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Alt. Format SUM-UNB Sylvoir


Aspiring Trainer
When I saw Gardevoir and Sylveon GX I knew it would be good. We now have lists to go off of from Japan. I decided to make this thread! Whaddya think?

Pokemon: 9
4 Gardevoir and Sylveon GX (attacker)
3 Cutiefly BUS (evolution)
2 Ribombee LOT (strand and protect)
Trainer: 41
4 Acerola (heal)
4 Cynthia (draw)
3 Green's search (early game support)
2 Lillie (draw)
3 Guzma (gust and strand)
1 Erika's Hospitality (draw)
1 Mina (energy acceleration)
4 Nest Ball (pokesearch)
3 Pokegear (supporter search)
2 Ultra Ball (pokesearch)
1 Adventure Bag (tool search)
2 Fairy Charm Ability (protection)
2 Fairy Charm UB (protection)
2 Fairy Charm Lighting (protection)
2 Choice Helmet (protection)
1 Choice Band (damage boost)
1 Wondrous Labyrinth * (stall)
3 Abandoned Power Plant (Ability lock)
Energy: 10
10 Fairy Energy

The strategy is to start garde. Fairy Song yourself and start attacking while setting up another + Ribombee. If your opponent Guzmas Ribombee... then they're cheating. Literally. You will eventually build up the GX attack and decimate their hand. Early game Lillie and Green will set you up. Mid game you are pestering them with your stadiums and practically invincible with Acerola + them not having Guzma + your tools. Late game plan is similar. Very straightforward deck to play but good nonetheless.
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