on, Recycler Plus looks like a very strong bonus that gives us a 50% chance to instantly recycle any non-Prism Star Supporter. Mantine looks like a pretty mediocre card, so having such a good bonus could be very helpful. Looking at the last one, that looks like something we can use. Mantine's Mantamazing Shot has no effect printed on the card, but Mantyke B's Sniper Link Bonus gives it one; it can now hit a Benched Pokemon for 20 damage.

    Link Bonuses only apply to your Active Pokemon unless they say otherwise. Specifically, they do not affect the Pokemon B.

    Link Bonuses are not Abilities; they are their own separate category of power and are not affected by anything that affects Abilities.

    Pokemon B have low HP--they are, after all, babies--but each comes with a built in rule that negates all damage done to it, no matter if it's hit as the Active or on the Bench, 50% of the time, but they do give up a Prize when killed.

    Lastly, you are only allowed to have 1 Pokemon B with the same name in play - no stacking effects! You can have multiple Pokemon B in play as long as they have different names. The B is considered part of the name, so it is okay to have 4 Toxel and 4 Toxel B in your deck.

    Every existing baby Pokemon is in this set, and the effects of some of the Link Bonuses range from mild to extreme. Some bonuses are generic so as to be able to be used with previous (and future) versions of the evolved forms, while some are specifically meant for the companion evolution in High Stakes. Find a Pokemon B that you like and go nuts!

    2. Dark Pokemon


    Dark Pokemon aren't new to the official TCG, but I've given them a bit of a twist to update them. Dark Pokemon's bottom stats are altered thanks to Team Rocket's negative influence. Some Pokemon have massive resistances to one type. Others have two, or even three, resistances!

    This set also introduces colored Retreat Costs - they must be paid using Energy of the listed type.

    Lastly, all Dark Pokemon in this set are dual-typed, paired with Darkness. Dark-type Dark Pokemon have a unique blank that I really like.

    3. Rocket's Pokemon and Rocket's Secret Machines


    Rocket's Pokemon, like Dark Pokemon, are dual-typed with Darkness. Instead of having strange bottom stats, however, they all have strong attacks that require two colors of Energy. Rocket's Pokemon also have a neat dark purple border instead of the standard yellow one. Rare ones have a holo border!

    Also making a return to the TCG: Rocket's Secret Machines. More than just a bad meme this time, there are over a dozen different machines of all different kinds - mostly Items, but there's a Stadium, a Tool, even a Special Energy. These cards have wild effects with strange requirements to play them; some of them end your turn because of how powerful they are.

    Here's the link to the stash where you can view all the cards in the set:

    Please look forward to playing with this set once it's added.

    Without further ado, I present Sun & Moon: High Stakes.

    001/131 Budew B
    002/131 Roselia
    003/131 Roserade
    004/131 Karrablast
    005/131 Bounsweet
    006/131 Rocket's Steenee
    007/131 Rocket's Tsareena
    008/131 Gossifleur
    009/131 Dark Eldegoss
    010/131 Vulpix
    011/131 Rocket's Ninetales
    012/131 Magby B
    013/131 Magmar
    014/131 Magmortar
    015/131 Sizzlipede
    016/131 Dark Centiskorch
    017/131 Smoochum B
    018/131 Jynx
    019/131 Marill
    020/131 Azumarill
    021/131 Mantyke B
    022/131 Mantine
    023/131 Dewpider
    024/131 Dark Araquanid
    025/131 Sobble
    026/131 Rocket's Drizzile
    027/131 Rocket's Inteleon
    028/131 Pichu B
    029/131 Pikachu
    030/131 Raichu
    031/131 Elekid B
    032/131 Electabuzz
    033/131 Electivire
    034/131 Blitzle
    035/131 Rocket's Zebstrika
    036/131 Yamper
    037/131 Dark Boltund
    038/131 Toxtricity
    039/131 Mime Jr. B
    040/131 Galarian Mr. Mime
    041/131 Galarian Mr. Rime
    042/131 Natu
    043/131 Dark Xatu
    044/131 Wynaut B
    045/131 Wobbuffet
    046/131 Chingling B
    047/131 Chimecho
    048/131 Toxel
    049/131 Toxel B
    050/131 Toxtricity
    051/131 Hatenna
    052/131 Rocket's Hattrem
    053/131 Rocket's Hatterene
    054/131 Tyrogue B
    055/131 Hitmonchan
    056/131 Hitmonlee
    057/131 Hitmontop
    058/131 Bonsly B
    059/131 Sudowoodo
    060/131 Riolu
    061/131 Riolu B
    062/131 Lucario
    063/131 Chewtle
    064/131 Dark Drednaw
    065/131 Galarian Yamask
    066/131 Rocket's Galarian Runerigus
    067/131 Deino
    068/131 Dark Zweilous
    069/131 Dark Hydreigon
    070/131 Nickit
    071/131 Rocket's Thievul
    072/131 Rocket's Escavalier
    073/131 Cufant
    074/131 Dark Copperajah
    075/131 Cleffa B
    076/131 Clefairy
    077/131 Clefable
    078/131 Jigglypuff
    079/131 Wigglytuff
    080/131 Togepi
    081/131 Togepi B
    082/131 Togetic
    083/131 Togekiss
    084/131 Azurill B
    085/131 Cutiefly
    086/131 Rocket's Ribombee
    087/131 Milcery
    088/131 Dark Alcremie
    089/131 Jangmo-o
    090/131 Dark Hakamo-o
    091/131 Dark Kommo-o
    092/131 Dreepy
    093/131 Rocket's Drakloak
    094/131 Rocket's Dragapult
    095/131 Happiny B
    096/131 Chansey
    097/131 Blissey
    098/131 Munchlax B
    099/131 Snorlax
    100/131 Igglybuff B
    101/131 Drifloon
    102/131 Rocket's Drifblim
    103/131 Skwovet
    104/131 Dark Greedent
    105/131 Ariana
    106/131 Archer
    107/131 Cloak of Depravity
    108/131 Crobot Prism Star
    109/131 Evobomb
    110/131 Golbot
    111/131 Halting Laser
    112/131 Hand Blocker
    113/131 Heavy Ball
    114/131 Illegal Formula
    115/131 Lost Net
    116/131 Manalo Stadium
    117/131 Mundane Badge
    118/131 Mysterious Egg
    119/131 Neutralizing Field
    120/131 Petrel Prism Star
    121/131 Pokemon Day Care
    122/131 Prize Duplicator
    123/131 Proton
    124/131 Recovery Module
    125/131 Rocket's Poké Ball
    126/131 Silph Invention Prism Star
    127/131 Team Rocket Grunt
    128/131 Technical Machine R
    129/131 Zubot
    130/131 Roulette Energy Prism Star
    131/131 Trumpet Energy

