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    On the weekend of June 26, 2020, we are holding an entirely FREE live streaming convention named StreamCon International 2020. StreamCon is an online convention that has the goal of assisting charities whose fundraising efforts were hurt by the current global pandemic.

    The charities for this year are the American Cancer Society, 1UpOnCancer and the Orange Out Foundation. Our panelists include those provided by the charities, as well as Dragon Ball YouTuber MasakoX, game and toy YouTuber HNE Games, plus we still have a few panel openings. If you are interested in live streaming for charity, contact us via our website.

    StreamCon also features a virtual Pokemon League each day, a Pokemon Trading Card Game Online tournament on Saturday, and random Pokemon Trading Card Game Online code giveaways all weekend. Registration for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online tournament begins on June first.

    While this convention is entirely FREE, we do ask that you consider donating to our featured charities. Details about them, our events and the weekend schedule can be found on our website. You can also join our Discord server. Discord will also be where our Pokemon League and trading card game online tournament will be held.

    Thanks for reading and please share this information with your friends!

    Contact: Utilize the website contact page.

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