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Standard Suicune/Quagsire/Naganadel

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by MegaAbsol10, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. MegaAbsol10 The misunderstood hero of disasters...


    I like this deck. No, I love this deck. The constant healing and refreshing is so nice. BUT, i don't think my list is perfect, so I wanted some suggestions. My list is the following:

    Pokemon (18)
    3 Suicune-GX (LOT)
    3 Poipole (LOT)
    1 Poipole (FLI)
    3 Naganadel (LOT)
    2 Wooper (DRM)
    2 Quagsire (DRM)
    2 Tapu Lele-GX (GRI)
    1 Tapu Fini-GX (BUS)
    1 Volcanion ◊ (FLI)

    Trainers (31)
    4 Cynthia (UPR)
    3 Guzma (BUS)
    2 Sightseer (LOT)
    2 Sophocles (BUS)
    1 Lana (BUS)
    4 Ultra Ball (SUM)
    2 Mysterious Treasure (FLI)
    1 Nest Ball (SUM)
    4 Aqua Patch (GRI)
    3 Max Potion (GRI)
    1 Switch (CES)
    1 Rescue Stretcher (GRI)
    3 Brooklet Hill (GRI)

    Energy (11)
    10 Basic Water Energy
    1 Beast Energy ◊

    I'd love to hear some suggestions for improvements! Thanks!
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  2. Hawlucha22 Aspiring Trainer


    -1 poipole FLI
    -1 Tapu fini GX
    +1 Palkia GX FLI (Not UPR as there is too much Gardy running around)
    +1 Lapras GX
  3. Dante 21 Aspiring Trainer
    Dante 21


    2 Steven Resolve since you are not attacking in turn 1 (Ever). This can combo with Lady+Ultra Ball/Treasure to dump Energy and get stage 1 poke in turn 2. I agreed with Hawlucha22, remove 1 Poipole and Fini-GX for Palkia GX, this will be powerful in the late game. As for Lapras GX, well....maybe. Remove 1 Beast Energy as it is obtain by dumb luck and Naganadel if not attacking for weakness and 3 price remaining, it will 2HK most non-GX pokemon. Are you thinking about baby Alolan Ninetales?

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