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Formerly known as GX Armada, Aberrant Echoes is a set I have had in the works for a few years now.

Dark times caused by recent tensions have plagued this world... These tensions are escalated even further when mysterious powers begin to awaken within its Pokemon. Within this story, you will follow Absol and their friends on a journey to ease the tension and restore the peace within their world.

- 220 new cards
- 79 unique species of Pokemon-GX
- 17 "Ascended" forms (Mega Pokemon-GX)
- 15 Pokemon-GX-BREAK
- 25 Trainer cards
- 5 Stadiums, 10 Supporters, 10 Items​
- 4 Special Energy

Due to the size of this set and overall impact these cards have, this set will be released I have labeled as "Acts", and as part of an ongoing story.


CW: Mild swearing

Prologue: Absol’s Story

It’s dark… the air is frigid, and the tree leaves are jostling in the cold wind.

Absol steps up to the thickly vegetated forest floor and looks up, seeing the newly orange autumn leaves as they sway & clash in the breeze. Absol is confident, despite having no idea in the slightest what's ahead of them.

One step into the dense foliage and Absol shudders; maybe they aren’t so confident after all. Absol’s heart begins to race as they reconcile… this is the first time they have left home alone in ages. They don’t know what they’re getting into…

They pressed forward.

Roughly seven years ago… this forest used to be like Absol’s second home. A place, an escape for Absol to get away - to split apart from the chaos of their own life. In the forest, Absol met a friend. An Espurr who was about their age. He was an extremely imaginative and clever kid, and he was almost always in the forest creating scenes in his mind and acting them out.

Card: Forest of Memories

TRAINER - Forest of Memories

Once during either player's turn, that player may discard a card from their hand. If they do, for the rest of their turn, each evolved Pokemon in play can use any attack from its previous Evolutions, and those attacks cost [C] less. (You still need the necessary Energy to use each attack.)

Absol came to the forest every day to meet up with their friend, and from there they would play for hours. In the forest, they’d do everything together, from adventuring out as far as they could, to pretending to be as powerful as legendary Pokemon. They'd talk endlessly about their favorite things... they were best friends.

Absol misses their friend. They think about Espurr all the time… every day…

“All right, I’m going in.”

Missing their best buddy, Absol dives into the forest, leaving behind their hesitation.

The memories quickly began to return. The nostalgia they longed for, the enjoyment they missed so deeply, the childhood that they so desperately hung onto... And for just a moment, Absol was at peace. That serenity soon shifted to sadness as Absol began to tear up from the sheer emotional impact of it all. Absol was home… once more.

“... Will I ever see you again?”

Seven years ago, something terrible happened to the village that Espurr lived in. A militant force of Dark-type Pokemon took aim at the area after discourse between their leaders grew high. The aftermath was the absolute devastation of the village itself and nearly everyone who called it home. The village was left abandoned, and the world was left in shock.

The night before the village was attacked, Absol couldn’t fall asleep due to fear. Absol has always been able to sense imminent disaster… it’s a trait of their species. The feelings escalated further until the morning when Absol got a clear sense of what was coming. Terrified and unsure of what to do, Absol took off for the village. By the time they had gotten there the damage had already begun. Absol tried their hardest to save their friend… but was too late.

For the past few days, Absol has been restless again, constantly having shifting thoughts that left them awake amidst the nighttime. The feeling is approaching a similar level of intensity as the fear they had before the disaster...

A sudden figure, slender and four-legged, darted across the bushes before it stood still within the shadow of a tree stump, its body obscured by the leaves and darkness. Its glowing eyes locked directly with Absol’s as it lowered and began to approach them. In a panic, Absol began to run away, terrified of who or what the figure was. “Wh… who’s there?!” Absol screamed as they took off.

“Absol!” A voice very familiar to Absol called out to them...

“... Espeon?” Absol turned. Standing in clear view of the faint moonlight shining from above was Espeon, the former caretaker of Espurr and the only survivor of the village disaster.

Absol’s known Espeon since they met Espurr, but after the disaster… she was too scarred by the memories of it all to continue living within the ravaged village, so she ran away. Absol hasn’t seen her since.

“Espeon! It’s actually you!” Absol exclaimed. The two began to run towards each other, slowing down as they approached. “I… I cannot believe it’s actually you…” Absol said as they came to a stop.

Espeon sat on the forest floor, facing Absol. She had a concerned expression as she began to speak. “What are you doing here?” She anxiously questioned.

Absol paused. “... I could ask the same.” They said, facing away.

"Fair. Honestly, I’m here because I couldn’t sleep. This really isn’t any of your business, but between us, I have been nervous lately.” Espeon said. She was as soft-spoken and reserved as Absol remembered.

“I’ve been feeling the same, believe it or not. Well, you know how I get already. It’s like that again.” Absol awkwardly attempted to explain their feelings towards Espeon, who only appears to have somewhat understood.

“You mean like, you’re feeling nervous all the time again like you used to?” Espeon questioned as she wiped the dirt off of her front paws.

“Yeah! Yeah, yeah... Like that.” Absol said, relieved that Espeon understood what they were referring to.

Espeon closed her eyes. “When the village fell, I was the only one who managed to escape, Absol. Ever since then, things have been really hard for me.” Suddenly, the gem on the top of Espeon’s head began to radiate a violet hue. “Absol, I’m really worried. I’m worried something terrible is going to happen. I thought it would get better, but I keep feeling worse.” Espeon’s face crinkled as she began to tear up, her eyes still shut and the gem shining even brighter. “I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me, and I don’t even know if it’s real, but I am tired of being afraid.” The glowing stopped as Espeon opened her eyes. She picked up her paws and began to wipe the tears from her eyes. “I still remember what you did that day. Your senses told you to protect your friends... so you did… you were still so young. Yet you risked your life that day…”

Absol’s sense of imminent danger has been a part of their lives since they were very young. To Absol, it has lingered like a curse on their life ever since they first felt it. Absol’s extra sense has left them with a fear of fear itself. They are constantly worried about suddenly feeling it. It’s a source of endless anxiety in their life that eats away at their willpower…

“You and Espurr were the only friends I ever had,” Absol spoke softly, staring at the ground and holding back tears. “You were the only two people that met anything to me. Your safety mattered more to me than my life that day.” Absol closed their eyes. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t save him.”