    Let's say a few words about the cards listed in the OP.

    Mantyke B: Probably one of the tamer Pokemon B in this set, Mantyke arguably provides a better bonus for you than it does for Mantine. Letting Mantine ping the Bench does give it a bit of utility as a baby killer; two hits, provided you can land them, and they're dead.

    Mantine: Calming Sea gives everything in play a small HP reduction. It's not quite enough to score a KO with Mantyke B boosting Mantamazing Shot, but it could possibly be used to cheese something that's currently at 10 HP for a free KO. Drift on the Waves is the easiest way to get Mantine out of the Active spot thanks to a fat Retreat Cost, intentionally given to him to take advantage of Heavy Ball.

    Dark Araquanid: Enfeebling Bubble is the main selling point of this card. Being able to reduce any target's maximum HP by 20 can make getting KOs much easier. It isn't restricted to one use a turn, but it doesn't stack; putting multiple Bubble markers on your opponent's Pokemon will still only provide a -20 debuff. Lunge gets him out of there once he's done his job, but it also has a unique effect - it deals Grass-type damage too! This means that Dark Araquanid can hit any of three different types for Weakness! As for the bottom stats, he sports a double Resistance to both Grass and Water, which is actually one of the less crazy stats seen on some of the Dark Pokemon in this set.

    Rocket's Ninetales: Very simple but somewhat deceptive in its killing potential. Its Finishing Flame Ability effectively increases Dark Burn's damage to 110, but it can also be used to get a cheap KO on something weakened without requiring you to dump an Energy. It's important to remember that you can't just automatically kill any Pokemon whose HP is 20 or less; you have to use Dark Burn first. With that said, using Dark Burn is the only requirement you need to meet; if you use the attack, and the damage is blocked, but the target already has 20 HP or less remaining, Finishing Flame will finish them off.

    Zubot: The usage requirement stops you from spamming this card. It acts, like many cards in this set do, as multiprize Pokemon hate. GX decks will find their resources quickly depleted for good once Zubot becomes live. I still worry about this card being too strong, though.
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    I like the blank edits, PMJ! Fake sets are always more exciting when the faker does something to make them unique. Bringing back both Dark and Rocket's Pokémon is particularly interesting, and I look forward to seeing where you take that mechanic.

    Regarding aesthetics, I wanna suggest a couple things about holosheets -- I think we've discussed this a bit over the faking discord, but I might as well say it here too on the off chance anybody else can benefit from it. The trick is just experimenting a whole bunch with blending modes, and often the bolder the better. So like, the top layer of holosheets being Color Dodge at 80-100% opacity tends to work pretty well for a lot of cards. Sometimes that makes the art too bright, so you'll want a layer of Multiply 40-60% under it. Overlay, Soft Light, Linear Dodge, Color Burn, and a few other modes can also work well to accentuate the holosheet at low opacities.

    The other thing would be about your Rocket's Pokémon in particular -- have you considered just letting galaxy take a backseat and just going all-in on the starry holosheet? It's such an underused holosheet in the faking community I think it'd be really neat to see it used more. Like, using the stars on the border instead of galaxy, potentially over the rest of the art, etc. Idk how well it would work, but it seems worth experimenting with. :p

    Regarding the actual setlist, I'm interested to see the Trainers in particular. There are so many of them, and you've always put a lot of thought into metagame interactions with Trainers in the past, so I'm excited to see what you do with them.
  3. Kangaflora Aspiring Trainer


    Cool. I for one cannot wait to see this set completed. Looking forward to seeing all the Pokémon.
  4. FireLizard Dragon shipper


    Actually,Hatenna is the Basic one,not Hattrem.
  5. MasterGallade @Mithrarin on Twitter


    oh wow I love the concept of Pokemon B, they finally give Babys a similar love they got in the Neo & HGSS eras, great job <3
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    It's done :D

    Yep, I fixed this ages ago, but never posted about it.

    Thanks bro!!

    Sun & Moon: High Stakes is now finished. Check out the cards here:

    Let me know what you think. If you wanna talk about this set or other cards for use in Lackey, join our Discord server!
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    Cool set, but within that set, you have got Sudowoodo twice, instead of Bonsly B.
  8. PMJ happy thoughts

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    Noticed it earlier today and fixed it along with a couple other things that no one knew about.

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