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Standard Stall (not sylveon)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by The Last Shaymin, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. yeah i cant let go of the idea of the perfect stall deck


    3 hoopa (good kind)
    2 Celesteela (fighting resistance)
    2 Regigigas (all the hp)
    1 Shuckle GX / goomy (zapdos matchup, choose one)
    1 Suicune GX (no self mill)
    1 Unown Hand (win condition)

    4 Cynthia (draw cards)
    4 Steven's Resolve (search cards)
    4 Whitney (assists win condition)
    3 Lusamine (cmon its stall what do you expect)
    3 Acerola ( ^ )
    2 Faba (energy denial)
    2 Plumeria (^)
    2 Gladion (its just good)
    1 Brocks Grit (assists win condition)
    1 Guzma ( its stall ) |
    1 Team Skull Grunt (energy denial )
    3 Max Porion (Heals)
    3 Choice helmet (so you dont have to heal)
    3 Counter catcher(guzma for freeeee )
    4 nest ball (search)
    1 eneporter (ha ha get pranked)
    1 Metal Frying Pan (choice helmet
    2 Crushing Hammer (arrow to faba)
    1 Switch (assist win condition)
    1 Ancient Crystal (arrow to choice helmet)
    1 E hammer (arrow to faba)
    2 Mount Lanakila (jirachi win condition)
    1 wondrous labyrinth <> (its good)



    aight so this deck is good and stuff

    i need a life
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  2. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    IMO, there is no such thing as a "perfect stall deck." If you don't have the right "hands" at the right "times", and perform the right opponent "disruptions," your opponent can still perhaps win more times than not, especially if your opponent has way(s) to recover and recycle discarded resources. Further, my experience in big tournaments often resulted in a match tie more so than a loss when playing against a stall deck opponent.

    So, I'd suggest testing your deck a lot against the "top" decks in a best-of 3, timed match format.
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  3. this deck has good matchups against most decks, i used it to win a league challenge a couple weekends back.

    honestly the main problem is those zoroark decks, but you can just tie them if you want.

    It can win within 50 minutes, you just need to be quick about drawing cards and make them use all of the judges.

    and besides this deck isn't all about removing energy like sylveon, it is about preventing the opponent from taking prize cards in any way possible.
  4. TSA123 i play pokeman


    I would play Vileplume from Burning Shadows. Card's phenomenal.

    I'd also cut Whitney and play Bill's Analysis. Card's busted.
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  5. It takes too long to set up vileplume, it would take an entire rework of the deck

    Bill's analasys is good, but i probably wont run it until that munchlax comes out as steven's resolve is better for now.
  6. TSA123 i play pokeman


    You run Steven's Resolve so it shouldn't take that long to set up Vileplume

    Vileplume also walls like 2/3 of the current meta rn so it's definitely worth it to play
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  7. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    Another deck you may find quite challenging is Celasaur (Celebi-Venusaur) which has a variety of ways to attack and can recycle discarded resources.
  8. NoaWithoutaH Washed Out Senior Playing in Masters


    Also without Vileplume you may also have a rougher Pikarom matchup. You do not have enough energy denial to keep up with that deck. Also they play Zapdos for Hoopa.
  9. Honestly there is no celesaur players around my league an i dont even know how the deck works so i dont know what goes on in the matchup

    They can only take the knockout 1 or 2 times beofre they run out of electropower, so im not entirely afraid of the matchup. I would run a vileplume but there are too many parts that could be prized and it takes too long to set up. If this were a meganium deck, of course i would run it, but it isnt.
  10. NoaWithoutaH Washed Out Senior Playing in Masters


    Also nice idea with the Suicune Gx for the Anti deckout! I would have never thought of that! Also I think that Pikarom's aggression might be too much for this deck to handle. Sure Zapdos can only take one or two KO's but you can only get 3 cards of your choice every turn. So this means that you may not be able to keep up their deck. Also they have no problem taking two shots on Hoopa. You can only get o so many max potions as well. To counter this, I would suggest running some energy and oranguru.
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  11. Ecko9i6 Aspiring Trainer


    Anything that plays Steven's Resolve is in a bad place right now.

    Most decks are running Let Loose Marshadow which just ruins the whole point of the card. I love playing Rhyperior/Meganium mill, but it's hard to set up now that people can just ruin my entire turn.
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  12. Sure they have marshadow, but they usually can only use one, as they dont have a way of recycling it, and as this deck doesn't rely on set ups like Meganium does. here you can usually afford to waste a turn.

    You forgot that whitney exists
    just draw 7 cards like its no big deal
    I was thinking about running a couple of metal energy and some coronet so I can Plumeria for free and attack with shuckle, so maybe i could throw in an oranguru while im at it.

    oh yeah and goomy or shuckle beats zapdos so yeah
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  13. Ecko9i6 Aspiring Trainer


    Even so, one Let loose can be all that it takes to ruin your set up.

    I think you're also forgetting that almost every top zoroark deck plays Muk, which completely destroys your deck. No Shuckle, no Suicune, no Unown hand. You just straight up lose to 1 card and you have no way of getting rid of it.
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  14. true, which is why i like to have 1 regi and then I counter catcher that muk and stall it in the active forever

    also faba exists, and if i cant beat it i stall it thats why its called stall
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  15. Ecko9i6 Aspiring Trainer


    True that. I just think it makes your match up a lot more difficult considering that most of your strategy is gone.

    You also have a lot of ZoroRoc decks playing Lucario as well which means they can dish out quite some damage for 1 energy.

    These are just my thoughts. If the deck is working out for you then that's great!

    I've thought about doing some kind of stall deck with Meganium/Decidueye/Dustox, but I haven't gotten around to actually making a list lol.
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  16. Oh yeah, its definitely difficult, but its doable.

    and being the pathetic loser that I am i usually misplay more than not, so i just force the tie most of the time.
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  17. Ecko9i6 Aspiring Trainer


    Hey man, stall decks are hard to manage. You have to be really in the zone otherwise, mistakes will be made.

    Trust me, I get nervous in tournament settings and make all kinds of mistakes. Playing stall would make it 10x worse lol.
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  18. yeah but having played sylveon for the past 3 years I have some experience in the mill area so yay

    also probably playing this in denver
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  19. Ecko9i6 Aspiring Trainer


    I was still semi new to the game when Sylveon Mill was around so I never got to play it. I did get to see some people use it at league cups which was always scary for me lol.

    Oh nice! I have a cup this weekend and I was debating whether or not to play Rhyperior mill. I think i'm going to have to go against it since I've ended up with too many dead hands after getting let loosed turn 1 :\

    I'll probably end up playing Meganium/Swampert/Greninja though since I can use Swampert to keep on drawing.
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  20. NoaWithoutaH Washed Out Senior Playing in Masters


    Even with that Whitney they play Let Loose. You may not be able to reuse it, but it could cause you to wiff a max potion or a Whitney. (also you need 3 in the discard pile to draw 3 before hand)

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