“It’s okay… I couldn’t save him either.” Espeon broke into tears and began to sob. “I tried, I really did!” Espeon’s crying gave Absol a gut-wrenching bout of saddened pain as Espeon leaned onto their shoulder. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Espeon whimpered, her face covered by Absol’s mane. Absol was… stunned. Unsure of what to say or do, Absol leaned their head onto hers and closed their eyes.

A few minutes went by without a word. Espeon’s crying subsided as she stood up again. “Thank you for that. I think I’ve been holding that in for a few years.” Espeon’s voice was still choked up while she trying to regain her composure. “This place was always Espurr’s favorite place because of you. It’s weird to see it like this. Is that why you came here?” Espeon’s composure came back and her voice smoothed out.

“Yeah… it is.” Absol said, their gaze cast downwards.

“Well, I don’t know what this feeling we’ve been caught up with is, but regardless, it’s very late.” Espeon stretched out her front and hind legs and let out a yawn. “I’m… starting to get sleepy.”

“Where have you been staying?” Absol asked. “I’ll help you get home.”

“Sister… far away… tired… nnngh.” Espeon was barely conscious at this point.

“How long has she been awake for?”, Absol thought to themselves. Absol noticed a hollowed tree, so they tried to direct Espeon towards it. After a minute or so of Espeon awkwardly stumbling forwards and Absol guiding her, they made it under the tree. Once they were there, Absol let go of Espeon and she went on her side, instantly falling asleep.

“Well… at least she’s calmed down enough to sleep.” Absol kneeled, grabbing a large leaf off of a stem and putting it over her. “This is… strange. What are you doing here, Espeon?”

No response. Espeon was sound asleep.

“I guess I should uh, stay here then.” Absol said before being interrupted by an unnerving sense resonating through their body. “Oh no, not again. Now what? What do you want out of me!?”

“Nnnn…” Espeon murmured in her sleep, shifting slightly.

“My bad… forgot you were here for a second.” Absol stepped away and spoke softly so Espeon could sleep uninterrupted… the nerves were still going off for Absol, however. Absol began to walk around the forest, thinking about their experiences in the process. Missing parents, school struggles, losing Espurr, constant anxiety, self-doubt...

“Damnit! How hard is it to be happy for once!” Absol screamed. They took off, sprinting towards the end of the forest. Absol paid no attention to where they were going, or what they were seeing, they just continued to run away.


Absol slammed their front paws into the ground and paused. “That voice… I haven’t heard that voice since-”

Absol’s vision suddenly started to shift into shades of red and blue, and the world around them began to collapse.

“Wh… What is this?” Absol shouted. The words echoed into the endless dark void they were faced with. A faint blue glow began to appear around Absol’s fur as they slowly lost consciousness…

Absol suddenly came back to a conscious reality, still standing. They looked forward, realizing where they had run to. They were at the edge of the forest, standing less than an inch away from what would’ve been a brutal fall. Absol took a step back, but as their back paws touched the ground, Absol jumped in shock. They lifted their paw and slowly put it back down. They could feel… everything. Every individual fiber on the grass, the small stones encased within the dirt beneath, Absol’s senses were so precise. Absol’s face shifted to an uncomfortable expression as their heart began to race. “What… is this?!”

Card: Absol-GX

Absol-GX HP 190 [D]


/Ability/ - Blur of Dawn
Each of your Pokémon that has any [D] Energy attached to it has no Retreat Cost.

[D][D][C] - Eviscerate - 110+
If your opponent played a Supporter card during their last turn, this attack does 70 more damage.

[D][D][D][C][C] - Calamity GX 150
This attack does 150 damage to 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon (don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon). (You can't use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

Weakness - [F] x2
Resistance - [P] -20
RC - [C]



"Extras" are card I include within Acts that are considered non-canon to the actual Aberrant Echoes story, but are still in the set.

Card: Emma
I added this into the set to be a representation of Espurr. She’s also one of my favorite characters in the series.


Choose a Supporter card in your discard pile and use the effect of that card as the effect of this card.


Hope you enjoyed the read! Act 1 will be coming soon~
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Awesome work Nyan! I love it so much when a set has lore attached to it and this story sounds really good so far! I'm excited to see more!


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Just spotted an error in your list: You have Alolan Vulpix listed as a Fairy type when it is a pure Ice type.


Just spotted an error in your list: You have Alolan Vulpix listed as a Fairy type when it is a pure Ice type.

Yeah, I noticed this a while back, but I decided it wasn't worth it to change it because of how I set up card numbers. There have been Pokemon that break conventional typing rules in the past (see: Fighting Torkoal and Water Lugia) so I just figured I'd leave it be to save myself some headache... sorry if that annoys anyone.


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Yeah, I noticed this a while back, but I decided it wasn't worth it to change it because of how I set up card numbers. There have been Pokemon that break conventional typing rules in the past (see: Fighting Torkoal and Water Lugia) so I just figured I'd leave it be to save myself some headache... sorry if that annoys anyone.
Saw this message and, although I know what Lugia you're talking about, I didn't believe the Torkoal was genuine until I looked it up.
I stand corrected.
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